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  1. Megan is confident that she has never or ever will be loved. she feels like everything she does is hopeless. she has a mother who has never showed any type of affection at all, her dad is never home, and her whole family in general never really talks to her. she feels unattractive and gets bullied a lot in school. not all is hopeless though for Megan...

    she finds a mysterious note in her locker from someone confessing their deepest desires for her to be all his and his alone. she doesn't know whether this is a prank or a joke either way she does not trust the note until she receives another one begging her to be his an to approach the locker 336.

    Megan has no idea what to do or how she is going to reason with herself if this is a joke? or love?

    no smut, no drug or alcohol, no flames

    (all per-characters must have charcter plot before signing up)

    thank you very much for joining :)
  2. Raven
    she draws sings loves playing chees and plays any intremint «pinoe flut harp ect...»
    she mostly a very depressing person she nevr had a friend before and would like one she kinda from the bad side of town and she lives alone with no family she also call the "Queen" but her full nicknam is 'the Queen of negatvel' shthinks so muh about death every time someone says somethin like a joke or just says something she will think its a a bad thing and will try to kill her self like fall off beulding get run over by something. her left eye is coverd with a pacth «P.S this is my most depessings Char i ever did and the things tht i do is not true in life i dont do anything like this its jut a char i though of this when I was reading a mess up manga» «sorry if there is spelling misstacks im using my kobo and if you dont know wh a kobo is then google it XD »
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  3. Michael is a shy boy but can do things that he regrets in a heart beat, He confesses his love alot but is normally turned down for the way he looks. He found himself quite good looking but to other people he must of been a freak, He was always cooped up in his room on the weekends and even on the weekdays they had off he wouldn't go out. He had no friends to really go out with, this kid Michael had a knack for wanting a girlfriend he always wanted someone he could maybe relate to and only hang out with. But it wouldn't happen in his wildest dreams.

    He was walking down the hallways his backpack slung over his shoulder, His black hair that reached to his shoulders rested on them and then flew off from his quick movement. His purple eye would scan everyone he walked by his hair covering his left eye. He wore a dress shirt with a tie that was kind of loose, His pants followed the same casual dress pant description. He reached a locker with the numbers 336 and began trying to open it, his face confused on what he was doing.
  4. Raven was te new kid at school so she just gother locker number and homeroom nuber e everything would be given at class. ereyone knew her as the Queen but th school they dont know why she was called the Queen. maybe its becaues she populer with her looks she did look nice some say beatiful her very long raven black hair and her dark es and amazing body. but no one knows tht realy she a very depressing preson and will think anying you say into something t asking you to kill her self but s ok sometimes s not all ways like tht its just that she walked downto her locker 335 that was next to 336 and saw the guy but didnt say anything when she got there
  5. Megan as usual had come into school with a very bleak outlook on her day. as always she looked to her only friend that did not bully her or say something rude to her which was her outdated Ipod classic. she walked through the halls very depressed an unhappy because she knew today was when she had gym class in which you have to dress down an she dreaded dressing down in front of other girls. she was afraid that as usual they would say harsh things that would be always like venom to her ears that she would always take as the truth.

    Gym class.....

    I walk ready to dress down an ready to critics to take there punch at her for the day. she watched carefully as the new girl raven passed by her gym locker. she eyed her with the utmost alert. she was wrong to be alert to her when her usual whipping girl was approaching. Candie Stromwell was approaching fast an ready to give her emotional beating of the day. in her perfect body that always made other girls worship her. she had long blonde hair and bright sky blue eyes an always had a reputation for getting what she wanted no matter what it was.

    "well well look at the heifer in gym class today come to lose some of that obese fat of yours. oh wait you cant because heifers don't need to lose weight because they go to the slaughter house!"

    as usual she just took her emotional whipping an walked away. when she walked home she heard the words Candie said over an over again. when she walked. when i was walking home i saw Micheal driving by and she tried to smile at him but he drove to fast for him to notice her
  6. Raven want to Gym and keeped her head held down. she notice didn't notcie anything she normale dont. then she bummped into a girl everyone called Candie Stromwell. but didn't say anything. she hade this dark ara around her think. what do i live for why am i here. when will i die? she walks to get change. there was battle scares on her back. her eye is coverd with her pacth she got from a fight when she was young she toke kongfu when she was younger and when she was less drppesaing. she knew she would never fit in she never did when she was little bullyed and now she was more drepsed and changed so much when she was little like her hair and her eyes there white noone new how that happend.
  7. the morning began as a very unhappy one. her mom was the one to wake her up. she was as always a total heart-filled critic about not only her weight but her sense of style an how she presented herself. she didn't make breakfast for her not now not ever. she being her mother was always the one to point out that her meals she ate were always so fating so she can just choose to be obese.

    she never really understood why her mom was so harsh. she walked to school as always watching the cool kids past by in there nice brand new mustang's an hummer's the only car she really liked seeing was that one kid Micheal's. it wasn't knew which made it so much cooler to her and it was her favorite type of car. a Chevy convertible it was bright blue her favorite color and it was a 1953. to her it was a good year for cars. she also saw the girl raven drive by in her mustang 2009 GTO convertible. it was nice which matched raven's personality anyways nice but dangerous.

    she also saw Candie's pink Cadillac drive by and splash her with water. "great she thought not only am i in ugly cloths but they are wet to." then she thought back to what was in her pocket when she got splashed. she feared the worst which was confirmed when she brought out her precious baby that she had for five years. the last thing her dad gave her before he died of was her outdated but still loved Ipod classic. it had gotten so soaked that now it was now never to be used ever again because of the damaged done do to the water Candie had splashed on her.

