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  1. Lets just go with your girl being the mother then. Hmm...and I might steal your wolf girl picture for myself, but I will look and see if another one catches my eyes.

    I do not want to think too long that way we can think about out sheets, and such sooner. Hmm..
  2. "My queen don't you remember how strong he was when we fought him the first time? He almost overpowered us. I'm serious about taking care of him, but I don't think it has to e done right away, I mean we do have time. It's not like he is going to just burst into this city and then move on to break down the gates of Heaven." he says somewhat sarcastically. "He isn't powerful enough for me to have sensed him so as of what I know of him, seeing as I was there during his birth and mostly raised the first, he won't be remotely powerful enough to take on any of us. Diablo right now could probably only control the lower level demons." he got up and went to the fridge to look for wine. Aeleosir couldn't find any so he checked cabinets until he found a bottle and five glasses. He poured the wine into the glasses and served them, saving two for Diane and Anya.
  3. Can you delete the OOC post in the IC chat though?
  4. did you not enjoy Artyom's rad air guitar? :P
  5. Yes, absolutely, but I still have to come up with money, finish getting a passport, and then find residence plans / where to stay while there, so I dunno when I'll be able to make it unfortunately.
  6. "Sure, Anya and I spent a while there."
  7. So, currently at an amusement park. Will try to post.
  8. It will be fun times. ;D
  9. Hmm since your character has already pretty much left the main city, how about we make yours suddenly and as if a mysterious entity guides them through the process of gaining these abilities? ^.^ I'm glad it worked, I think it will only work on those who are members though.
  10. Like both possibilities but in the end I have to choose the former, since it would fit with his heritage. Thank you Michale and Gands.

    Edited: Maybe I could do something of a combination of the two. He casts blue fire and projects illusions through them, when not using his powers as a weapon.
  11. Kicked ass in physical therapy, got a start on a few of my goals and conquered some others.
  12. is discord down lol
  13. Or more Magic Guard users.
  14. As of this moment, none, mainly because I haven't seen any characters I could romantically ship her with. Yet. I've seen a few potential broships, but nothing romantic. I'm open to ideas
  15. I read all of The Merchant of Venice in about a day.

    I guess it depends on how fast you read?
  16. I read slow if it's Shakespeare
    But Merchant of Venice is actually super funny
  17. Hmm...I am thinking her boyfriend ran off when she revealed she was pregnant. So no husband, but there had been a guy.

    As for the Charmed one. I was thinking maybe Melinda Halliwell if we go with the powerful witch being a daughter of the charmed ones. I saw a fanfic or two about how she was jealous that her two older brothers were special, and she was just a normal witch/whitelighter. So she becomes dark, works with demons, etc. Though in our rp I am thinking she wont be dark....she was special after all with having a 'friend' watching her.

    Even on the show there were some episodes where the 'elders' or higher beings tried to make Melinda more special so that in the future she and her brothers could be a even more powerful 'Power of Three' than the Charmed ones. But the highers up backed out of that because not only could this cause someone to go dark, but while this was not mention to my could also cause a new evil to be born to balance out the more powerful version of the charmed ones.

    *rubs chin*

    I am also not sure why only those three were considered to be a powerful version of the power of three. Considering the other sisters had children. Would it not take 1 from each sister to make the power of three? Or did one of the three have to give birth to 'three' children for it to count.

    Did you want to play the witch or demon? I was originally leaning towards the demon, but thinking about it...whomever is the witch would have a easier time working with the 'npcs' around the house if the charmed ones and their husbands were around and such. Hmm...though it probably be best to just split the npcs. Hmm...maybe let you control all 3 charmed ones as background characters, and I will control the three husbands.
  18. Oh jeez. First like, legitimate competitive marching band performance tomorrow morning. I'll probably suck pretty bad. So yeah.

    Plus that means waking up like, seven hours earlier than I have been thanks to independent study's hours. Woo.
  19. "She'll know. She always knows."