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  1. I love music,
    I don't care about anything else,
    Because music makes me strong.

    Plot -

    Music is the sound of the soul and the beats of hearts. It speaks the words we are to afraid to speak out loud. Music expression was can not be spoken and can not be silenced. It's not just noise, music is sound beats and rhythms combined to make a symphony and with that are added the lyrics that tell a story of some kind. Well there are 8 teenagers who moved to this small town for a large music school. They are all completely different, but same in the 1 way, they love music. Its their passion, its their soul.
    Now, these 8 teenagers move to the small town with a large music school and meet each other. Some will hit it off great and others not so great, but in the end they all become great friends. This lasts the school years and their all inseparable. They will through hardships, fights, romance, heart break, and pain along the way, but some how they managed to stay friends.
    Note - We will start off with them coming to the small town of Kokoneno, Missouri. I have some Ideas planed out so please read everything thoroughly! Through out the RP our characters will meet. Not all at once, but one by. No love at first sight, take your time and pick who you like best. Please follow the small description of the character I have provided, you can still make your own character though c:

    Rules -

    - Iwaku rules apply here
    - Read and Follow All Rules.
    - Be creative. We need Drama, heart break, pain, DRAMA!
    - Cussing is allowed, just don't go way over board.
    - No God-moding. (Meaning NOT PERFECT CHARACTERS!)
    - Sexual Scenes are ok, make sure you use spoilers c:
    - No Spamming!!! It pushes back posts and makes people confused.
    - Role play in complete sentences, like your writing a book.
    - No anime pictures please, real images!
    - Be kind to everyone
    - If you become inactive, you will be deleted after two weeks at most, sometimes shorter, you can rejoin as the same character, but you have to start all over. (Please, please,please! tell me if you won't be on for a while. Also tell me if you want to be deleted it makes me sad, but it happens just don't vanish and have everybody hanging waiting for you to post.)
    - NO one or two lines
    - If you have any questions, message me c:
    - Please, try to follow the small personalities I gave
    - Please, only one character per person.
    - There are four boys and four girls. Mix it up a little, have a guy playing the harp or the cello, something different.
    - Last one! here it is!..... it's coming!..... HAVE FUN!! [​IMG] ta da!!!
    (Will add if needed)

    Characters -

    The Wild Singer - Crazy, Fun, Outgoing and Reckless. As crazy as they can be they love to party and hang out. They don't care about much but singing is their passion. (TAKEN) Female

    The Quiet Pianist - Life is tough for them. They don't talk about it to anyone so they stay quite, Although, around the group they smile and speak more then usual. (TAKEN) Female

    The Slacker Drummer - Lazy, rude, and annoying at times. Doesn't want to do anything but sit at home and play drums. They loves beats and can match anyone and anything. (TAKEN) Male

    The City Guitarist - From a big city their used to loud cars and busy streets. Moving to a small town is a big change for them. Guitar is their passion. Can play from electric to acoustic. (TAKEN) Male

    The Nerd Cellist - They play the cello and is very smart and nerdy. They don't just play classical though, they created their own style. They are shy though, from being bullied most of the time. (TAKEN) Female

    The Clumsy Violinist - Clumsy, talkative and weird. The Clumsy Violinist is pretty outgoing and talkative but is very, very clumsy and trips over their on feet most of time. Although, being clumsy when they play the violin, their flawless. (TAKEN) Male

    The DJ - Requested Character (TAKEN) Male

    The Sweet Harpist- Sweet, tender and loving. The sweet harpist is usually always nice and loves to make friends. Always smiling and happy. They love the beautiful song of the harp, so they love to play. (TAKEN) Female

    News Feed -

    (Here I will post her every Sunday so people know what's going on in the RP. I will also Post something here every now and then so please check everyday! In a few of my post I will also put *News feed updated*)

    September 4 - The RP is now no longer accepting people. I may throw a few surprises and open a spot for a new person, But for now it is closed. Thank you to everyone one who joined.

    Today we are starting the RP. Remember to keep the RP going long, so don't meet someone right off the spot. Take your time in meeting people. Also, no loves at first sight, That makes the RP a little boring. We need drama so heartbreak, pain, romance, and all of that is very important in this RP. You are also allowed to use characters that are not in the role play that you can break up with or something, but keep things dramatic.

