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  1. It is nearly the end of a long bloody war between kingdoms. Terrible things have occurred within this conflict, many innocent people have been caught in the cross fire, becoming victims for reasons that have long been forgotten.

    But you aren't the winning team, you can see the enemies armies progressing over the horizon. Their war drums beating loudly with each step they take, you can see the black smoke rising up from the ashes of razed villages. You see their pikes carrying the heads of your people, some officials, others are just peasants that waved your kingdoms banner proudly.

    You know within a few days time, everything will be over. Your reign, your kingdom, your family, and the lives of your people that dwell within the castle walls. With a pit in your stomach, you plan the final preparations. You may lose your kingdom, you may lose the battle, but you'll be damned if you aren't going down without a fight.

    So the idea occurred to me after some chatting with my pals. I had the idea of an RP where everyone plays a role in a kingdom that is about to come under siege from enemy forces, and many of the players won't escape alive. There will be a King, Generals, Soldiers, and many many roles that the players can take to live out their last days among the kingdom of (player named).

    The idea is to tell the story of people being the cause, and being caught in between a bloody war where they won't win. Throughout the RP, the players will reveal why the war is happening and over why or what. Along with regular RP.

    So think Helms Deep but the motives aren't at the forefront, and it's more chaotic than Dwarf Fortress.

    TL;DR: You play a role in a Kingdom about to come under siege, you build the lore as everyone you love dies.
  2. Aha! Now that's intriguing. Definitely interested in this one, and keen to join this, when it's ready!
  3. Interested
  4. This will be posted under the fantasy section.
  5. Is there a possibility to play as a character from the winning/bad side?
Thread Status:
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