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  1. The stone building in front of the white haired teen was large. It reminded her of the castle she recently bought in Greece, butnow she was stuck at this boarding school in the middel of no where, USA. She gave an exasperated sigh, her onyx colored eyes looked down at the keycard in her hand. It was shaped like a credit card, with a letter and number on it, telling her she now lived in dorm A7. With a deep breath, she pulled her two suitcases behind her as she headed to the west side corridors, where her new dorm waited for her.

    The design was spacious and modern. Most places had one bedroom, a hall that shared a bathroom, and a general common room. But this school was different, and the student body was unusually small. A total of 300 students came here, and only 60 rooms were available. So, when she opened the door to her new home, she was a bit surprised. There was two bedrooms, a small living room, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. It wasn't huge, but it would give her space. She nodded slightly in approval as she walked around, a small smile spreading across her face. She could get used to this.

    She made her way to one of the doorms and took a quick look in the mirror. Her skin was pale and her complextion perfect. She had the hourglass figure every girl dreamed of, and was around 5'7" tall. Today she wore a black tanktop and dark blue jeans, coupled with black heels. But thee was something odd about the noise her shoes made, rather than heels it sound more like metal, and every once in a while if they hit something just right it sparked. This was because she had special shoes, the heels of them were metaal, sharpened to be blades. She smiled a bit as her eyes scanned herself. She knew she was attractive, and she liked to flaunt it. But one part of her always made her grimace, two little, almost unnoticable marks on her neck. Those marks changed her life...

    She blinked a few times, pushing those thoughts out. No, she wasn't like that anymore. After her last job, she was released from their service, and now she was going to have a real life, as normal as possible. She made herself smile again before starting to unpack, humming quietly under her breath.
  2. Michael stared up at the large stone building in open astonishment; he had enjoyed the opportunity to view the dormitories from a distance during new student orientation, but the building seemed impossibly huge while looking at it from below. He strode up the steps leading to the main entrance, suitcase plodding along behind him as he gave the entry hall a once-over, grateful to find a building map standing right next to the door. Tugging a keycard from his wallet, he glanced at it quickly before scanning the map for the A-level dormitories, pleased to discover that they were just a short walk down the western hall.

    He was surprised to discover just how few rooms that he passed as he walked down the hall, as well as the distance between them. Despite the size of the building, it didn’t seem like there would be nearly enough space for even the modest student population that the school could boast. Once arriving at the room marked A-7, he swiped his card and stepped inside, pulling his suitcase in behind him and nudging the door shut with a foot. He whistled softly in appreciation as he looked around the room and tucked his keycard back into his wallet – the brochures hadn’t been kidding when they mentioned large living spaces.

    It only took him a moment to realize that the living quarters were far too large for one person to use, and so he reached behind him to knock firmly on the door, not wanting to surprise anyone when he spoke up, “Hey. Anyone home?” He was grateful that his voice had finally stopped cracking, and settled into a deeper timbre than he was really used to. To experienced ears, his accent marked him as originating from somewhere in Western Europe, but had been worn away from years of living in the States.
  3. Onyx heard tye voice of her room mate, which made her stop packing. She walked out of her bedroom with a friendly smile. "Well, look at you," she said in a slightly flirty tone. Her voice was pretty and silky, though there was a deeply rooted Greek accent which was apparent in every word. Though, in reality it wasn't Greek, it was Latin, but since it was a dead language, many people made that mistake. She walked a little closer to him, noting in her mind he had a little bit of an accent, though she could place it.

    She reached out a hand to him. "I'm Onyx, pleased to meet you," she said. She kept her head high and made eye contavt with him, almost like an alpha asserting her dominance. Though, this wasn't something she realized she did, it was just habit. "The dorms are pretty nice, don't you think?"
  4. He blinked twice when she stepped out of her bedroom -- for some reason, he hadn't expected the dorms to be co-ed. He made a note to actually thumb through the student handbook at some point to avoid more of these surprises. Maybe classes actually began at midnight here, just to mess with new students? When she approached and offered her hand, he returned her smile and took it, giving it a gentle shake, "Michael, and it's a pleasure!" Standing at just under six feet tall and fair-skinned, the fact that he had to look down at her in order to meet her eyes diminished some of the effectiveness of her gaze, though some small animal-like part of him sort of wanted to run away screaming. Probably wasn't helped by the fact that she was absolutely beautiful.

