For Rich or for Poor (CaptainFalchion x Essie)

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  1. An Arranged Marriage RP between CaptainFalchion and Essie. Please don't post to this thread unless you are either of us, but feel free to read as we progress!
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    Name: Preston Scott
    Age: 16
    Personality: Laid-back, kinda obnoxious at times, excitable, and very friendly.

    Preston walked through the hallways of school, trying to get to class without running into the popular crowd. {Don't really feel like a wedgie today} As he carried his backpack through the corridors, he passed by a girl about his age. {Her again...} He managed a weak smile as she approached.
  3. brunettes cherry blossom schoolgirl.jpg
    Name: Angela Chandler
    Age: 16
    Personality: careless, oblivious, unconfident, friendly with select people, secretly hopelessly romantic

    Angela and her best friends, Carol and Tessa were standing around in the hallway, chatting away about everything and nothing. As the three of the most popular girls in their class, they were used to boys looking their way all the time. Angela, who was leaning against her locker, stood up and looked at her friends. "I'm going to the bathroom. Care to come?" Her friends shook their heads no, since they didn't like the gross smell of the toilets, and Angela shrugged before walking off by herself.

    As she walked down the hall, she saw from the corner of her eye, a boy who looked vaguely familiar. She glanced over and saw... him. Silently sighing, she looked back straight ahead. She normally wasn't mean to anyone, but this was a totally different story. Can he just stop looking at me? she thought as she continued walking.

    ((What does your use of { } mean?))
  4. (({ } is how I say that my character is thinking to themselves. I use italics for emphasis when they're talking.))

    Preston turned his head and stared for a while, then turned it back and shook his head. {Man, I need to get it together. There's no way she'd even touch the same dirt as me.} He sighed, and walked off. An average high schooler would be walking with their friends and chatting it up, but Preston just strolled on to class, seeing as he had no friends here.
  5. ((Oh really? I'd think that talking would be " " and thoughts would be italics since that's how books are written))

    Angela rolled her eyes and went off into the bathroom to touch up her eyeliner. Her parents told her that his family was wealthy and rich and that his father was very successful. What the heck happened to the kid? He was just as bad as any other perverted boy in their school, turning his head as she walked by. Expected.

    She sighed as she put her makeup bag away and threw her backpack over one shoulder. Her parents arranged their marriage to keep their social status high. But that boy didn't look to be anywhere close to a high social status. Does he even have any friends? she wondered to herself as the exited the bathroom.

    Just then the bell rang. Angela hurried to meet up with Carol and Tessa for a quick second before rushing off to class. Sure, her family had money and power. But that didn't mean she didn't have to do well in school.
  6. (It is, but I don't italicize everything. Just when my character is putting stress on a word)

    Preston stood outside Angela's classroom, his head lowered ever so slightly so that he could say that he didn't mean to see her there. {Don't worry...} He tried to reassure himself. {I won't have to marry this girl if everything goes right...} When she showed up, he stepped out like he wasn't watching, 'accidentally' knocking her and himself to the ground.
  7. ((Ah I see))

    Angela rushed towards her classroom. People were clearing out of the hallway now. Gosh, why did her classroom have to be located at the edge of campus? She glance down at her watch wile picking up her pace. She should be able to make it in time..

    "Oof." She hit something, or someone, to be exact. She was just outside her class room but running into the person knocked them both down. She winced and looked up at the person, who was now straddling her to the ground. Wait, it was HIM. She turned her head to find that their upper bodies were just inside the classroom door, where they were visible to everyone. Sure enough, the classroom fell silent as each pair of eyes turned to the two.

    Realizing how inappropriate their position looked, Angela pushed him off her with all her strength before scrambling to get up. How embarrassing. Her face was a bright shade of pink as he stood up and brushed herself off. But apparently, she didn't react fast enough. The teacher walked over and sternly exclaimed that this was not the place for such action and pushed them out the door.
  8. Preston's face turned tomato red. "S-Sorry..." He muttered, and then took off down the hall. {Good, she has to hate me now. As long as she does, she'll argue the marriage. Hopefully she can do something.} He ran off to class, not looking back at the girl.

    After school, he was heading to the front of the school when three large hunks of meat blocked his way. "Where do you think you're going, nerd?" Tyler, Brady, and Brad... Preston's favourite.

    "Home." He mumbled, trying to push past them. His effort resulted in him getting dragged off down the hall by his waistband.
  9. Angela had to take notes from outside the classroom the rest of the period, for the teacher had punished her. Honestly, she was the one who ran into him. But she still felt angry at him and angry at how she had to get married to someone now even half as popular as her. But most importantly, she hated how she had to even get married at her age. They told her that sixteen was already old enough, but she was still as student, for heavens sake!

    After school, she was walking towards the parking lot by herself. Carol and Tessa both had after school activities so they didn't walk together. From her right she heard boys whistling at her like she was some sort of bird or something. She turned to find Tyler, Brady, and Brad, the three most annoying boys on campus, dragging none other an her fiancé doesn't he hall.

    She sighed and crossed her arms. "You know, if you want to show off your strength, you really should fight someone your own size. Dragging around a little weakly is not impressive at all."
  10. Preston couldn't help but grin ever so slightly. {She's thinks I'm pathetic. Score! Three points Preston!} The three bullies now turned on her. "You're pretty tall. I think we're close to even." Tyler grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her to the ground. "Nah, you look pretty short down there. Brady, think you could help her out?"
  11. Now that Angela was on the ground, a group of popular guys nearby saw an rushed over to help her up. Slowly, almost every boy in their class, and even some girls, walked over to protect the precious Angela. She smirked, knowing that she was the class gem and everyone loved her. The boys wanted to bang her and the girls wanted to be just like her.