    We will start the RP with the students coming to the school. Its a free day so they can do anything they want, but have to stay on campus. Have fun!!

    Month/Week Day/Time of Day/Weather -


    January ☒
    February ☒
    March ☒
    April ☒
    May ☑
    June ☒
    July ☒
    August ☒
    September ☒
    October ☒
    November ☒
    December ☒


    Monday ☑
    Tuesday ☒
    Wednesday ☒
    Thursday ☒
    Friday ☒
    Saturday ☒
    Sunday ☒


    Early Morning ☑
    Morning ☒
    Noon ☒
    Night ☒
    Late Night ☒
    *** you can request a change***


    Sunny ☒
    Warm ☒
    Hot ☒
    Really Hot ☒
    Cloudy ☒
    Breezy ☒
    Stormy ☒
    Raining ☒
    Windy ☒
    Chilly ☑
    Cold ☒
    Freezing cold ☒
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  2. Character Sheet

    Looks;; (may use image)
    Pet(s);; (Optional)
    Theme Song;; (Optional)
  3. The Nerd Cellist - They play the cello and is very smart and nerdy. They don't just play classical though, they
    created their own style. They are shy though, from being bullied most of the time.

    Can i reserve this position?
  4. Yes you can c:
  5. The girl on the right! :)
    Name;; Geum Jin Ae but prefers to be called Gabi.
    Nickname;; Gabi.
    Age/Birthday;; September 19th, currently aged 17 but is about to turn 18.
    Gender;; Female
    Intelligent, scarily so
    Awkward around guys she likes.
    Sometimes antisocial
    Puts music ahead of her own health at times.
    Looks;; As above.
    Born in Daegu, she has lived in Korea most of her life and spent most of it living in the heart Seoul. Her family is small, with her parents and her younger brother at home, the average nuclear family. Introduced to the cello at age 6, she immediately took to it and her parents were proud of her leaps and bounds in her studies of music. She graduated middle school with honours in exemplary music and was offered a position in a state of the art music school in America. This school is renowned across the world for producing great musicians. She moved here by herself to reach her dream but receives funding from her family to pay for her expenses.
    She is very shy, because she will not stand up to the people who bully her She had been bullied for being smart and a cellist, making her an enviable figure that some people despised.
    Maths, even though she is good at it.
    Pet(s);; A kitten named Ji Sun. [​IMG]
    Theme Song;;

  6. Name;; Joseph Foster

    Axe of Choice;; Hayman Showman Drumkit

    Nickname;; Joe Foster

    Age/Birthday;; 18 (6/23)

    Gender;; Male

    Personality;; Joe is the kind of person that no one wants to be around. He wants nothing to do with anyone, and the only person he can stand is his metronome. He can keep a beat like a champ, and he can keep it for as long as he can. Once you get to know him, you still might not like him. Other than his terrible attitude, his poor sportsmanship, his fatal flaws and lack of character skills.... he might be a good friend!

    History;; He wasn't always the amazing drummer you know and love today. He never actually played the drums! It all started when he was little, living in another small town in another pathetic state. He went to many private schools, thinking that he was possibly some kind of geneous. It was a little thing, really. He was just good at math at an absurdly young age.
    His parents caught on this early, and totally by accident. The private school's professors asked that he take up an instrument or two, to hold onto his gift. He started with Piano, but he never caught on. He then tried the Piccolo, Trumpet, Guitar, and other instruments alike. He hated all of them, and claimed that he had a deep-seeded hatred for music up until his seventh grade year.
    He saw the drumset in his directors class, and instantly fell in love. It was the curvature of the instrument, the sound all of the littlest springs made, the simple attitude of it. He practiced it day and night, and he is currently a self-proclaimed master.
    When he isn't playing the drums, he is Missouri-State Champion of Turtle Racing

    Likes;; Drums, beats, music, drum-solos, cigarettes, hot girls and hot boys, doughnuts, and Netflix.

    Dislikes;; The rest of it.

    Pet(s);; A turtle, who Joe occasionally races.
    Theme Song;;

    Other;; Art below by Notmusa on Tumblr!

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  7. Great! Accepted!