    He decided against that course of action, for the moment at least, and flicked his gaze down and over her for a brief moment as he stepped away. At least it didn't seem like he was violating some sort of hidden dress code with his khakis and a white button-up shirt, "The rooms are a surprise, definitely. Given the building and the number of students, I assumed we'd each have living quarters about as big as one of those bed rooms." He tilted his suitcase back onto its wheels, and nodded toward the bedroom she hadn't exited from. "That one's mine, I'm guessing?"
  5. Onyx giggled a bit at his reaction, enjoying his surprise. "Michael, I like that name. Can I call you M, or Mike?" She batted her eyes a bit with a coy smile, before flipping her hair and moving towards her room. "Yeah, sorry I wanted to get unpacked quickly. Didn't bother to wait for you." She disappeared into her room and finisned putting her clothes in her closet. It only took a few minutes, she was practically done. Then she went to Michael's doorway and leaned against the post.

    "So, M, Evermore Acedemy is a pretty .. obscure school," she said rather casually. She could tell he was human, but she couldn't tell how much he knew about the supernatural. Though for some reason, she couxldn't shake the feeling her hands should be covered in his blood. She shoved the thought away as her eyes quickly scanned the things he was pulling out. "How did you find the school?"
  6. He chuckled softly at her question, "Michael, Mike. Whatever you'd like, really. I have no preference," he answered as she turned to walk away. He watched curiously after her for a few moments before shrugging, and dragging his suitcase into his own room, hefting it up and onto the bed before cracking it open and beginning to put his things away. When she returned a few minutes later, she would find him setting a laptop down on his desk and shoving books onto the shelves surrounding it -- mostly textbooks, if she was curious enough to look. "Obscure?" He glanced back at her over his shoulder before continuing to balance books on the shelves, "Well, I suppose the school found me, rather than the other way around. My father was an alumnus, which the school board apparently takes very seriously since they barely gave me a look before approving me."

    Having put away most of his things, he turned around to face her, "How about you? No offense, but the name and accent kind of give away the fact that you aren't a local."
  7. She simply smiled at him before flipping her hair behind her shoulders. "Greece. I love it there, but life recently brought me to the States. Let's just say whatever brought me to the states, had me following to the school." The Wells son.. As much as she wanted to get the hunting group behind her, they had her cure. If she brought him to them, alive, she'd get the cure and become human again.... That's assuming she finds him. This school was simply a hunch. On the table of the home where she killed this boy's parents and sister, she had noticed a letter from the school, saying he was accepted. She just assumed he came, but so far no one with the name Wells was registered.

    She gave a small sigh, but didn't realize she had. A moment later she raised a brow at him. "So, Daddy dear is an alumni. Do you know what type of students generally get accepted here...?"
  8. Michael nodded along with her explanation, “Huh. Greece is a long ways away; I’m sure the school is lucky to have you.” He seemed to just disregard the rest of her explanation, not seeing much of a reason to push her for answers she didn’t really want to give, though her follow-up question seemed to throw him for a moment. He absently brought a hand up to the back of his neck before it moved slightly to tap the side of his neck , in the same general area as her small scars, “Ah, well. I’m not sure what type of students are usually accepted here, but…” he trailed off before glancing away from her, “I have a bit of a background in this kind of thing. It’s not something I plan to spread around, and I won’t ask questions if I see anything in the fridge,” he directed his eyes back to her after a moment, giving her something of a reassuring smile, “unless you start to take bites out of me of course.”

    “I am a practitioner,” he said, pausing as if to think of a better explanation before he continued, “Harry Potter bullshit, though less waving wands about with loud proclamations, and more crawling around in the dirt scratching geometric shapes,” he thumbed in the direction of his books, “I’ll ask you not to dig around too deeply in those. Magician has to keep his secrets and all that.”
  9. Onyx was relieved to his this. She gave him a slow, seductive smirk, her fangs elongating. "Thank the Goddess," she said with a laugh. "I was worried I'd have to be secretive." She checked him out once more before glancing over his things. He seemed rather normal, but the comment on magic made her eyebrow raise.

