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  1. For The Outcasts

    High school, it has all its clicks and clubs that cause people to form groups; But, what about the students who never seem to be able to join anything or don’t seem to fit anywhere. Well, one day someone got bored of the way things were and so they made a club for themselves letting anyone join if they wanted. What do they do exactly; well they just enjoy each other’s company and do what they want. A few years have passed and that club is still going strong.

    The school bell suddenly went off, causing students to quickly get up with their things and leave the room to go do whatever they want to do. Mira stood up, swinging her bag back so that she was holding it along her shoulder. She headed out of the room and down the hallways towards an area that not many people end up. She got to a certain room and opened up the door, heading inside the room. She closed the door then took a seat on one of the chairs crossing her legs, waiting for the others in the strange club to arrive.

    Mira Anderson
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    Jeff sighed as he walked down the hall sullenly, his white hoodie's hood was pulled over his head to hide his face.

    The other students often stared at him as if he was an oddity, others smacked him ad he passed by calling him a freak.

    Jeff picked up the speed his fairly long legs seemingly a blur as he walked, it was all he could do to get to his destination faster.

    He soon reached the room he was meant to be in.

    He noticed the young girl, he was hesitant at first before he too took a chair and sat down as he tugged his hood further down over his face.
  3. When you live with animal parts on a human body it's kind of hard to hide them. Especially when one of them is a long fluffy fox tail with a pair of red, white dipped ears as well. Wearing multiple jackets and always carrying a back pack to stuff your tail up under and not letting anyone touch you. It makes people wonder if you are terrified of people. Tightening the multi beanies I was wearing to cover my ears I walked through the door to the club. The supposed place where outcasts can come together and have fun together. I had no friends to keep my secret but I wanted to talk to some one even if it's about the weather as long as they don't ask about my clothes. I just want to show that I wasn't scared of them I am scared they might be scared of me. Instinctively I crossed the first row of people, well two people, I headed to the back corner of the class room to keep my distance. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought.
  4. Being shy doesn't and introverted get you very far. Nate was was that kind of person. He just felt out of place wherever he went. Since it was his first day at a new school and having heard of a club for rejects he decided against his better judgement to try it out. He walked up to the door and put his hand on the handle for a second and then slowly opened it.
  5. Jeff looked up slightly threw his long black hair and noticed a newcomers enter the room.

    His eyes quickly adverted and he sighed trying to hide his face from the others.

    Because in all honesty who would want to talk to a kid with a knife carved smile and horribly scarred skin which left his body snow white.
  6. "Holy fuck that guy is creepy" thought Nate. He took a few steps into the room and closed the door. He takes a seat near the back of the room.
  7. Jeff flinched slightly at the everlasting silence, he was starting to become irritated.

    "Why do I bother coming here?" He thought.
  8. Mira started to burst out laughing as the others started to walk into the classroom. "Geez, you are all ridiculous. Just relax, really." She started to say while pushing her sunglasses on and off of her eyes. "We're all weird here, there's no reason to hide it." She suddenly gave them all a large toothy smile. "You seem to be all new to the club, so why don't you tell me all your names, that's a start right!"
  9. "I'm Nate" he says quietly. "I'm a little new."
  10. Jeff frowns but looks up "I'm Jeff, Jeff the Ki-uh..." he falls silent and slumps forward in his seat.
  11. happy_by_misswolf10-d79apc2.jpg Hannah practically skipped down to the room she had heard about many a time, but never really dared to enter. But this could be a huge adventure! So she was pretty excited, to say the least.

    Her hair trailed behind her as she made her journey to this 'club' full of wonders and new people, her ocean blue eyes sparkling in excitement. Soon she found herself at the door and, wasting no time, she quickly threw it open, grinning at the students already there.

    "Hola amigos!" She beamed with a salute. "Did I miss anything?" She leaned the top half of her body forward, planting her hands on her hips. Hannah was a bit of a handful... She was loud, overly excitable and could be rather annoying, so many people disliked her, not that she minded. They just weren't ready for her awesomeness.~
  12. "Nope! Just some introductions is all." Mira replied to the girl who just came in. "I should let you all know that I am Mira Anderson...and this is my club." Suddenly Mira was standing up onto the chair and pointing at all the people who had entered. "You're all welcome here so don't worry about anything!" She chuckled again.
  13. This was a big mistake coming here. Nate thought. He gets up to leave.
  14. "Sounds awesome!" Hannah cheered and saw a boy getting up. Must be to greet her! Immediately, she wraps an arm around his waist, chuckling. "Name's Hannah! Nice to meet cha!" She said in a bubbly matter, grinning ear to ear.
  15. Uhh, Hi, I'm N-Nate. "Shit" he thought. He's too shy to say he wasn't getting up to greet her.
  16. She blinked in confusion and poked his side, wondering if that'd get a reaction. "Uhm, dude? Cat got your tongue or somethin'?"
  17. "N-no" he said. He was nervous enough talking to normal people. Talking to a girl really stuns him. "I'm just shy" he says quietly.
  18. "Aaaaaah! Got cha," she nodded with a hum. Maybe she could help him overcome being shy? Yeah! Hannah released him from her grasp, placing her hands behind her back. "So, know anybody here?"
  19. "No, this is my first day" he replied. "This place is much different from any other school I've been to" He puts his hands in his pockets.
  20. "Different?" Hannah raised a brow before shrugging. "Eh, it's not that bad once you're used to it. The people are dicks, but you'll find an occasional awesome person. Like me!" She smiled teasingly.