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  1. Melody, This one simple word has one meaning. A sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying. Yet Adding A few high scholars to the mix, It gets much more Interesting. The music club was just a dream At Horikoshi High School.
    The role-play should start When two 17-18-19 year olds get Introduced to each other(The first Couple), Preferably At a public Park. I want to make It a romance about musicians. I will not mind whatever Instrument you chose. Many people can joined As long as they are connected to the love circle. You don't have to be Apart of the music club but Please Do Have a connection to the charaters

    Nothing to sexual 1.)
    Three Sentences at least per post 2.)
    No godmodding 3.)
    No marysues or garysues 4.)
    Be respectful for everyone in OOC 5.)
    Listen to Mods/GMs 6.)
    Mod list: Myself.

    Please fill out a character sheet :D






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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Shiori Kaguya




    Instrument: Alto,Soprano Saxophones and Melodica

    personality: Sweet, Shy, can be clumsy
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  3. Picture)[​IMG]

    Name: Kane gem

    Voice: sounds like Ichigo from Bleach


    Instrument: organ, cello

    personality: calm and quiet
  4. Thank you For Making A character. Hopefully we can start the rp soon.
  5. WIP

    Stephen Griswold



    Trumpet, trombone, french horn, tuba, piano.

    Calm, laid back, humorous, educated, perfectionist, escapist.

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  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Carla Dunes
    Voice: Moderate pitch, soft, more like a voice to sing
    Instrument: Electric Violin, Guitar, Piano, Flute
    Personality: Very outgoing and open-minded. Not a very shy person.
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  7. Name:Loveslae

    Appearance:Tank top ,tattoos,leather pants ,leather shoes , katana,short hiar,black hair , blind,


    Bio: loveslae izaki grew up in little Tokyo her farther was a sword master all tho she didn't like to fight she was forced to train if she didn't or missed a lesson her father would beat her lock her in the cellar .one day her father was killed right in front of her eyes, from the trauma of her fathering being brutally killed in front of her. further on she started to developed a split personalty ween she pick up swords .the more she trained with her fathers sword she be come a completely different person and ween she let go take her a wile to switch back to her normal tried to stay away form any thing that dealt with pain she didn't like the thought of hurting any she continues every day getting up going to school hoping to make a friend. anime char.png anime char.png

    Personality:split personality buy chose ween gets hold of a weapon she goes in to army bitch mode . ween not holding a weapon she is a push over more like innocence
    Likes: she likes to paint with the color red may it be blood or color

    Dislikes:bugs ,guys that are mean to her

    Skills:sword random style of force anime char.png anime char.png
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  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Lyla Kane
    Instrument: flute,
    Personality: bubbly, light hearted, funny, always wanting to know everything about everyone, kind

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  9. *exclude the cat ears*
  10. Age: 16
    Voice: high pitched, soft, moderately loud
  11. {{OOC!}} to be continued
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