For the Confederacy! FOR DIXIE!

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Do YOU think the Confederate flag should be taken down? Not what the media says. what you say on it

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  3. I have no opinion

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  1. This stuff in South Carolina is bullshit. They should not take down that flag, because that flag is more than what the history books tells you it is. No, this is not about me trying to change your[​IMG] position on it, and no, this isnt me trying to get you to believe what I believe. This is about giving you the facts and trying to get you to not join the political band wagon the gets you to believe lies.

    1) The Confederate flag did NOT stand for slavery but yes it did fly over slavery. But what other flag flew over slavery, the US flag. Ya, thats right. It flew over it since it's humble beginning[​IMG] as a non-standards flag, where there was no set design for it. The Confederate flag stood for, pride, it stood for freedom. The South in general was not just for slavery. It was created because they did not believe in the way the goverment was being run, in an English Monarchy way. Which the founders of the US fought to get away from.

    2) Confederate does NOT mean slavery.
    The definition of Confederate is:

    1. joined[​IMG]by an agreement or treaty.
      "some local[​IMG] groups united to form confederate councils"
      {td}allied, in alliance, in league, cooperating, associated, united,combined,amalgamated
      "confederate councils"{/td}

    1. 1.
      a person one works with, especially in something secret or illegal; an accomplice.
      "where was his confederate, the girl who had stolen Richard's wallet?"
      {td}associate, partner, accomplice, helper, assistant, ally, collaborator,colleague
      "he was a confederate of the James brothers"{/td}
    2. 2.
      a supporter of the Confederate States of America[​IMG].

    • 1.
      bring (states or groups of people) into an alliance.
      "Switzerland is a model for the new confederated Europe"

      I'm going to save you from the rest.
  2. Why is this even news?
  3. Damn Confederates.
  4. Problem is, the Confederate flag stood over a state which had the goal of preserving slavery, whereas the US flag, like countless other states created long before its time, was one that just contained slavery. Even before the Civil War many Americans disliked the idea of slavery. It wasn't something it unanimously tried to defend.

    The Confederate flag symbolizes a state which was unwilling to accept change towards the reduction of racism in America, that's simply what it is.
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  5. Flying the Confederate flag is about as tactful as flying a Swastica or Hammer & Sickle. All represent oppressive regimes, including wonderful things like slavery, genocide, political imprisonment, systematic racial opppression, secret police, executions, religious prosecution and crushing and often fatal poverty.

    There's no beating around the bush, the Confederate flag is a symbol of a racially oppressive regime that treated an entire race of people like personal property without rights. The argument it's about Southern pride or being a rebel holds about as much water as a pasta strainer. Nobody looks at a swastika and sees a Buddhist peace symbol, they see six million dead Jews, gypsies, gays, communists, and slavs. Never underestimate how powerful a symbol is.
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  6. The Swastika was a symbol of power that many countries used in flags and banners, until one bad group used it to symbolize power like it was meant and that group was bad means the whole thing was bad. Same with the Confederate flag.

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  7. I'm assuming that's meant to remind individuals of the two sides that threw men at one another and who they lost, not to perpetuate racism. People putting a Confederate flag on the back of their truck aren't honoring fallen soldiers, I can guarantee you that.
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  8. I'm not going to say that all who carry the Confederate flag are racist.

    Having said that, the Confederate States were bad, and they created that flag to represent their ideology. This means that any other use for the flag is therefore misaimed.
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  9. You dont know what my truck looks like. *slowly takes flag off of truck* Some of us are because we were born into it

    My grandfather raced under that flag and I'm proud to wave it today
  10. Just butting in to say that it isn't only happening in South Carolina but a large portion of the south is now considering it and many stores are starting to remove clothing and other items that bear the flag. I'm from Tennessee where you see a lot of Confederate flag... well, everything. My opinion that it is tacky has not changed, but for it being removed, I have no opinion one way or another. I'm just sick of people flooding my Facebook Wall with "THE REAL NON-RACIST HISTORY OF THE CONFEDERATE FLAG" and "TAKE IT DOWN IT IS RACIST." /rantramblegrumble
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  11. Southern states wanted to secede, and that's where most slavery went on. North didn't like that. But the percentage of people who had slaves was ridiculously small and mostly limited to the rich. So, no, it was never entirely about preserving slavery. Let them hang the flag if they want, we've got no right to tell them not to.
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  12. Flag looks horrible, it's terribly designed. it's a 3/10 on the fashionable scale of Fashion.

    #Ban it.

    #trash it.

    #flush it.
  13. I'm afraid the symbol has been lost to its dark side. Happens a lot with symbols. Nothing to be done about it. If you want something that stands for that stuff that 60%-70% of the audience DON'T understand, you'll need to design a new symbol.

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  14. If a symbol has become a symbol of hate, you just gotta deal with it. Blah blah, swastikas, blah blah history, etc, etc. Other people already pointed out those points. O_O

    I mean, if Grumpy Cat ever became a symbol of the KKK and used across the world in hate crimes, we'd no longer get to enjoy our fuzzy buddy. D:

    You can't take it back now and make the flag represent all the good things. It is forever tainted now and you just have to move on.

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  15. Mein Grumpz

    Adolf Kittler


    The South will Mice Again


    Thus Spayed Zarathustra


    Joseph Hairballs

    The Luftwhisker

    Aaaaagh! *thrashes*
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  17. How do you know?

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  19. Oh good. I thought it was me and I started to panic because I had already deleted a similar virus months ago and it was a P-A-I-N.

    And to be on topic: Good point. :D
  20. Meowsolini.

    Oh god!
    Chairman Meow.
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