    she was very depressed when she got to school. until she opened her locker an found a bright blue envelope with black cursive writing on it addressed to her. she opened it up an it read

    Raven black with blood red attached to thy head
    skin pale as her ladyship the moon
    eyes bright as that as new spring
    green as new live grass
    lips roses they are true
    wears dark as though thy is a tiger protected by her stripes using them as a shield to hide your beauty
    i love you for everything

    i want you for you
    will you love me back
    meet me at locker 336
    love MJR

    i just rubbed this off as a practical joke from Candie or someone else but she had to admit she almost believed them for a minute there.
  8. Michael continued to drive, his eyes focused on the road he felt as if he adverted them he would crash. He drove into the parking lot and found his parking spot in the back so no one would pick his car out to key or to mess with. He got out and grabbed his backpack and rushed inside to his locker, He looked up at the number at again " 336 this is it i know it is... well atleast i remember the combination " He put the combination in and the locker flung open to his hands pulling it out. He smiled and said yes in his head. He placed some books in there and took some out, laughing a bit he closed the locker looking around hoping that he would of met her by now but maybe.. "she" didn't get the right idea from it. he waited a bit longer leaning against the locker as students passed by.
  9. i didn't know where the locker was nor did i care this was one big prank. she just knew it. no one was ever that nice to her she passed many people in the hallways on her way to English class an saw Micheal in front of his locker an passed him as well but couldn't help but notice the confused look on his face it didn't matter though she must get to class because she didn't intend on being late to the only class that let her express herself in an artistic way.
  10. He didn't see her so he went on his way to his class, walking into the class he set down his backpack and pulled out his books and notes books. Opening them up and writing down some notes the teacher had already placed on the board. He smiled on with a fake image but regretted that his first class of the day was math..math of all things that could of been put here. He chuckled and continued on with the class looking around.
  11. raven walked to her locker with depessed eyes everyonemoved ut of the way for her to get to her locker and saw the boy again waiting for someone. her patched eye was in a biffernyt color toda it was purple abd her hair wa purple too. she got to her lockerannd opendit grabbed her books then walked to class without closingher door she allway for got to . once she got to here class room wich was full f people playing chass shevsat in the back and played by her self
  12. she had spent all English class writing another note to this mysterious note writer a counter note.
    it simply read

    i dont know if this is a prank or not but if it is i am not falling for it!
    if you are true to your feelings then prove it but if your not then stop writing to me.

    it was short an sweet and when she scanned all the lockers for locker 336 she slid the note inside.then she walkedto her least favorite class gym.
  13. Raven walks to gym class and went to the changeing room. she hated gym she hoped it died and gets shot one day. she change into her gym clothingband was puting on her sgym socks and sighd
  14. megan felt as though she had been gipped an she was glad for the note she wrote so she could get on with her life until another note came the next day
  15. Murasaki was usually very bubbly and full of energy, she was smart aswell. She had long black hair to her chest and a height of 5"7. She liked to try new things and wasn't afraid to to state her own opinion or get in somebody's face. She grew up in a decent family but not to the point where she was spoiled. She didn't drive just yet because she was kind of nervous and she only lived a few blocks down. She's 16 but definetly doesn't act like it. She wasn't perticularily popular but rather independant most of the time.

    She looked around the gym class at all of her new classmates. To cool down on her studies she decided to move some of her classes, which were gym mat and history. She waved to some of the people she knew, but they were more like acquaintances. She headed to the girls changing room and spotted a few depressing characters. She decided to approach one of them. She tapped Raven's shoulder and waved and smiled as she turned around

    "Hi" she said cheerfully.
  16. Raven felt the tap on the shoulder and looked back to see her "...." she didnt say hi back or anything. she got up and tied her shoue then left to the gym. It was wrealing to day she was good at ping people down she got pind alot but she pind mybe 5 guy her own hight. as she though she heard the teatch call her and she walked up to him. he wanted her to pin his best man in class. She made this guys look weak in the wealing matchs qlot when they were in the chaponsships. s gets suted up and gose t the middle the guy comes with a smirk on his face. In the first match she lat him pin her she wanted to she his stranth then in the scorned and threed want by in 3 sec after she un suites and sits will everyone looks at her shocked
  17. She was surprised that she ignored her, it rarely happended though. She changed her clothes quickly and went to the gym they had wrestling and clearly that girl was good at it too. She even beat some really huge guy. Even some of the other girls were shocked. Murasaki was good at some sports but definetly not wrestling. She the girl sitting over at the bench resting up. She decided to try and approach her again.

    "You did really good that game, I was impressed. Congrats" she said sitting next to the girl.
  18. Eli
    Eli was a loner, and he liked it that way. He has some friend but he usually perfers to be alone. He has jet black hair and sort of emo-like, steel colored eyes, and certainly has many mysterious features. He is one of the tallest students in this school. Eli walkes to the gym, he was wearing his favorite leather jacket and black jean. He crossed his arms, leans back against the wall and watches.
  19. she looks at her but still didnt say anything but she did nod her thnks. she slid to the side so she didnt have anyone talking to her anymore she hates talking. Raven notice someone coming in the loner like her they sit down together sometimes but never talk they have this slincet understaning. she nods to him the tjes her up again for the next fight this time a bigger guy use the same take tick on him as well and wins she was geting tired of this
  20. Eli gives her a slight nod then watched her take down the big guy. He smirks. He does some kind of fighting sport as well but not exactly what she does. He only fights if he absolutly needs to.