For the Story, or for the Money?

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  1. I think we've all seen some good examples of this, where a story gets shoved along because publishers want to cash in on the money. Although sometimes the end product makes for a crappy story, or feels like the writers are dragging along a rotting corpse. The results aren't always positive.

    So here's my question. Would you continue writing a story - even though you yourself have decided to end it - because your producers or publishers care about the money? Or perhaps you care or need the money?
  2. No, not if it ends up sucking terribly, what I'd do instead is start a new one. >.< I'd rather not create an utter abomination of a story just "for the money", however, if I've decided to end a story that could still be continued without throwing in cliche after cliche, I may consider "rebooting" it...
  3. I'd rather start a new one. Not because I have any sort of integrity, but because fans'll feel like I'm giving them the middle finger if I do it, and then they won't like me, and then they will not spend their money on me.
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  4. Hmmm. Well...depends on how much this series is making in terms of money.

    I would probably start a new series...while continuing the other one >.>

    Thats just me though...make as much money and keep people as happy as you can
  5. Yup! Because they sell - there's obviously SOME people who like it, and money is good. Besides, it's not like if I hold myself as some self righteous knight of integrity, that this phenomena will stop! May as well cash in on it if I find myself in that position
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  6. That's a tough question. Depending on how invested in the series I am, and how widespread the fanbase is, I probably would choose to either expand upon a different storyline in the same universe, or start a new series entirely.
  7. Unless you had the idea of making a continually ongoing series to start, there should always be an ending. Everything will go to shit eventually, like 99% of all the mainstream manga. It's important to be able to identify where that ending is, though.
  8. If I wasn't enjoying writing it and people weren't enjoying reading it, then no.

    I don't care for money all that much, I can deal with just enough to survive and that's it. More sure is nice, but not necessary to live a fulfilling live or to have a fulfilling career.
    I wish more people could understand that, but sadly, I don't think that's possible.
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