    "Oh, is that a fact? Maybe I'll dig around anyways, then an attractive man like you could save me." She gave him a giggle and a wink before starting to move from his doorway. "The Welcome Dance is tonight. You are coming, aren't you?" She didn't really mind it either way. All she really wanted was to find this Wells boy, and take him to the group during the weekend. Then, maybe, she could finally have that fresh start... She once more pushed that thought away. She needed to focus on making friends and learning what a normal life was like first.
  10. Michael’s eyes widened slightly as her fangs elongated, obviously staring at them as he spoke, “Creepy. Heard and read about them, never seen them in person,” he winced slightly as he imagined the pain of bones shifting around in his head to allow fangs to rapidly extend and retract, “Ah, anyway. No, no need to be secretive with me at least. Though if you plan on inviting any other vamps over, I’d make sure you’re the first to enter, or that you warn me ahead of time. Thresholds are important things, and largely based on intent; wouldn’t want to bake a friend of yours for thinking of me as a quick meal.”

    He actually laughed for a moment when she spoke of his books, having to clear this throat before responding, “Nothing there to save you from other than knowledge, and there’s just not all that much I could do to burn it out of your head; a lot of things in there I don’t even look at.” When she mentioned the welcoming dance, he cocked his head inquisitively, “Huh. That’s the first I’ve heard of it. I’d be happy to escort you if you don’t have any plans,” his face slipping back to its casual smile, “I got forced into cotillion as a kid. Would be nice to put some of those lessons to use.”
  11. She snickered and smiled, batting her eyes a bit. "Escort me..? You know, I haven't been escorted somewhere since..." She frowned a bit. Since her fiance, a very long time ago, brought her to their wedding, then turned her into a vampire. She suddenly gave him a warm smile. "I'd love to be escorted by you." She walked over and gave him a light kiss on yhe cheek. "You're sweet," she whispered before turning and walking to the door. "Well, the dance isnt until 7, and I need to go hunting for a bit. Ill be back soon." Onyx smiled and quickly left.

    Her hunt was about two hours long. When she got back she was covered in blood, so she didn't come in the way she was supposed to. Instead she snuck in through the window in her bedroom. "Back~" she called out. She walked to their little kitchen and poured herself a glass of water, not bothering to get washed up quite yet.
  12. He flushed briefly as she leaned in to kiss his cheek, though managed to turn it into an awkward smile by the time she had stepped back. She disappeared so quickly after speaking that he barely had a chance to squeeze out an "Okay, be safe!" before she disappeared out of sight. Shaking his head to clear it, he walked into the small kitchen the faculty had been kind enough to provide them with and tugged open the fridge, only to find it empty. He pulled open the freezer a moment later, to find it clear of everything except a single ice tray -- which they had not even bothered to fill with water. Giving the tray a bemused look, he shut the freezer before following Onyx's example and heading out the door, testing it to make sure that it locked behind him.

    He somehow managed to navigate his way out of the ornate building without any assistance, a feat that he was extremely proud of, and made his way back to the parking lot where he slid into his car. It was no sports car, but the used late-model Honda had been gifted to him by his parents before they passed, and it was a decent enough vehicle to get from A to B. He was pretty sure he had seen a market a few miles down the road, and pulled away praying that his sense of direction hadn't been used up on escaping the dormitory.

    Fortunately, Michael was very lucky and managed to make his way to and from the store with little difficulty, and by the time Onyx made her way home, she would find him kneeling by the front door, idly carving something into the paneling with a worn short knife. Half a dozen empty grocery bags were strewn across the kitchen counters, as he clearly hadn't bothered to toss them into the bin after putting everything away. He glanced back at her when she called out, starting for a moment when he spotted her covered in blood. Not willing to admit that the coppery smell made him somewhat queasy, he gave her a hesitant smile and paused his work, "Uh. A successful venture, I'm assuming?"
  13. Her dark eyes scanned the grocery bags. Her complete hatred for even slight clutter made her twitch a bit and quickly take care of it. Then she smiled at Mike, noting what he was doing. "It was, I'm lucky I found a few druggies. They just thing some pretty lady wanted sex~" She gave a short laugh before wqueezing some of the blood in her hair into the sink. "One of the amazing things of living for a long time, you learn things, like mental compulsion." Onyx reached for the faucet, turning it on and washing out the sink. "Not that I'd use it on you, I only use it when I feed or to protect children."

