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    Derei had often heard tales of Skyrim, how the majority of people there had no respect for Sithis, how they considered him evil, and how they had completely destroyed one of his more devout followers' few remaining sanctuaries, and the supposed last of the Shadowscales with it.

    He knew he would never again be accepted by the other Sarpas once he set foot on that cold, cold land. That he could possibly lose all ties to his culture, hell, he was already considered to be taboo for his fondness of male company over female, but he could NOT allow his species to die the way it had lived, in the shadows, eating their own dead, and whoever strays too deep into the marshes for survival. No. Leave that to Namiira's followers, for he would have no more part of it! He stepped off the East Empire ship and took a deep breath of the cool, crisp air...


    He woke up in a panic, wondering where he was, then relaxed as he saw the still just barely familiar walls of his bedroom, in his house, in, what was that name again? One of those silly Nordic names... Whiterun, that's it. Such a contradiction to his native city of Blackrose. Paved streets, high, sturdy walls. Whereas most of his old town was half-sunk into the mud when he'd left.

    He spread his wings wide and gave them a few quick flaps. They weren't any good for flying, but they certainly helped scare off the more violent Skyrim beasts, and he wasn't thinking of the animals, either.

    He got up with a grunt and donned a plain shirt, leather apron, and pair of trousers, then slipped on his boots for his day working the forge at Warmaiden's. Oh, how he loved the heat from those fires warming his scales. Such a nice contrast from the cold Skyrim weather.

    He stepped downstairs and caught sight of his armor on a nearby mannequin. Memories surfaced in his mind. His first kill. A Dunmer who had tried to restart the use of Argonians as slaves. He'd woken up with the armor on after his commemorative drinking of the Hist's sap. He turned quickly away before memory lane extended too far, and stepped out his front door into the bustling city streets.
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  2. Kadlin sat on the edge of her bed shoving a foot into her boot. She looked to one of the windows and a small smile crept onto her face. She finished tying up the boot and stood. She moved about the room passing by her battleaxe first. She studied her appearance in the mirror. She had a rough look to her, more masculine than the average female, even for a Nord.

    It never really mattered to her. Kadlin could acquire a night companion if she desired, but the thought of her job and the rush of fighting was a better stimulate than some man. At least most of the time.

    This time as she walked, she grabbed her weapon, placing it onto her back. She then headed out into the city of Malkath. She headed towards the stables outside the city. She had a job she needed to finish.
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  3. Kurtni stood, in the garden beside honeyside estate, plucking weeds and tending her herbs and produce. Night was falling over The city of Riften and it was about that time to deliver the medicines to the thieves guild in the bowels of Rotten. With the herbs she had placed in a cloth, dried mushrooms and interior, she folded it up and tied it tightly with a string.

    Walking along the wooden walkways, her eyes rested on setting sun that began to sink beyond the horizon. Kurtni was not a very strong Nord, by any means, smaller than most of her brethren. Her mother and father both died when she was young and she was found by a thief sent to her home on a routine shilling gig. The thief found her and raised her in honeyside, But that's another story for another time.

    Slender fingers glided along the aged wooden rails of town as she mad Her way to the tombs, an errand she had obediently carried out since she was 13 years old.
  4. Saranis Menthri was bored. He had been in this rut for far too long, and the constant blathering of that damn Talos worshipper was beginning to become less of an annoyance and more of a job for the dark brotherhood. Unfortunately, this particular dunmer was not one for that lot of madcap lot, and so he would not dare involve them, particularly as he was well aware that his own grumpiness was no reason to have someone offed. Even if he was incredibly irritating. Instead, he would just have to stick to avoiding his district for the time being.

    The dark elf had spent the night in The Drunken Huntsman, thankful to have a little more peace in this place than was offered in the more lively tavern just up the road. It was only unfortunate that a night spent mindlessly swigging mead could no more amuse him than a day watching a lumber mill in full flow. He was apathetic, and had gone to his bed in the same old mood as ever. He dreamed no dreams, though he was fairly certain that could often be a pretty good thing, given Azura and her particular dealings in that realm. Saranis did not actually believe in the daedric lords, or the nine, not even the trio that made up the religion of his own province. No doubt, he would regret this at some point.