    Sorry but you can only have one since there are only 6 left and it wouldn't be fair to anyone else who wants to join.
    Also I'm glad c: I put a lot of thought into it.
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  8. Name;; Jolene Dalora Fray
    Nickname;; Jo, or Jo-Jo
    Age/Birthday;; 17 years old and was born on December 22
    Gender;; Female
    Kindness;; Jolene is kind to a lot of people, mainly her friends and family. If your nice to her she's nice back, Its just the way she was raised. She's very kind to animals and just love them to death.
    Shy ;; Jolene has been through a lot she has a rough past but she doesn't talk much about it. There is one person in the group that she talks to (Will choose) but
    when the right time comes she stands up for what she needs to. She hide a lot though, not really talking to people, you cant blame her for what she's been through.
    She only talks to a few selected people, and remember to not ask about her past.
    Bravery ;; Jolene is very brave. Although she is shy and doesn't speak much it takes a lot of bravery for her to come out and just talk to someone. She can also do a lot of crazy things like surf and skate. but only if no one is around.
    Anger ;; Jo-Jo maybe kind but she wont let you take advantage of her. She has a very short fuse and sometimes she can't help herself and blows up. When Jolene goes off like a bomb there's no holding her back.
    Honesty ;; Jo is very, very, very Honest, that is why she has trouble lying. Jo tends to make enemies because of her honesty. If someone asks for her opinion and they don't like it she doesn't feel bad about it.
    Looks;; [​IMG]
    History;; Jolene grew up in the crappiest place in Arizona. She lived in a small trailer that only had one room so she slept on the couch while her mom and her father slept in the room. She was sweet and always happy. She was loud and loved her dad very much. Although the town sucked and the trailer was small her family was happy. Her dad worked a lot, with an oil company. It was hard work and tiring but he always came home with a smile. One day, he didn't come home, but in his place was a man who worked with him and gave Jo her father helmet. Jo's father died. She was 9 and this crushed her. She hardly ate, hardly talked and never smiled. Her mom was struggling and started to drink, then became and alcoholic. To escape her mother Jo would go to the abandoned building, and one day found a piano. She learned to play on her own, and it was the only thing that brought her join. She started getting lessons from her music teacher at school, and got good fast. She learned to play by ear and is now very talented. When Jolene was 14 her mother started dating a man, an abusive man. This case Jolene to since back more, hiding with in herself. Soon she was taken away from her mother and her boyfriend, soon got to a foster home. They treated her like their own and she opened up a bit more. For her 16th birthday they bought her a piano. For a hole year she played everyday, she eats more (More like an elephant) she opened up to people, but not quite. Now she has a chance at the best music school ever.
    Likes;; Music, Piano, Food, Animals, nice people, drawing, singing, being alone, cooking, writing sheet music, Batman
    Dislikes;; The dark, spiders, rude people, bullies, bitter things, animal abusers
    Pet(s);; Mika -
    Bandit -
    Batman -
    Gin -
    Theme Song;;
    Other;; NOPE
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  9. may I reserve the city guitarist? :)
  10. Yes you may c:
  11. Character Sheet

    Name;; Jonathon Pierce
    Nickname;; Jay
    Age/Birthday;; 18 February 21st
    Gender;; Male
    Looks;; (may use image)
    Appearance (open)
    tumblr_m9dlqeQ7471qfmj0mo1_r1_500.gif tumblr-m3l4b6tzd51r971fqo1-1280--large-msg-134016590989.jpg tumblr_lle64itWs41qb1ipfo1_500.gif

    History;; WIP
    -hanging with friends
    -The 1975
    -The Neighborhood
    -All kinds of music
    -people who are rude
    -not being in the city (Getting used to it)
    Pet(s);; (Optional)
    Bentley (open)

    -gets in fights often because of his drunk best friend
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  12. awesome :D thanks so much :D
  13. Can I reserve the singer?
  14. Yes you can c:
  15. Hey guys I am only accepting one more girl c:
  16. The Sweet Harpist

    Name: Kyla Sullivan
    Nickname: Ky or Lhiannan Shee by her father
    Age/Birthday: 18 / November 8
    Gender: Female

    Personality: Determined to enjoy everything about life, Kyla has a sunny disposition and is never without a smile or encouraging word. Her bubbling laughter is contagious as well as her passion for music. Kyla is willing to admit her weaknesses but refuses to use them as excuses. Though she is somewhat sociable and enjoys meaningful friendships, she is an introvert. Kyla has a tender heart and has yet to find someone rotten enough to think ill of. She tends to "mother hen" friends and can find the silver lining in any dark cloud. However, there is something in her eyes at times that suggests she isn't as straight-forward as she seems. If you listen closely enough, look closely enough, you can spot the silent plea for help.

