For the Love of Elements (C92 & Mae)

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  1. Youso Academy
    Teenagers gathered around, every where, all with special gifts with certain elements. Four students, one in each element, where paired with the students that would benefit them as a team. Most of the time the teams stayed together even in adult hood.

    Aquita and Era, a Water and Earth Elemental, where put to wait for the boys that would join them. Era wouldn't speak to the girl that wouldn't say two words to her. She hated being so quiet as she tapped her foot.
    Era wanted the boys to hurry, she could see the agitation on the other girl's face.
    Aquita already had an annoyed day. She ran into a fire elemental. As a water elementalist she never got along with Pyromancers. They annoyed every inch of her and the loud Earther was not helping.
  2. To be put into a group with others was something that Eric wasn't going to be happy about, but he was glad that Aisu was his wind group member. Aisu was a quiet man and didn't like talking for the most part. He would simply carry his scythe around and going into combat when he was needed, but often times he remained quiet. Eric on the other hand was a typical pyromancer, loud and acted like he was the hottest thing around, which he was. A powerful mage he was and he didn't really need to prove it to many people. When they arrived at the meeting spot though, Eric was going to but heads with the water mage easily and Aisu just remained quiet as he saw the earth mage who seemed to be as loud as Eric was. It was going to be an interesting group to be part of, or just a large headache which caused Aisu to sigh.
  3. Era heard steps, she stopped looking at Aquita, and looked to the boys. "Hi," she said, turning of her heels to face them. "I'm Era Craine." She said with a light wave. The Air Mage seemed silent, it sort of bothered her, the Pyro seemed to be loud. She was sort of wondering how those four got paired together.
    Aquita already stood straighter, when she heard the boys. She looked to the Air Mage and Fire Mage, they both seemed to be very different. She could tell the Earther and Pyro would get along. "I'm Aquita Bane," she said looking over the boys to study them. She too wondered how they got paired together. All of them seem different, she didn't think they had the same characteristics at all to be paired together.
  4. The two boys were met with introductions from the girls and they felt like that had to now introduce themselves. It was fine for Eric, but for Aisu is was going to be a little bit difficult since he wasn't much for words.

    "Eric Flamestricker is the name. Pyromancer is my game if you couldn't tell." Eric said with a huge grin on his face and then looked over at Aisu for him to speak. He looked as though he was trembling, but he got out his name which was good enough.

    "Aisu...and it's a pleasure to be your wind mage." He said softly and then went back to being his usual quiet self.
  5. Era rose a brow, leaning on her back foot. "You must be the silent type," she crossed her arms, her attention on Aisu. "I'm the Earth Mage," she explained, as if she needed to prove her self she moved the ground so she can sit on it. "It's nice to meet you," she said to both of the boys with a big smile.

    Aquita rose a brow to Era, who obviously didn't see how she was making the Air Mage uncomfortable. She sighed, now those three said what they where she didn't feel as if she had to point it out. "Nice to meet you." She said, looking the two over. "Any clue what we have to do, first?" She asked, tilting her head.
  6. "Words...rather useless for the most part..." Aisu said and then fell silent again. Most of the people he have ever run into weren't ones for really speaking to many words, but more like enjoying the talk with blades and magic. He looked over at Eric and then handed him a journal.

    "Alright everyone..." Eric said as he flipped over the journal and looked through the pages. "Aisu here managed to snag us several question for us to take on. The closet one is down by the lake not to far from here. There seems to be a creature of some sort out in the lake and it's causing trouble for all of the locals and anyone who goes near it. I think we need to fry us a fish." He said with a smile and then passed the book back to Aisu who then put it away.
  7. "Lake?" She tilted her head. "How big is this fish?" If it causes issues its most likely too big for a lake. That would make plenty of sense, big fish small lake.

    Era furrowed her brow, "I kind of like the fish frying idea. I am pretty hungry." She said with a shrug, gaining looks of annoyance. "I am." She shrugged.

    With a roll of her eyes Aquita started walking to the lake, her teammates beside her. She gave a light yawn.
  8. "Twenty miles long...ten miles wide...two miles deep...the creature is said to be far larger then that lake can maintain..." Aisu said as he tailed behind the group. He was one for calculating things in his head and retrieving data that most people would have a hassle for getting a hold of.

    "That's a far large lake, the beast must be rather large or can be on land as well..." Eric said and then moved on ahead to be up with Aquita. " kick it out of the lake and I can fry it for dinner." He said to her as he placed his hands behind his head and smiled.
  9. Aquita looked over at Eric, "Lets see if I can just move it to a place much larger." She said softly before looking to the group, "Where were you tested highest at?" She wondered.