    She quickly replaced her smirk with a look of innocence and hurt as one of the popular and buff boys, who was the swim team captain carefully help Angela up from the ground. There were roughly twenty people standing in front of her now, blocking her from the bullies.
  12. Preston turned and walked off, heading for home. {Well, she's good for one thing. Still doesn't mean I'll put up with this.} He walked a lonely and somber path home, all by himself.

    Home wasn't all that great, despite it being a mansion. Mostly because the front porch had permanent red stains in the wood, and because his parents were never home. His only friends were his personal attendants, (that's just a politically correct word for 'slaves'), and even they didn't like him that much.

    {Maybe if I do marry that chick, at least I won't be lonely.}
  13. It wasn't until a few hours after school, after she finished all her homework, that she saw her parents. They were always away doing whatever it was that rich parents did. In fact, seeing them at a time like this was enough of a delightful surprise. But her parents weren't in much mood or hugs or kisses. They sat her down on a couch. Apparently they had something very important to say.

    "Angela, we don't have much time, but we need to tell you something," her mother spoke with her soft and elegant voice. "We along with Preston's parents have desired for the both of you to a wealthier private school. You won't have school for the rest of the week, but you'll be starting afresh at a new school next week."

    "What?!" Angela was in disbelief. No wonder they came home. But they didn't even warn her. No early notice. "B-but why?" She looked to we father, who always gave her what she wanted, but her father looked away. "Mother, I don't want to!"

    Her mother spoke again. "We're sorry for the last minute notice, honey. But we already did the paperwork. You guys deserve to go to a well-mannered private school where you will be properly respected and where your early marriage will seem normal."
  14. Preston was just getting the news himself. "New school. With her." He just rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Fine." He got up and went to his room. {Maybe I'll have friends to help me annoy Angela. Even if I have to marry her, maybe she'll settle for divorce.}
  15. No matter how Angela tried to argue with her parents, their no meant no. Period. They reasoned that Preston was having a bad experience with school and was having a hard time making friends. What a stupid reason. Angela didn't care about him. Why did she even have to marry him? Not like he wanted to. Stupid social economic status. Why was that so important?

    Her parents rushed off to do whatever they had to do, leaving Angela on the main hall's couch, fuming with anger. Maybe she should go kill Preston. Then all her problems would be solved. She wouldn't have to get married to or sacrifice her friends and popularity for that idiot.
  16. Preston sat on his bed, lying on his back and staring at the ceiling. {Why do I have to marry her, of all people? Why not some shy, rich girl who doesn't care if she marries me or not? I mean, I get it, I'm a disgrace to the family name, being male and all. But why do I have to marry this girl? It makes no sense.}

    One of Preston's 'slaves' came into the room. This one, a maid named Rosa, actually cared about Preston, and treated him like her son when his parents wouldn't. "Hard day, love?" She asked, her British accent prominent. "Yah, I'm being moved to some private school with Angela." He grumbled. "I don't even like this girl. Why do I have to marry her anyways?"

    Rosa just smiled. "Because it's good for you, darling. You've never been close to a girl before. It's a good step as a man." "Yeah, but marrying her when I'm 16? It makes no sense." "Some things don't. I would just trust your parents to make the right choice." "They started making bad choices when they walked into the bedroom before having me." His voice was bitter and acidic.
  17. Now that she thought about it, Presten never seemed to like her either. That is, they never really paid attention to each other until the whole arranged marriage thing happened. In fact, she didn't even know of his high family status until then.

    She sighed and punched the couch. Was he even a worth spouse? He always let others beat him up, he was antisocial, which would be bad if he took over future businesses, and he didn't seem take his studies seriously, always being late to class and whatnot. Now she even had to switch her school just to Leo his reputation.

    "Why does it haw to be me?!" She exclaimed out loud to no one in particular. She spent the last year just trying to live as a normal high school student, someone for whom people liked asside from her money. Even her best friends didn't know about her family's status.
  18. Preston sighed. "I'm sorry, Rosa. I just really don't want to marry this chick." Rosa smiled warmly. "I know, dear. But sometimes we do what we must. Besides, maybe if you paid attention to this girl, you'd find that you actually like her."

    Preston just scoffed. "Like her? Please, Rosa. The girl hates me. She won't even acknowledge me at school, even when she's not flocked by her groupies."

    Rosa handed Preston some tea and bowed. "Just give her a chance." And then left him to fume. {Give her a chance... huh! I'll get her away from me yet.}
  19. The longer Angela stayed on that couch, staring up at the candle-lit chandelier, the more she hated her situation. She won't even have school for the rest of the week, and it was only Tuesday. Surely she would fall behind in her studies! On top of that, she finished all her homework so quickly for nothing.

    "Miss, where would you like your supper?" Oh right, it was already that time of the day, wasn't it. Angela turned to the butler and quickly stated, I'll be in the dining room in a moment, her voice dismissing him. She didn't know why she wanted some alone time, for it wasn't cheering her up whatsoever. But she just didn't want to do anything. She wanted to stay on that pearly white couch, not needing to move a muscle.
  20. Preston pulled out his cell phone, top of the line, of course. He opened up messenger and shot Angela a text. Hey. It's me. You heard? He threw his phone beside him and sipped the tea Rosa gave him. {No girl could replace her.}

    He pulled out a book and tried to read, but nothing excited him at the moment. He sat there and waited for Angela's glum and brief response.
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