    For now, the fence only spent the early morning twilight sat languidly on the little bench outside his tiny home. These were peak business hours for someone of his ilk. The thieves liked transition, the night belonged to the brotherhood, while the day was the laws', and so this was perfect. No customers today though, only the noise as market traders began selling their wares, and forge fires were started up. There had been little business for the last few years, though Saranis was unsure why. But, it didn't matter, he would just have to bide his time.
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  5. Amidou sauntered through the streets of Markath. His stomach ached from hunger, and he was looking forward to getting a bit of coin. A night in the Silver-Blood Inn would do him some good. Amidou was not one to waste words, and he enjoyed the solitude of Reachwood Eyrie. But no one could do without the company of men forever. Skirting across the rock paths and the rock walls, he came to Kerah's jewelry stall and threw a collection of gems on the counter.

    "A little too presumptuous, eh Redguard?" Kerah said.

    "Found these in a barrow northeast. The entrance had collapsed. Not much to it really. What'll you give for em?"

    "Pssh. I still haven't sold the stuff you brought me last time. Pretty common really. I'll give you 3 silver, and don't start. You're not doing me any favors bringing me these things. Not while I have this back stock."

    "Fair enough," Amidou said quickly. At least his stomach would stop growling soon. Looting old graves wasn't getting him by anymore. He may even have to start accepting bounties again. Either way, he'd find more information at the inn. With these thoughts, Amidou took the money and started for the inn.
  6. Kadlin was walking past Kerah's jewelry stall when she noticed the interaction. She watched the Redguard go and shook her head. She gave Kerah a questioning look.

    "You know he's only going to keep doing that if you don't say no to him," she told the woman. She looked at Amidou though. The current job she had would go better with two people. The Nord knew she could handle it alone but she knew if she kept risking herself as well, one day she was the one who would meet with the sharp edge of a weapon. She muttered a goodbye to the shopwoman and followed Amidou.

    "Hey you. I have a question."
  7. "Whoa!" Derei exclaimed as, almost as soon as he walked out the door, he had to dodge Lars Battle-Born, then Braith slammed into him shortly after.

    "Watch it, lizard!" the young girl shouted as she regained her feet, glaring defiantly at the large Argonian before her, then running off after Lars again.

    "That boy needs to start standing up for himself," he mused as he looked to the soon-to-be fight before taking a left to the forge.

    "Ah! Derei!" Adrianne called as she ran up to her newest employee. "I need you to deliver a few Dwarven arrows to The Drunken Huntsman for me. I haven't negotiated a price and I need to give the other customers the highest quality I can, no offense."

    Derei rolled his eyes. He hated haggling. And he knew he saw a rather shady Dunmer enter the tavern last night.

    "Don't worry. The owner is quite reasonable, and you can't keep avoiding every Dark-Elf you see. Now get to it."

    Without a word of acknowledgment, Derei lifted up the bundles of arrows in question and quickly walked up to the old tavern, giving the door a few loud raps with the side of his foot.
  8. Pushing through the shelves in an underground pass, she stepped into a rapidly moving group of individuals. Some cloaked and hid their faces while others rushed past. Taking a seat, above the cistern deck in The ragged Flaggon, she placed the pouch of herbs upon the table.

    Kurtni looked dazed with exhaustion. Her head met her hand as an elbow propped it up. Soon a gentle touch meet her forearm. Snapping her head back up and there stood Uther, Her guardian. She smiled warmly as he sat across from her, his hands folding into each other.

    "Thank you, lass. You all right?" He inquired.

    "Just need some rest"

    "When was the last time you slept?"

    She looked at Uther with such tiredness and pulled a scroll from her bag, placing it before him.

    "Since I found this?"

