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  1. Summerset , a young mage flips through his text book on craft. His skin pale, his hair messy and white, big grey eyes brightly lit as he Hums and reads to himself. Its the first day at this boarding school, his hopes set on making friends. Summerset was a bit nervous being away from his home and was worried about his alchemy set, he hoped his brother, a non magical human 7 yearold didnt play with it. Adrias put down his book and looked around. The classroom was empty, the windows blackened, He assumed for the vampires sake. He had hoped he wouldn't be the only student arriving early, all was empty but his desk.
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    Karlie walked into the classroom of her new Boarding school.
    She was happy to see the window's blackend. She often got headaches from the sun.
    She closed her umbrella and looked around the room, seeing one boy.
    She was slightly agitated, she had hoped she would be the first there.
    Being a vampire, being early was normal for her.
    She wasn't one of those 'showy' vampires, she was plain.
    Wearing plain, short dresses, and ballet flats was a normal style for her.
    She rather her personality looked at, than her clothes. And Fangs.
    She sighed.
    She sat next to the boy.
    "Hey," She smiled. She needed a friend at this boring boarding school.
  3. Ash watched the white haired mage from the raptures as he sat there impatiently. His black hair slung over his shoulders, tickled with anticipation. He knew he was going to like this guy. He could always tell.

    He teleported down in front of the kid and told him "class doesn't start for another half hour." He stood there sec, examining him closer, even though he could see every detail from the raptures with his extraordinary vision, his face was a mystery. "I'm ash" I said with an extended hand.
  4. Her little foresight told her that she'd be entering a classroom with three people, but when she reached the door, she was hesitant to open it. Lenore wasn't that great at conversations, but knew that her silence wouldn't get her anywhere. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door wide enough for her head to fit in. Yes, she saw the three classmates, and she was relieved to see a girl. She entered the room and shyly sat down next to the girl. She noticed that she had an umbrella, but soon realized that she may be a vampire. She shrugged it off and stared into space.
  5. Karlie saw another girl walk into the room.
    She sat down by Karlie, but Karlie barely noticed.
    Karlie was mystified by this boy she sat by, his white hair made him seem even more handsome.
    She was a vampire though, she thought, it wouldnt work out.
  6. Lenore noticed that her seatmate was looking at a boy seated next to her. She was totally surprised to see white hair, which she thought was cool. She also saw another boy with black hair, standing in front of him, offering his hand to shake. Contrasting hair. She smiled at the thought.
  7. Summerset was shocked he jumped out of his seat nearly having a heart attack, "Im..Summerset, i was tranced im sorry if it seemed like i ignored you." Summerset takes the hand and shakes it,
    He slowly looks around astonished, a faint scent of roses and copper catches his nose, his head turns too the girl next to him, "h-hi there im Summerset" He smiles, still trying to regain his composure.
  8. After he shook summersets hand, he decided to leave. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared back into the raptures to rest while waiting on the rest of the class. He hated having to keep up a glamour to hide his naturally midnight blue skin. So he laid down, listening to the others speak.
  9. Summerset looked up and tilted his head "Thats new" he muttered too himself.
    He then noticed the Telepath in the room
    With a bit of paper and ink he draws a 'good luck ward' hoping that the day will be filled with adventure. The paper burns to nothing after drawn. A Look of happiness wraps Summerset's face knowing he did it correctly.
  10. Ash watched as summer made his enchantement of good luck. He realized then that this was going to be an interesting year, already a telepath, a vampire, and a mage. What else could there be?
  11. Summerset tilts his head up
    "What are you?."
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    "Summerset," Karlie paused thoughtfully. "It's sweet, and cute!"
    She let out a quiet laugh.
    She looked at the guy with black hair.
    "Who are you? I didn't catch your name!" She exclaimed.
    Now, her fun personality would begin to show!
  13. Summerset looks at the beautiful vampire sitting next to him
    he stammers a bit "I didn't catch your name"I
    Still feeling utterly embarrassed from getting spoked out of a trance
  14. "my name?" Karlie looked over to Summerset. "Or his?"
    She was a bit confused, but that was normal for her.
  15. "His name is Ash..i don't know your name miss"
    Summerset stares in Karlie's eyes with his Bright grey eyes.
  16. "Ash," Karlie said.
    She saw Summerset's grey eyes looking at her.
    "I'm Karlie," she sighed. "Plain ol' Karlie"
    She smiled.
  17. Summerset smiled back, "Karlie, your the first Karlie i know, so you are not plain, whats your favorite animal and color?"
    He blushes realising he had been starring for a while
  18. "Color, Pink," She said happily.
    Pink had been her favorite color since she was little, though she barely wore any pink.
    SHe wore more Green to make her blondish-brown hair seem cuter.
    "Animal, um, Humans," She laughed at her own little joke.
    "No offense to humans though," Karlie looked around making sure none were there.
  19. Ash heard his name but payed no attention. He heard the teacher approaching. He was still a ways away but the professor never liked "the demon child that is ash."

    So he teleported back to the farthest seat in the back and watched as the white hair mage flirted with the vampire. Realizing he was still blue he put back on his glamour to appear normal to everyone else.
  20. Summerset tilts his head wondering if she knows hes a Human Mage,
    he rips a piece of paper, it floats and folds making a pink colored human. it dances apon Karlie's desk.