    Era shrugged, "I wasn't paying attention." She said as she walked beside Aisu. She was looking over his weapon. "Do you clean that thing or not use it?" She asked.
  10. "Tested? The academy feels as though my skills are best shown off out on the battlefield, and after doing such they put me with Aisu. We seem to share certain traits in common, but I'm not sure which ones. Why do you ask?" Eric asked as he looked over at Aquita.

    Aisu looked at Era and answered very bluntly "It gets bloody each time I carve something to pieces so I must wash it carefully. I care for it like I care for savoring each kill on the battlefield or so my professor thought." He said and then gave a blank stare for a few seconds before looking back at Aquita and Eric.
  11. "They pair you up with the ones you match and benefit more with. There is something we all have in common, though I don't understand where at." Aquita informed, rubbing the back of her neck. "I don't like to fight, though, I assume you all are either good at it or like to."

    Era made a face at Aisu's answer, "I think rocks work pretty good," she chuckled before turning to Aquita. "You said you don't like to, but are you good at it?"

    "Fairly, but they won't pair us on only fighting skill." She pointed out.
  12. "Ya'll don't have to fight because my fires will take care of anything that will come at us!" Eric shouted as he looked back at everyone and gave them a rather large smile which was just a way of showing over confidence.

    "You always say that..." Aisu said as he looked at his partner.

    "Cause it's true! My skills can't be beat!" Eric shouted back and threw his hands in the air which then turned into fire.

    "And when they fail...I'll just make it rain crimson again..." Aisu said, sounding more cold then he meant to.
  13. Aquita sighed, she needed to stop being so grumpy, she was tired already. She listened to the boys and shook her head. "Well, I suppose we will see what our teamwork will be like." She said with a small smile.

    Era yawned, Eric and her seemed to have the same attitude but Aisu seemed her opposite and she didn't mean in element either. "I think the smell of blood is gross," she randomly added.
  14. "Aisu you're rather talkative today, what gives? Seems to me like you found someone to talk to, could you be liking our new partners?" Eric asked jokingly. Aisu looked at him and then at the girls. His face got a little red and then he turned away to look at something else. He was not quiet and had no real reason to want to keep talking unless it was needed. "That's that Aisu that I know." Eric added and then looked back at the girls. "Blood is only gross if you get it on yourself, luckily I can't do that and neither can Aisu."
  15. "I think the smell is gross," Era repeated, jumping up to hang on a tree limb. "How far did you say the lake was?" She asked standing on the tree limb to see if she can see it or not. Aquita pushed her dark hair back looking up at Era. "Don't get hurt."
    "I won't."
  16. "Just a little farther, if there was only two of us then Aisu would be able to get us their quickly. Sadly, there are four of us." Eric said and then looked back at Aisu. There was no remark this time. Aisu was his quiet, normal self that Eric has seen a thousand times before and that part that had grown on him. He did notice Aisu looking at Era, but he wasn't sure why.
  17. "I see it!" Era called, jumping out of the tree. "Just over into the village." She said smiling lightly. She then looked to the two, "Do you two know each other prior?"

    Aquita watched her jump down and looked around the area. "Looks like it will be fried fish, there is no way there is water around here big enough."
  18. "I like the sound of that!" Eric said with joy as Aquita confirmed it was going to be killing the fish as their objective. "My flames should roast it with no problem." He added and then ran off in a hurry to beat everyone else to the lake.

    "We've known each other for years...back when we first entered the academy." Aisu said with answering Era's questions. He then watched as Eric rushed off ahead of everyone and he let out a sigh from seeing that. Aisu rested his scythe on his shoulder and moved with the help of the wind to keep up with Eric for he knew he was going to do something stupid.
  19. Aquita sighed watching the boys run off, she went to say something to Era but she was already jumping tree to tree as she caught up with the boys. With a sigh Aquita ran to catch up.
    Aquita and Era didn't know each other prior to the team building. Era made friends with about everyone, even opposites like air, but Aquita actually didn't like a lot of people. As water people usually are they are calm and collected but in new situations show themselves to be rigid until settled.
  20. Eric reached the lake and he was all fired up to find this fish and burn it for a nice dinner. "Let's get this over with! I'm feeling a little hungry." He said as he raised his hands and ignited them.

    "I'll have to debone and gut it then..." Aisu said as he drew his scythe and readied it for battle. They could hear the thing swimming and it was getting closer.
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