    The elder scroll Sat on the table in a room, underground, unnoticed by every eye that surrounded it. Kurtni took it back and slid it gently back in her bag, yawning a wide contagious gesture of her weariness.

    "I hear there is someone in White Run needing a delivery, I cannot make this run...I was hoping you..."
    Uther stopped as he saw a smile curl at the edges of her lips.

    "Of course, papa, Just as soon as I wake in the morning I will set off for Dragon Search." Smoothly spoken she stood and pressed a sincere kiss to Uthers salty forehead, and headed back for her honeyside home. Unaware of what laid with her bag, and just how ancient an artifact, or the powers it held.

    Seven days ago, The Nord girl traveled into a cavern to collect fungus, and unlike many times before, found something extraordinary. She couldn't begin to understand what it was, but she was hoping that someone in White Run would be able to avail her. The less she knew, the safer she was.

    Kurtni pressed the door shut, letting its click signal for her hand to fix the locks. She stepped through the kitchen into the bedroom and down the stairs into her room. Falling back into her bed, she breathed deeply. Shutting her eyes, she fished around her bag an pulled out the scroll. Holding it up over her head to examine it she whispered.

    "What are you?"
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  9. Amidou turned to look at the attractive face, icy eyes and full lips. The Executioner. He could only think of two reasons she would want to speak with him: somebody wanted him dead or she wanted a partner for a job. Amidou couldn't think of any reason anyone would want him dead. So it must be the latter. Amidou preferred to work "alone," as he wanted as few people as possible to know he was summoner. But desperate times...

    "Kadlin, is it? Sure, ask away, but do you mind if we talk en route to the Silver-blood? I have yet to eat today."
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  10. With no customers forthcoming, Saranis eventually left his site outside his home. The elf stretched throughout his body, shrugging his shoulders a few times in order to loosen the muscles that had grown tight after such a long time being stationary. It was only at this point that some wretch of an orc approached. "You? Really?" He was incredulous, unbelieving that such a gruff old brute could really be here to barter. But, as was soon hashed out, the man was legitimately selling his stolen goods. Of course, he received a pittance for his efforts, and was agrieved to find this, stomping off as fast as his trunklike legs would carry him. Saranis gave him a week.

    Now, what to do? He considered visitings the Shrine of Kynareth, purely to enjoy the peace that was found in there, but he knew he was not welcome there. For all their cries of tolerance, most of the servants of the Nine were wary of his kind, so far as his experience had told him. He suspected it was due to the fact that many of his kin had turned to the Daedra, particularly since their true religion was little more than a memory to those who had fled Morrowind. At least the Nords at large were honest about their prejudices.

    Rather than waste his time meandering about the city, Saranis ended up heading back to the tavern. Perhaps he'd attempt to get some sort of a normal sentence from that other dunmer. She was so typical of the race, it was almost embarrassing. Even so, Saranis thought it would not do any harm to make an acquaintance or two.
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  11. Derei rapped at the door again, growing quite impatient at this point. "Elrindir!" he shouted. "Open the damned door if you want these arrows to be affordable!"

    That must have got him moving, as soon enough the Bosmer had the door open, still buttoning his trousers. "Sorry, I had a rough night," he said as he let the Argonian in.

    "I'll bet," Derei said under his breath as he looked up to see the owner's wife, Jenassa, coming down the stairs. He had to admit she was beautiful, for a Dark-Elf at least...

    "Alright," Elrindir said as he went to his safe. "What's the damage this time?"

    "Well, let's see..." Derei thought, putting a hand to his chin. "One-hundred Dwemer arrows... I'd say about two-thousand Septims should do it."

    "I'll give you one-thousand, five-hundred."

    "A thousand, eight-hundred."


    "Sixteen-hundred, seventy-five."

    "Deal!" Elrindir said as he started counting it out.

    "This may take a while," Jenassa said as she came up behind Derei. "Can I get you anything?"

