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  1. So my Idea is That we all control the thread, so add what ever you want. Make up Rules or Teachers or Lore. Im happy that the RP is going good, im also pumped that we beat other Threads in number of players and posts, keep it up and maybe we will take it to a more permanent place
  2. I've eyed your thread for a while. I'm liking it. I'm going to join soon if you don't mind.
  3. Character sheet, for players that want to know mine.Name : AshRace : demon/feyAge : 17Powers and abilities : teleportation (mechanics, he crushes his body into pure energy and transfers it to another area, has to be able to visualize where, and rematerializes elsewhere), acute hearing, agile, great strength, intense vision, and glamour abilities vPersonality : shikimaru, nuff said.Appearance : 5'11, (without glamour) black eyes, pouted ears, blue skin, intricate markings, and black spiky hair. (With glamour) tan, long. Shaggy hair, tribal tattoos. Thin but lean.
  4. Juku of course you can Join. feel free to make a CS, if not we can RP it anyways its 100 improv and freeform.<b\> (CS. Name:Adrias Summerset, Age:16, Race:Human/Mage, Powers:Handful of Spells most favorite are animation spells. appearance is my avatar
  5. Name: Juku

    Age: 23

    Race: Humanoid

    Powers: Unnatural strength and deadened nerves

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  6. Character Sheet.

    Name: Lenore
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Forest green eyes, short blond hair, slightly tanned. A bit over four feet tall, skinny.
    Abilities: Precognition (seeing future)
    Personality: Very shy because of future-seeing, but once in a conversation, gets more confident.
  7. Just wanted to add to the abilities that she also sees strange glows around people.
  8. poor Summerset lol i love him hes soooo oblivious
  9. Character Sheet, sorry its long!

    Name: Ciana

    Race: A Wild Fae girl

    Age: 15, though she doesn't really keep track.

    Family Background: Her mother was a Pari fairy born of fire and her father was a changeling child raised in the human world as a replacement for a human child that was snatched away by the fae long ago. Ciana is more like her mother in terms of appearance and general attitude, and has her mother’s autumn coloured wings, but she has the mentality and abilities of a changeling. She is fascinated by people and enjoys mimicking them, though she has been cautioned to keep her shape shifting abilities under lock and key.

    Appearance: Ciana looks much like you expect a girl of the forest to look - bedraggled, bare feet, a plain dress that is torn and patched up with mismatched patterns and colours. She is very petite if compared to human standards, but as a fae her height and weight are pretty normal. Her limbs and fingers are elongated, the contours of her face denoting her mischievous fairy background. She has big, amber eyes that always seem to wear a look of pleasantly surprised awe, as if looking on the world as one big unexpected present. Her hair is mid length and unkempt, often with forest flowers or in autumn, brightly coloured leaves dotted about her hair. She has her mother's butterfly wings, delicate shimmery things that barely look strong enough to hold her in flight, yet like most of the fairy trickery, are deceptively powerful. At school she wears no glamours to hide them, she instead shapeshifts them away as if she has no wings at all. This ability is not generally magically detectable because instead of using glamours she physically changes her shape, though a fine sprinkle of fairy dust or fae-magic behind her could easily cause her wings to respond. They are fairy in nature, after all.

    Personality: Ciana has a vacant air about her, as if not quite there in any given moment. She lives with her heads in the clouds - or even better, the forests - and unusual happenings don't seem to effect her with quite the same emotional intensity as say, a human. But in other ways, she gets very excited over the smallest of things. A new place, a new flower, an insignificant piece of magic. Most importantly, she is fascinated by people. There little movements, habits, how their mind works, their powers, their lights and dislikes... she devours information regarding people with an unnaturally perfect recall, often adopting little movements they do in her own repertoire of behaviour. Indeed, it is as if a part of Ciana is not there and she is filling it with information with other people. This recall of information does not stretch to academic subjects however. In fact she never pays attention to the tasks at hand in class and never learns anything from any of the teachers. She barely ever seems to eat or drink.

    Abilities: Most faes would regard her fairy magicks poorly. Her style of magic is unpredictable and rogue, maybe some of this stems from her Peri lineage. She has the natural fairy hearing and acute sight, but her glamour skills are poor at best since she never exercises them. Ciana has the power of flight when her wings are out. In terms of general fairy magic, her hold on it is so poor that things never seem to react in the way she asks. It is unwise for her to take classes involving magical practicals because of her volatile magic. Her bloodline magic has not yet activated - she has no control over fire like her mother, and cannot shapeshift into people like her changeling father. While she has aspects of both within her, sooner or later one will overcome the other. It is uncertain which path her magic will take. Ciana currently belongs to the Autumn Court.
  10. Lacuna Love the detail! Ok so the Thread is getting HUGE, i think we should try to work a system out any suggestions on keeping things organised
  11. I feel so lost Q_Q
  12. I have a question! is it ok to throw in little plot things every so often? If so, what are the guidelines on that? Might be an idea to get an event going so everyone can be in one place doing something instead of scattered about, just an idea ^^!

  13. I like this idea.
  14. Yeah thats fine, i intended this to be something we could all own. there are no lines to cross the School and world is ours to bend.
  15. "the School and world is ours to bend." I LIKE THAT!
  16. ^^!! Its true, thats why there was no character guidelines, the only thing i ask is no God characters, everyone is equally in control of OUR story and plot.
  17. I just like breaking the school's tables.
  18. Don't worry, they've got plenty more!