For The Empire - For the Next Empress of The Imperial Legion

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    Running through dusted trenches with his fellow brother's in arms, the Imperial Soldier navigates his way through the maze they had made on the front lines, to help them take cover from the steam powered flak hurdling towards his allies. Keeping his head down, he can hear the screams and whistles of gunfire from both lines, pushing rapid fire deep into the sand pits of this dust bowl of a planet. Looking up only for a moment, he could see the shiny bodies of the enemy moving along the trenches much like he was doing. What caused him to duck down was a lens flare from an enemy sniper striking his eye. That brought him back to reality, back away from the awe striking amazement at the battle between the two humanoid races. Screams from the wounded from both sides filled the ears of every man, woman and humanoid for that mater and forever haunted their dreams for nights to come. Keeping his cover, the Imperial Soldier kept moving along the trench line and continued his mission, taking covering fire by rising his gun above the sandbags while on transit. One of their bird's of pray swooped down between now-man's-land and took suppressing fire onto the front lines of the enemies army, taking out a good number before being shot down and crash land in the soldiers path from a beam of light from the heavens them selves. It burst into flames before his eyes, sending him back a few feet with a grinding thud that escaped his lungs. gaining his focus back, he looked up towards the sky and saw smooth ships unlike any he had ever seen. The model was far to large to be a Steam powered Frigate nor was a Imperial Flag ship long enough to hold it's own at it's size. His eyes wide open and mouth open in awe, he could see the new ship de-materialize and slowly turn into what would seem to be mist as a very far distance. Before long, the planet's surface was covered with drone fighter's, leaving one destructive explosion after another, taking their tole on both of their sides.
    Welcome to Omega-Prime, Home to a flourish of natural, and not so, life on four different planets. Each race given their own characteristics due to which planet they came from.

    The Vapora:
    A Steam punk like race of humanoids super human's with the technology of steam. Their brass armored bodies can withstand the fridge temperature of space but are susceptible to heat. These beings are more of the Pirates of space, stealing from the other two races for materials needed for their great warships and weaponry. Their natural colours are Brass-gold and Emerald-green.

    The Imperial Legion:
    Human based life forms who have formed an all power Empire over most of the Solar system. Their technology is mostly Imperial based, gunpowder rifles and fuel based gunships. From multiple generations of the human race being under the control of the Imperial Family, mostly focusing on technology and the development of arms, they are one of the most powerful races of the solar system. Their natural colours are Purple and Crimson-Red.

    The Tok-Ria:
    Humanoid type machines. They are a Cyborg race of humanoids who think of the Elder council of Omega-Prime as gods. Fallowing their order like a praise from the gods them selves, they would gladly give their life to serve the council. Their natural colour is Chrome

    The Council:
    Multiple races of powerful Psychics made from eon's of training and reproduction/selective breeding, weening out the other useless genes out of their blood lines. Unfortunately from crossbreeding, they have grown grottoes looking and dis-formed from what they originally looked. Their natural colours are Pearl and Silver.

    Character list:


    -1: Imperial Admiral/ Captain of the main Flagship.
    -1: Captain of the Pirate Steam-punk Frigate.
    -2: Second in command to both the Captain and Admiral.
    -(?): A good number for the crew for both ships.
    -(?): Soldiers for both Army's.
    -1: Mastermind Computer.
    -1: Cyborg soldier/ copies of the same one, making the army its self.
    -(?): For the Quadruped Council of the Solar System.
    -1(each): Engineers for both main battle ships.
    -1: Imperial Princess

    People can have more then one character IF they so chose more then one.
    Character Sheet -


    Time in Occupation:
    Brief Bio:

  2. Xpovo, You're going to play every soldier in the Tok-Ria now, you know that right?

    Or- just the individual role of being the one who kidnaps the Empress.
  3. kidnaps the empress XD
  4. did i use the wrong Empress?
  5. oh no I was saying I'd take the one who kidnaps the empress as compared to trying to rp for an enitre army