For My RP, "Life As a Teenage Witch"

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  1. Hey Everybody! :)
    I need a few people to RP with me on my new RP "Life As A Teenage Witch"
    It is simply about two sisters who figure out they are witches. And when they find out their life completly changes! They face many challenges!
    If you want to know more details just message me. (:

  2. Sweet! ^-^
    Ok now that we have the big sister and the little sister we just need a few more people.
    *Character's Needed*
    * 2 friends (one for Miley and one for her sister)
    *2 guy friend/boyfriend ( I am pretty sure you know why :P)
    Hmmm... maybe I could also play Miley's friend now that I think about it lol. And I was thinking on the guy part maybe you could play Miley's guy friend (AKA Crush), and maybe I could make a guy character to be you guy friend/ boyfriend. What do you think? The friends and guy friend/boyfriend dont really play a big role.
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  3. Yeah that's fine. Btw, how old is my character? And I would like her name to be Jane.
  4. Well mine is 17 so maybe 15? :P
  5. Okay that sounds great! yay! I'm all happy now :D
  6. Haha this is great! So what will be the name of her friend?
  7. Well her friend can be Alexis, but the guy friend dude can be David. I can play Alexis and of course you play David. What will be the name of your character's friend and guy friend (Which I will play)
  8. Well the friends names will be Hope and the guy will be Justin.
  9. Okay sounds great! Would you like to begin?
  10. Yeah I already have the RP set up. Just let me start it out :P... btw I have to leave in like an hour or so... please dont get to far in the other RPS XD
  11. Awe! Sad face! :P but I won't get to far with Miley and Haiden okay?
  12. Thank you :P. I am not leaving right now though XD Btw what is the sisters name? XD
  13. Yay! You're like the coolest RPer I've ever written with btw :D
  14. Thanks! That means alot! :D You are cool too! btw what is the sister's name? XD
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  15. I picked Jane for me, but what did you pick again? (I fail at remembering stuff lol)
  16. Miley XD. I love that name :P
  17. It's a good name :) and it sounds good with the name Justin too, Good choice
  18. Thanks! Btw commented on the RP :P
  19. On Tiger's secret?