    It wasnt like she was this motherly figure, or that she liked kids, but she had done some bad things in front of them, and she remembered how her innocence got ripped away. It was easier for them to think a bear tore their mommy apart than a white haired teen with a bad attitude and fangs. She hated kids, but she hated her past even more, and never wanted to condem a kid to that fate.

    "Oh sorry. I .. What are you carving," she asked, suddenly changing the topic.
  14. He nodded his head in acknowledgment of her explanation, "Mental compulsion is spooky. Kind of a bad way to live, not being able to trust the things in your own head," he seemed to be relaxing again, despite the rivulets of blood pouring into the sink, "I appreciate your restraint." When she brought up the carving, he set the carving knife aside on the floor and scooted out of the way so that she could see, "Like I said, magic's mostly crawling around in the dirt doodling shapes." He traced one of the lines he had drawn with a finger, and for the first time she would feel something supernatural -- a sort of static to the air. As he drew his finger away, the feeling dissipated. "Thresholds are important. It's a hell of a lot easier to keep something from getting in than to force something out. You heard of those fairy tales? Vampires unable to walk into a building that they hadn't been invited into?" He motioned at the door, "Similar idea. Nothing here of the flash and bang variety, really. Just some mental nudges that walking through the door is a bad idea."

    After a moment, he picked up the knife and prodded at the floor, "Lethal stuff goes on this side of the door to deal with things that can shrug off the gentle approach. You're already keyed in, of course. None of this would trigger for you even if you tried to shank me!" He folded the knife and pushed himself to his feet, "But it might not play so nice with anyone you don't personally invite inside if they want to shank me. Is why I warned you about guests earlier. Not your, or your species' fault that I'm a prey animal, but I'd rather not fry one of your friends for the horrible offense of walking into your room."
  15. "Well, you're in luck, because I don't have any friends." She smiled at him and looked at the door, tilting her head a bit. "It's cool you can do that. I mean, I have to be invited to private residences, but never public places. So that's a goo idea. Didn't know something like that existed.." Wait a moment. Yes, she did. A few weeks ago, hen he went into the Wells house, she had to have someone disable the trick. It had been surprising but an interesting experience. She smiled at Mike, not mentioning what she just thought about. Instead she looked at herself, covered in blood. "I think I'll take a shower and then get ready. Can't go out looking like this~" She giggled a bit and walked off, quickly grabbing some stuff from her room and stealing the bathroom. Despite the amount of blood she was covered in, her shower was rather quick. Then again, it was mostly her clothes that got the crimson liquid staining it. When she had finally washed the smell of blood and sweat off herself, she turned off the water. Wrapping up in a towel, she got her hair and make up ready before leaving the bathroom to her room to get dressed.

    When she was done, she looked in the mirror. Her white hair had been done up with a bit of curl and wave, her eyes had mascara and eyeliner. She put on glitter eye shadow and a beautiful red lipstick. Her dress was a sweetheart, strapless purple one, hitting halfway up her thigh. The top part was a bit of a corset, and the bottom part had some sequins and purple lace. Her hands were covered with fingerless black gloves, also lacey, and black nail polish. She had put on black heels and a choker necklace. She smiled brightly at herself in the mirror, doing a small twirl. 'Perfect,' she thought to herself. After one last glance to make sure her make up was perfect, she stepped out of her room. "Mike," she called out, not sure if he was getting dressed or if he was done.
  16. Michael nodded, though when she brought up getting ready he glanced down at his watch, “Huh,” he mumbled, “must have lost track of time. Good idea, I’ll go get dressed myself.” As she turned to collect her things and enter the bathroom, he returned to his own room and stowed his knife before beginning to fumble through his closet. By the time she emerged, he had exchanged his khakis and tennis shoes for dresswear. Around his neck was a simple red tie, and he had pulled a dark blue sport coat over his shoulders, though it clearly hadn’t been perfectly tailored to fit his frame.

    Having taken a seat on the couch in the living room while he waited, he popped his head around when he heard her call for him, pushing himself to his feet. When he caught sight of her he blinked in open astonishment, “Wow. Don’t even really know what to say – you look beautiful of course but,” he paused briefly, “wow.” He glanced down at his watch before his gaze carried over to the door, “We have a bit of time but to be blunt, I’m god awful at directions and don’t really even know where this dance is being held. When will we need to leave?”
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