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  1. Picture this: in a world where magic is commonplace and dozens of fantastic races live in seclusion in the wilderness surrounding the human villages, one man dares to puzzle out the supernatural nature of his world with the one tool he knows best: science!

    As he grows increasingly bold, he captures a member of one of the aforementioned races and begins a series of experiments that border on torture, in order to determine all he can about this wonderful race. But the creature escapes as he begins to collect his data, and he must recover it in order to continue. And to do this, he decides to use his magic to disguise himself and infiltrate his subject's homeland in order to gain its group's trust and, eventually, recapture his specimen.

    I'm looking for someone to play the captive, and I'm thinking things will start at the time of capture. The above is just an idea of how things could play out after that, but if things go in a different direction, or if you have something else in mind, then hey, that's cool too! Post if you're interested. :3
  2. This sounds interesting.
  3. Yay! Did you have anything particular in mind that you wanted to change or add or whatever?
  4. I have found that I typically do romance better, though I can do whatever. I like starting with teh capture, it would give me time to work on my character.
  5. Cool, cool. :3 I already have a character in mind, so did you want to start the thread or shall I?
  6. You can go ahead. I am much more the follow and then maybe take lead later on.