    Surprised by this unexpected act of hospitality, Derei just said, "No, not at the moment," rather than the, rather rhetorical remark he had for her.
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  12. Her finger were grabbing firmly the reins she used to direct her horse. The poor animal was having trouble keeping up with the pace. Normal horses had no trouble with long travels, but this one had to carry a woman with a very heavy armor in a long journey. To make it worse, it had been running for a while now. Its owner was on the chase for a thief, and she wouldn't stop until she had retrieved his stuff, or killed the thief, whatever was easier.

    The thief was in Millie's range of sight now. She rode until she was nearer him, and dismounted in a quick movement. As soon as her feet touched the ground, a ball of purple light formed in her right hand. She casted a lightning bolt at the thief, who died instantly turning into ashes. Good, that way there was no corpse left behind for nobody to identify.

    Looking through the ashes, she found her coins pouch, and retrieved her money. Looking around, she recognised the place. She was somewhere in the plains near Whiterun. Said city was north east from there, not too far away. Deciding to give the horse some well deserved rest, she walked calmly beside it, guiding the animal all the way to Whiterun. She needed to rest too, and a warm meal. Travel provisions eventually made tired even the most experienced of travellers.
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  13. The road was long to white in from the water town of Riften. The thought made Kurtni release a deep sigh from her lips, sending a cloud of steam in the air as she rode along the roads. Nothing could be more a consumption of time then traveling across lands of Gabriel, but she felt a tinge of gratefullness for being on horse rather than foot.

    All but as soon as the appreciation had passed her horse reared in fear, knocking her to the trail. A mountain troll snarled loudly and bounded for her. Uthers voice rang in her head as the creature demolished the distance between them,"This was my father's bow, he gave it to me on my first journey away from home, it's nothing special but it kept me alive in a bind."

    She flung her hand behind her to rip an arrow from the quiver and sat up straight to take aim. Pulling back, she took a deep short breath. Before her release the troll came within 6ft of her, Jasper reared his hind legs and sent his hooves deep into the trolls head, rendering the creature unconscious.

    Kurtni lowered her aim and poured at Nadler and shook he head as he neighed and nudged at her shoulders ,"I could've got 'em I'll have you know." She muttered, recounting the Seattle. Jasper flapped his horse lips flashing his teeth at her and took off down the trail.

    She was nearing the watch bridge just east of white run as a bandit stepped forth."Hey you there, this is our road, if you're wanting to use it that'll be 200 gold" the stranger said. Kurtni looked up with a subtle gaze to see there were more bandits above, along the bridge. A frown worked it's expression of her dislike for this demand and quickly whipped at Jasper's reigns. Suddenly they were off running over the bandit, arrows began to zip down at her, most missed her. Looking back the bridge grew further and further away. It didn't take long for the adrenaline to ware off and she noticed the bloody point of an arrow sticking out just below her classical.

    She shut her eyes tightly in attempt to ignore it but soon let out a yelp of pain, whining with every bump of the running horse. In the distance a brewery came into view "I am close" she thought out loud and whipped the reign once more and Jasper gained speed. Gritting teeth, Kurtni struggled to hold on to her balance. "Just a little further" she whimpered. The torches of Dragon Search blurred and multiplied in her vision.
  14. Kadlin nodded at him.

    "That is alright with me. I would not want to keep you from your meal." Kadlin glanced around before she spoke again. "I was wondering if you'd like to join me on a job. A group of thieves have attacked the wrong person apparently. They came to me for help and I never turn down good money. But there seems to be a large number of members of this group. I could handle it on my own, but I have more important things to do later and I wish to take care of this as soon as possible."

    Kadlin smiled at Amidou. "I have no problem sharing the reward. But if you are too busy I could find another."
  15. As Derei made his way back down the very short way to Warmaiden's, large moneybag in tow, he heard a somewhat distant roar.

    "What in the name of Sithis?" he bemused as the roar resounded yet again, closer than last time.

