FOR THE HORDE: World Of Warcraft 1x1 M//F

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    Hello everyone I am a literate male role player who has been role playing for several years now, I am 24 years old just to let everyone know so you don't have to ask. I am into several things like video games, Animes and of course role playing. Now on to what I am looking for, a female role player. I like literate role players who can do anywhere from 2-4 paragraphs, loves casual role plays and is a good spell checker lol. Now below I have several role play ideas but I am open to any others that people may be craving, if you are interested please PM me. I just have a few rules below. Male roleplayers welcomed

    1. No One Liners
    2. Hetero Pairings Only.
    3. I casual post between 3-5 paragraphs so if you can meet me somewhere in there good.
    4.I like to keep my Roleplays in PMs, easier to manage.

    This search is of course for a World of Warcraft (WoW) one on one role play, I been playing for ages and know a lot of lore in the game, I would like some knowledge of lore but if you know the game and get the basics that is fine as well. I am a Horde guy and love playing Horde races but you can play whatever I am open to anything. Drop me a PM if you are interested in doing this, I am craving it so bad.

  2. I have sent you a PM, terribly sorry about not responding sooner. I am still very much so interested in this RP. :)
  3. Your okay lol
  4. Awesome, glad to hear that. :) I hate to disappoint people.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.