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  1. Hello Everyone, I am Looking to see if Anyone would be interested in playing an RP based in province of Skyrim, With dragons, mages, warriors, thieves, and for those who have played Skyrim you know what this means. Epic battles, Maybe a little Romance, but for me I feel it is Never-Ending-Dragon-Slaying-Time!!!

    If I can get a group going I'd love for every player to play at least one main character, and one good or evil dragon. As I played Skyrim I really craved more dragons like Parthonax, at least one or a few more of the friendly dragons that aided the humanoid races of Skyrim. So this is something I really look forward to creating. I'm not to sure that this falls under a fandom because the storyline of skyrim is quite generic.

    You are Dragonborn, you get Dragon abilities called Th'ums, Shouts that can give you nearly hundreds of powers to choose from on top of your general class abilities. The Th'ums are NOT super powers they are short bursts of abilities and each only last for a certain amount of time.

    What I hope to put together is maybe 2-4 Role Players together in an RP all being Dragonborne and sort of let the RP evolve and develop on its own. The province of Skyrim is a beautiful and deadly place traveling will be the one thing we will do the most, Sorry no fast traveling in this RP ^_^. Encountering random NPC's and having chance encounters with the magical wildlife.

    Let your imagination run wild. for those of us who Played Skyrim Think about What you wanted to see in the game maybe there was a corner of the realm that stood out to you but had no real reason for being in the game discuss, throw it in there, Whatever your Norse heart desired to see or experience now is the time to create it.

    I hope to hear from some of you soon, and good luck <3333

    Fijoli (Fee-yo-lee)
  2. I would totally be interested in a role play about Skyrim, I freaking love that game!
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  3. I'd definitely go for that. I'll have to get back to playing it again.
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  4. Oooh I'd love that! Please no end-game spoilers, I stil haven't finished the game ;_; But if you start a thread for our characters or something let me now, I'll gladly join. :)
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  5. ^_^ No worries Isho, This isn't going to be a fandom RP, we aren't following any specific story line, Skyrim doesn't even Have to be Played. All anytone needs to know is the geographical province of skyrim, and looking up the th'ums on google, for anyone who hasn't played WIKI is always a great source of general info without giving away plot lines or the endings to anything
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  6. I'd be up for an Skyrim type RP.
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  7. Shoot, I should really check back here more often. I got Skyrim just recently and I would LOVE to do a role-play on it. Quick question, would Skyrim be the only province we could be on? Or could we travel to others, like Black Marsh, Elsweyr, Solstheim?
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  8. As long as you can provide the map and explain where it is in relation to Skyrim, Having each character start out somewhere on there own and end up in, or already be in skyrim wouldn't be a bad Idea and might help the RP last longer. Great Idea Vexor. Even Morrowind and Oblivion can be incorporated into this.
  9. I'd be interested in playing this plot.
  10. I think, just in case of in-game spoilers, we should probably tell which questlines we've each completed.

    For me it's: Dawnguard (DLC), Companions, Civil War (for the Empire), the Dark Brotherhood, Main questline, Dragonborn (DLC which takes place on Solstheim), the Mage's College, and the Thieve's Guild.

    Also, Daedric Princes who I've met in the initial Skyrim content: Molag Bol, Namiira, Sanguine, Hircine, Meridia, Hermaeus-Mora, Boethiah, Azura, Sheogorath, and one other... Who I only remember as "The Whispering Lady."
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  11. I don't mind spoilers about the side questlines, but if you spoil me the main questline, I'll kill you.
  12. I have played Oblivion and Skyrim into the ground, so I've got no spoilers to worry about.
  13. OK then All thats left is character submissions, I'll Put something together and Add the link here so that you can submit a character ^_^
  14. I might be interested in joining. By the way Fijoli, the sign-up thread should be in the OOC sub-board, not the fantasy RP board itself ^^;
  15. Lol! Omg sorry! Still learning the the site haha tysm! And np the more the merrier!
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