    "Dragon!" he heard one of the guards yell, right before the town went into a panic, most of the citizens bolting for the stone keep of Dragonsreach, though Derei managed to keep somewhat calm as he opened the door of his workplace, dropped the bag on the counter, grabbed a bow, a greatsword, and a quiver of arrows, then quickly made way to his home to get his armor, seeing as it might not be there later if he left it to the dragon's mercy.
  16. Amidou received a platter with some green apples, sharp cheeses, and some pickled onions. Perfect. He didn't need much time to consider his answer, but he was too busy stuffing his face to answer immediately. "I'm in. But I have some questions and need your word that you will keep my secret. Ah ah. Not now, you'll know it soon enough."

    "So, who is this wronged person? And where are the offenders holed up?" Amidou asked.
  17. Millie was walking peacefully beside her horse. She was resting her eyes; anyone who saw her would think she was sleepwalking, but she didn't have her guard down at all. Hearing a ferocious growl and a conmotion far in the distance, she opened her eyes. She was closet to Whiterun now, and said city was being attacked by a... Dragon?

    Looking carefully, the dragon wasn't simply destroying the town. It was facing opposition, probably from the city guards. Glancing at her horse, she could see the animal had gained vigor from resting. Mounting again, she rode Whiterun, hoping the gates wouldn't be closed since the enemy was only attacking from air, and even if it were standing on the ground, a gate would do little to stop it. Maybe she could be of help.
  18. Jasper reared back as The large dragon came into view over Whiterun, Kurtni's eyes grew wide at the sight. "A Dragon?!" She exclaims aloud, Holding onto the reigns for support. Seering pain ripped through her shoulder and down her arm as Jasper began to neigh and make a scene, the horse refused to go any closer and Kurtni was in no shape to battle this creature. Veering the horse to the left she took shelt along sider the meadery and dismounted to the ground, her heels immediately spun her to see the dragon once again.
    feverishly her eyes slowly followed the Dragon that swooped through the sky above Dragon search. Gazing falling to the ground she felt helpless, and filled with fear, She had never seen this kind of creature before. Nothing prepared her for this, Nothing could have. Suddenly she saw a woman rush by on a horse heading straight for the commotion, Though she didn't know the women, It was Millie, and their fates would soon intertwine.​
    Jasper's large nostrils began to flare in a stubborn expression in his refusal to move. Kurnti tugged harshly with her good arm to ease him on, but to no avail, He wouldn't budge. All she could do now was look on as her destination was under attack.​
  19. As he ran up the battlements, bow in hand, and arrows and greatsword on his back, Vexor saw two young women. One riding toward the city, and another struggling to make her horse move.

    "Hey! Get away from here! Enough people have died already!" he shouted at both of them as the city wall shook under the force of the dragon's Thu'um, causing one of the guards to fall to the hard ground outside with a sickening crack!

    Reldaalbeinzii gazed daggers at all the mortals squirming down below. They would pay dearly for her previous demise, though, one in particular piqued her interest. Rather than the fleshy creatures that she'd seen so much before, this one more closely resembled a very young dragon, yet carried himself like a Mer. Yet, unable to closer examine this creature at that point, she instead swooped down and grasped it in her claws before changing direction to fly southwest toward the Reach.

    "Gyagh! Put me down, ye wicked beast! Or, in the name of the Dread Father, Sithis, I doth smite thee!" he practically shrieked at the gargantuan reptile, now being just narrowly missed by the guards as they tried to "save" him.
  20. Finally she got into the city, and in one, quick movement, she dismounted, and grabbed her shield from her horse. Her armor made a loud noise when her feet reached the ground; anyone who saw her could see it was very heavy, but she could walk around in complete confort, as if she didn't even feel the weight on her.

    Her eyes darted all over the place taking in her surroundings. Then she saw it: the dragon grabbed in its claw a strange looking citizen and was now trying to fly away. Concentrating her mind, a ball of purple light formed in her hand. She extended her arm, and a lightening was born from her hand, landing on the dragon's back.
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