For the Otaku; how screwed are you?

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  1. You are facing the villain of the first anime you watched

    To help you is the hero from the most recent one you watched

    How screwed are you?

    I would be facing Light from Death Note alongside Edward Elric from FMA. I feel like we'd be kinda screwed.
  2. Ruby Rose from RWBY VS Orochimaru from Naruto. I wouldn't be screwed.
  3. If films count:

    Whatever Princess Mononoke's Villain is. That isn't really clear, vs Shotaro Kaneda.

    I'm Ok with that.

    If not:

    Kayaba Akihiko vs Saber...
  4. Um. Who would the villain be in Ouran High School Host Club? Cuz like I really don't know on that one. Um... next anime I watched... Easter? Wasn't that the name of that evil organization in Shugo Chara? Man it's been too long since I've watched that one. But if that doesn't count, um... well Death Note would be the next anime I watched after that but like I feel like the "villain" in that would be kind of subjective. So either L or Light depending on your perspective.

    As for my ally... um... the protagonist from FLCL whose name I forget. OR, if it counts, Tai from Digimon.

    Although, if Digimon counts, then it would come before all the anime I mentioned for the villain part. Oh, but wait... would Pokemon count, then? Cuz I think that's technically the like first ever anime I watched, but...

    AUGH, THIS GAME IS TOO HARD, GOSHDANGIT! *flips table and leaves*
  5. Unless the cast of Psycho-Pass shows up to bail me out: Fairly fucking Screwed.

    Beep Boop (open)
  6. I'm facing Akira, with Utena Tenjo by my side.

    Oh my...
  7. It's Tetsuo! Not Akira!
    Tetsuo is the villain.
  8. Thank you for correcting me. My life has been enriched.
  9. I AM THE SAFEST EVAR. First anime ever: Sailor Moon, thus villain = Queen Baryll. Recent anime: Salior moon S = Powered up Sailor Moon yo.
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  10. Facing Giant (Doraemon) with Bell Cranel (DanMachi) at my side. This is bullying lol!
  11. First anime I ever watched was Dragonball Z, so it'd be... idk, Frieza or Cell or something.

    Last anime I watched was Fairy Tail, so I'd have Natsu fighting with me.

    I feel like that's a lost fight. One nice big attack from the DBZ baddie and we'd be dead.
  12. First? I think that was Pokemon actually.

    So Gary Oak VS Rin from the Fate Series.

    Hmmm... Snotty 10 year old or Teenage Mage?
    I got this. :3

    Well you might argue it'd be Shirou helping me instead.
    Spoilers (open)
    And he killed Gilgamesh, we're still good.
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  13. Knives from Trigun vs. Eren from AoT.

    I'd say pretty screwed. Knives has a gun that can obliterate cities, so, yeah....

    However, if we're going with Gwazi's technicality, then I'd fight Gary too. No contest.
  14. Sosuke Aizen vs Eren Jäger

    I'm all kinds of fucked, then. Unless Eren pulls of some shonen bullshit like with the Female Titan, but times a thousand.
  15. That guy from Zero no Tsukaima.

    Well, I watched DB Super this morning, so Goku.

  16. Wouldn't it be Giovanni? Or Team Rocket?
  17. Eh, Gary's more Iconic.

    If we're going Team Rocket I'm even more set cause their grunts are useless.
    If it's Giovanni? I would then say it relies on how much time Giovanni could prepare.
  18. Not completely sure which my own anime I saw first, but it was either rune soldier (which I don't even remember if it has a main villain... I dun remember the show at all o_o.) or it was 'he is my master' which means my villain would be very non threatening... Well, first off I need to figure out who the villain is. To the girl main character it's definitely the perverted guy main character.


    But it could also be his cousin who is against the male main character.


    Either way, both are big perverts :D

    If the hero should come from the last anime I finished, then it would probably be Haruka Kotoura, whom can read people's minds, so that's awesome.


    Though if we count the last episode I saw, then it would be Shino Inuzaka from Hakkenden. And since he is an eighteen year old (trapped in a twelve year old body) with a demon inside himself that he can use as a weapon, I feel kind of cool with that one too xD


  19. First anime? Fruits Basket. So I would be going against Akito Sohma. And the most recent anime... Nanatsu no Taizai, so Meliodas.
    Hahaha, Akito won't stand a chance against a guy who swings a normal twig and casually sliCE RIGHT THROUGH A MOUNTAIN.

    @Yata Misaki. Meliodas' OPness helps erytim.
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  20. @Sen too op

    For me, so the first anime I watched was Pokemon so technically Jessie & James are the villiains.
    The most recent anime I watched the anime ver of Dramatical Murder, so I got Aoba Seragaki...

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