    Looks: Kyla sports a short, dark-haired bob which she always couples with a headband of some description. Her large, innocent eyes are a hunter green. She is quite pale as some Irish folk are and has a faint sprinkling of freckles across her nose. Because of the accident, she is quite bony, especially her legs which are marbled with scars. Kyla never wears anything shorter than mid-calf length because of this.
    Image: (open)

    History: Kyla is the product of an Ireland-born gent and his Scottish-English lass whom he met after moving to New York. Her father is extremely proud of his Irish heritage and passed this same love for all things Gaelic onto his only daughter. Kyla is a Daddy's girl and whenever she does anything less than satisfactory it is blamed on "that damned English blood" of her mother's mother.

    All her life, Kyla felt drawn into the world of music. In elementary school she picked up the Irish whistle and eventually traded that out for a clarinet when she entered marching band in high school. Her first love, though, is the Irish harp. When her fingers caress those strings, magic blooms. For her 16th birthday, instead of a car, her parents and grandparents chipped in to have a harp custom-made for her whom she promptly named Padraig [pronounced Paw-drig]. She still tears up remembering the generous gift.

    A year ago, Kyla was involved in a serious car accident which left her confined to a wheelchair. It was during the torturous months of hospitalization that she developed a deeper appreciation for music. It soothed her, gave her a way to express the emotions churning inside, and offered her confidence that the accident hadn’t taken everything from her. Eventually, music [and her harp especially] became her life, her love, her blood.

    Kyla is unsure of where she wants to go in life. More than anything, she longs to have a reason for living in her confined state. Concerned that the accident had wounded her spirit as much as her body, her parents encouraged her to pursue a scholarship to a music conservatory and that is how she landed in Kokoneno, Missouri.

    All things Gaelic
    Chatting-- The more she's comfortable with you, the more she talks
    Dancing-- Where there's a will, there's a way
    Giving advice
    Going to the symphony
    Helping others
    Long strolls outside
    Playing different instruments

    Being pitied
    Dissecting animals
    Giving up
    Ill-played music
    Not believing in magic
    Public washrooms

    Theme Song:

    Other: Kyla rigged up her wheelchair so she can attach her harp case to the front for transport. It works, but it makes riding in elevators very awkward.

    Padraig: (open)
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  17. Ok and I counted wrong, I need one more girl and two more boys c:
  18. I've finished!
  19. Name;; Anastasia King
    Nickname;; Ana
    Age/Birthday;; 17 January 28th
    Gender;; Female
    Personality;; Crazy; Outgoing; Fun; Risk taker. Anastasia just doesn't care about anything. If she thinks it's fun, she'll do it no matter what the consequence is. She likes to party and hang out with her friends, though when it comes down to it, singing is all she truly loves to do. It's her life and she will do anything if it keeps her singing, from something as simple as taking gross medicine to keep her voice good to something big like surgery. If she can still sing, she'll do it.
    Looks;; image.jpg
    History;; Anastasia was born in Nashville, Tennessee. Ironic right? After living there for so long, she grew a rather strong hatred for country music. When she was just three years old, her mom died of cancer. She, along with her father and older brother, moved to St. Louis, Missouri after the tragedy in order to get a fresh start. Her father was always at work, leaving her brother to practically raise her, leaving them with an unbreakable bond. She was never the most popular throughout school...antisocial really. She finally broke out of her shell once she got in high school. She became more outgoing and fun the older she got. She started going to more parties and going out with her friends. She was at a party when there was a karaoke machine that caught her eye. She started singing and someone that was there put in a word for her. Soon enough, she found out that she had been accepted into the school.
    -having fun
    -taking risks
    -hanging with friends
    -egotistical/rude people
    -getting sick
    Lana (black spots around nose) and Daisy
    Theme Song;;
    Other;; Nope
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  20. Cool guys c: I am no long accepting Girls c: so we need the few spots left to be filled and we can start. Make sure you guys have read the rules and everything on the first post. Be sure to check the News Feed every now and then. C:
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