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  1. What will you be watching today?

    I plan on marathoning The Firefly and once that's finished Stargate.

    Anyone else going to get their TV show fix while everyone else is acting mildly insane over a sport that has no entertainment value at all?
  2. Prepare yourself for, as the show goes on, the realisation there's never going to be that second season growing more painful each episode.

    But idk, series-wise I'm just watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia this season, and a couple of anime.
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  3. I'll be watching as my life so slowly passes by...erm, I mean anime.
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  4. Well, considering I'll be able to get on Netflix tomorrow...

    Probably Firefly, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Torchwood or something. Maybe even Arrow where I left off the last time. The plot is mind-numbing, though. So maybe Warehouse 13 instead.

    SG:A/SGU is also an option.
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  5. I never could get into Stargate Atlantis. I named my daughter after Teyla though. I did like her. (Although I spelled my daughter's name with an a.)

    I miss SGU sooo much. :( I feel robbed. I'd be happy to have anything Stargate now.
  6. That's adorable.

    I basically grew up with the entire SG franchise. Started all the way back, with SG1 and all the cheesy plots and haircuts. SGU was the only one I couldn't wrap my head around, probably due to only watching it now and then, rather than every opportunity I got.

    I adored Destiny, though. Always love me a giant alien spaceship. xD
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  7. I'll probably continue watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix.
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  8. She hates her name, but that's because idiots don't know how to pronounce it right, or they think her name is actually Taylor.

    I loved Universe, because of Eli! He made that whole show for me. He was easy to relate to because he was just a normal guy who got caught up in things.

    Funny thing about Stargate is I had never even heard of it until I met my hubby. He refused to go out with me on Fridays because he was home watching Stargate. Then one Friday I decided to stop by to visit him when I got off work early (I worked 3-11 at the time) and he got me hooked on it. I was always disappointed that Sam and Jack didn't get together. Their chemistry was amazing.
  9. Probably get some Terra Nova in there and feel sad there was no season 2. It was one of those shows that I really wish existed.

    I want to start on Vikings Season 2 sometime as well.
  10. Marathon of Star Trek: Next Gen, Followed up with some American Dad and some Family Guy.
  11. I'm gonna try and catch up on posts and read some more for my book challenge. I don't do tv all that much.
  12. Aw, that sucks. Teyla is a beautiful name, though. I'd be super excited to meet somebody named Teyla.

    Eli was hilarious, poor guy. He and Rush were my two top characters, for some odd reason. Rush might be more because of Robert Carlyle, though. xD
  13. Nothing. I boycott TV because I consider the stupid movies/series they're airing to be a personal insult to my intellect. Seriously, Czech TVs SUCK. Soap operas, soap operas everywhere. I'm going to be on the internet/reading instead, thank you very much.
  14. For me, it's going to be House of Cards and Worst Cooks in America.

    Hopefully more House of Cards because I am in love with that show. Only in the 1st season, so no spoilers.
  15. Taking care of my sick spouse and watching the Evangelion remakes.
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  16. Been marathonin Gurren Laggan at the hospital all day. It's so fucking good.
  17. Dude, yes!

    I've been playing Ico for the nostalgia feels.
  18. I'll be watching Puppy Bowl XI and Tokyo Ghoul, thank you very much.

    And some Danger Dolan.
  19. I don't miss those days at all. My hubby's a big baby when he's sick, and all I hear is 'My mom used to'. Never marry a momma's boy. I know they say it's best to, but it's annoying. lol
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