for M.'s/rp!!!

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Is it problem if I reply late?

  1. Yes,It's >:(

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  2. No,I'm okay with that ^-^

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  1. (hi to the person thats..reading..this?..Yea,yea, the worst rp'er is back!(just kidding) ^-^I was checking rp's and I saw people with '25-30' replies...I got jealous,really.So,'person',I hope someone will rp with me but first you have to know that I may not answer very fast.No-ipad rule on house/no-phone more family time rule(eww!)/and exams(T-T only god knows what Im dealing with)So don't get angry if I don't reply very fast.Ok? ^-^)

    Just a teenage,right?Hehe,no.Sky is a criminal that doesn't-gives-a-fuck to other peoples lifes.She can kill everyone she wants.Really.She is a good runner with perfect guns.She can even kill her family(she already did) for money.Police calls her 'demon' ,because she kills people and disappeares without any hint.Also she can kill anyone with one shot.With her red-demon eyes,she can shot at every thing-everyone.It's so easy for her.
    Oh but,only thing she cares for is her guns.Its like her weakness and power.


    (instagram:raelrp only to rp,oh and rules are on there too.Read them please~hehe,bye!)
  2. I would like to do the rp
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