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  1. All of these are rough, still in the planning stages of development, but they are the stuff I'm most eager to try right now. They are all of course open for expansion, debate, criticism.
    - I'd like to play the submissive roles here. The dominant roles should be decidedly evil, (please) even if there is a greater complexity to them.
    - At least 2 paragraphs, and a post every 2-3 days would be nice. If something comes up then that's cool. I'll do you the same courtesy. I have no maximums, but keeping up with longer posts does take me longer, up to a week.
    - I am open to any gender pairing for these, even if there are implied genders in the description. It's all adaptable.

    And without further ado...

    - I Choose My Own Way to Burn: A ruling king or prince of a very oppressive government finally captures the leader of the resistance movement. Deciding that he will have a little bit of fun with this new prize, he tries to brainwash and torture the leader into becoming his puppet, denouncing the movement, and giving his support. I dont want it to be all smut, it's more about psychological brainwashing, but anything goes here

    - The Comfort Women: The Occupation has lasted for 70 years. There is a strong resistance movement, but they seem to be losing more members to execution every day. Often enough, the soldiers round up beautiful native women to "entertain" the soldiers and lift their morale. I want this to be a sci-fi story similar to ST: DS9 "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night." Though the players would be vastly different, the outline would besomewhat similar. Maybe one of the women taken is actually a resistance fighter. It could work between two of the comfort women or a comfort woman and an invader.

    - The Monster of Destiny X-45: This would be a plot similar to a sci-fi version of Hunchback of Notre Dame. Instead of the bell ringer of Notre Dame, our “Quasimodo” would be in charge of repairing and maintaining systems on a space station whose head would be our “Frollo.” No one knows he's there or what he does, but he watches the travelers and traders come and go through the security cameras from his room and office in the bowels of the station. Think sort of like Mr. Universe meets Quasimodo. I'm thinking a genetic discrimination environment for this, but we can work on it. I'd love to work with someone on this, and if it seems too one sided for a 1x1, we could work on that or frame it as post by story progression rather than controlling characters.

    - An Endless Buffet: YC is a creature that feeds on the lifeforce of others. Their lifeforces give him/her immense strength and other abilities up to your discretion. The only problem is that feeding on their lifeforce kills them. MC comes from a race of immortal beings. S/he is very powerful in her own right, but YC's power also drains MC's powers until she can “recharge” them with food and rest. There are also other ways to bind or lock a person's powers. YC captures MC, looking for a way to sustain her own power without having to kill quite so many people.
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