For hearth and home. (Warhammer 40K roleplay time!)

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  1. Cadia is under the grips of chaos, more than half the planet lay in flames and the thousands of the imperial task force lay around and upon the world, fighting desperately at the gates. So much of the focus was placed on this one simple world, the bulkhead of mankind, and so much was left to defend themselves. Planets, populations, people treated as expendable. PDF forces left to defend their worlds with whatever meager provisions were granted them, whole cities falling to despair and turning to the ruinous powers for help instead of the holy Emperor of Terra.

    This is a story of one of these planets, forgotten in the sake of the greater Imperium...

    Our planet is one of agriculture, providing approximately six percent of the food for the entire military force of the Segmentum Obscuris, twenty four percent for the Gothic sector, and nearly seventy five percent of the stable food product for the Orar sub-sector. Our world isn't vitally important in the short term, food and men are pouring in from across the Imperium and the needs of stopping the foe stand above the need to protect one agriworld for a subsector when forges, mines, and hives are under assault. An agri-world can be retaken, a forge cannot. Those few soldiers stationed to this world are members of the Cadian 752nd mechanized infantry, suited to the wide plains of the world. The planetary defense force is comprised of volunteers, many of whom have lost their farms or their jobs on the sole source of any wealth upon the planet. Equipped with old issue Cadian arms they are moderately well equipped for a PDF, though to the Cadian detachment has made many complaints to the planetary lord Marcius Lionen and to the sector lords to no true avail. So many had grown complacent, seeing the PDF as an arm of the Arbites instead of the sole defenders of this subtly vital world... training is low... the 752nd trying to instill some discipline and combat ability on the men and women of the guard to little avail. Most use the PDF as a place for a meal and a bed with very little asked in return.

    It is due to this ignorance that led to the planet's fall. Splinters from the black crusade punched deep into the Segmentum Obscuris, many larger fleets attacking the initially vital worlds of munitions and factories. One went to Pisca, our humble world. The curse was the first thing to hit, unbelief. The Ordo Sepulturum having recognized this unholy ailment to only affect those with weak belief in the God-Emperor. The cities of our world fell apart, people rotting from within but not truly dying. Those who feared their oncoming death turning to the dark gods. Whole fields were burned, darkening the skies with ash and dust, shadowing those who still believed from the oncoming storm...


    ==== Suffer not the cursed to walk our earth

    You are a person on this planet, one of the few to not succumb to the curse, to the machinations of chaos, or the anarchy to arise. Be you a humble farmer, managing an old laslock taken from your mantle, a PDF trooper who had actually headed the stoic Cadian's warnings, or one of the 752nd... you now fight to survive and to defend your world against your brothers, turned or half dead, only waiting in hopes of a liberation which may take months or years to arrive, secretly knowing where cults and plague come the larger forces of chaos soon follow... will you defend your home? Your land? What is left of your own life? Can you even?

    ((Okay, so I will say some of you may die. I will discuss with people if I need to but I encourage you to be willing to make a second character and I will give you virtual cookies if you are willing to die! After all this is the grim darkness of the far future and we are armed with not much but cardboard armour and flashlights.))

    Our world: [​IMG]

    The large planet is the giant of L'iore, a world of little value whose atmosphere consists mainly of nitrogen with a dense heavy metal core. The gravity of it makes it nearly impossible to extract fissionable materials from it and it comes within gravitational distance of Pisca every two hundred years. During those times the crops are often killed and smaller animals have been known to float, however this lasts but a few weeks and only during the central peak are these issues brought into being. L'iore is a drop in the bucket and is scheduled to make another pass in ten years. The moon is known as Kivian, a small monastic base and an off world storage facility for the grain produce and meats made on the planet below, a single orbital elevator goes up to low orbit to transfer the materials to the moon by large cargo ships.

    Cultural notes: Pisca is a planet of both Cadian descent and the remnants of the original inhabitants who came from the northern plains of Europa. As such much of the population is of a pseudo germanic populace though off worlder's sometimes settle here, guard officers who prove themselves are given a small plot of land often times as reward if they don't stay.

    Character sheets:
    Appearance: (Either a picture or a headshot is fine, I'd rather not have 'modern' apparel and the like due to the setting.)
    Training: (You have to have some skill in something, bonus points for not being a Mary Sue or Marty Sue.)
    Weapons: (Self explanatory, no? If you say you have a bolter you'd better have a damn good reason! Old issue las rifles, las-locks for the hunters or hard projectile weapons are most common. Melee weapons are a relative toss up but if you pull a power weapon you'd better have a really damn good reason for such a relic!)
    History: (Just brief, what you did before the Curse and the Crusade. Who you lost...)

    Any questions please ask! I really hope this kicks off!
  2. Name: Corporal Harcus Konowahl

    Age: 23

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Training: Driver for the 752nd, standard Cadian training as well as a specialization in mobile fighting.

    Weapons: Mark V bullpup lascarbine, effectively the smallest weapon one could make while retaining much of the same firepower of a standard las, made specifically for vehicle operators and close city fighting. Combat knife with 752 stamped into the sides. 'Cerberus' pattern autopistol, called such due to it's three round fire rate. Flak armour with thin sub plates of plasteel sewn into the jacket beneath to prevent injury from spall inside of a vehicle.

    History: Born in Kasr Halock Harcus was put through the standard conscription procedures. While he didn't score awfully well for his ability with the las rifle he proved his ability for maneuvering a Chimera transport as well as a near pregcognitorial sense of what was around a corner and how to address it he became one of the many drivers of his five hundred man regiment. Has a small penchant for breaking the normal stoic nature of his brethren he has had his share of disciplinary actions taken against him. When the plague hit his platoon was ambushed by the rising cults, having taken the defense point he and his men were sent to fortify they were met with what hydra batteries were kept in functioning order, ripping into his unit's transports and destroying the armour of their chimeras. Only Harcus survived, using the dozer blade equipped to the for his his vehicle to help soak and deflect the rounds while 'consolidating' to the rear. In all he still lost four of his mates where rounds had liquefied them within the relative safety of the transport. His 'baby' the chimera named "Iced Fury" didn't make it, only lasting long enough to get his men far enough away before it's engine caught fire, forcing them to abandon. The vox was lost to an impact from the heavy cannon, the men retreating into a small village to wait and try and get a small vox in the town's meeting house to contact what was left of the 752nd. What they found was horrifying, the PDF was fighting amongst itself and those who had fallen to chaos turned their weapons upon the Cadians sent to defend them.

    Weakness: Horrible shot unless up close, reckless driving, and noted distaste for the PDF forces.
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