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  1. Hello! To all the friends that I have yet to make, I am Yokura! I am here to offer a bit of variety in portraying those characters that you all hold so near and dear to your heart.

    What I offer: Portrait/Full body sketches, lineart, full color, and optional background

    Availability It is first come first serve. So... if you see something you like, please pick it up!

    Normal Commission

    Completed Commissions
    [Lineart] - Silvir​

    Lineup My deviantArt is Yokura, so feel free to browse my gallery for some more examples. I am doing my best to keep adding to it.

    Sketches - Portrait - 5$
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    Sketches - Full Body - 10$
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Lineart - 20$
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Full Color - 50$
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    Adding a background - 5$ and up
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    General Information Tools
    Bamboo Tablet
    Paint Tool SAI
    Mechanical Pencil/Eraser
    Strathmore Sketchpad

    What are you willing to draw?
    Female humanoid characters. Wings, animal ears/tails, and robot parts are some examples of fantasy humanoid additions.
    Nudity and mild sexual themes are fine too.

    What do you not draw?
    Graphic sexual scenes

    What do I need to provide before you can start the commission?
    If I accept your commission, I need a detailed description of what it is you want to be drawn. If you have reference pictures those are great! The more detail, the better. I will also need payment before starting on a commission. Please see the payment section on how to pay.

    How do I commission you?
    To ask for a commission, post in this thread or personal message me. I will let you know within a week at most if I am able to accept your commission. From there, we will be communicating through personal messages.

    How long will my commission take?
    Sketches: 4 days
    Lineart: 1 week
    Full Color: 2 weeks
    Additional characters: An extra half of the original time.
    i.e. Two-character sketch will take 6 days (4 for original, 2 for extra character), Three-character Full Color will take 4 weeks (2 for original, 1 week each for the other two characters).

    Do I get updates on where my commission is at?
    Of course! I will present you the sketch, lineart, then fully colored. Well... I guess I can't give you in-between steps if you order a sketch since that's the first and only step. I tiered my commissions so that the types of updates and previews you will be getting are consistent and expected.

    Terms You:
    allowed to edit the file as much as you want.
    Are allowed to showcase it in your gallery with credits to me.
    Are allowed to use it wherever you wish for non-commercial use.
    Are allowed to use the commission for commercial use if and only if you bought the license from me to do so for that commission.
    Are not required to credit me every time you use it.
    Are not allowed to claim you drew it.

    Will post the commission to my gallery for display purposes unless requested otherwise.
    Will post your name in commission unless otherwise requested.
    Will let you know if there is a delay and refund you if for some reason I cannot complete your commission.
    Will not sell your commission in any way (Prints, edits, etc).
    Will not claim I made your character.

    Payment Payment
    Via Paypal/credit card: Half of the payment before I begin commission, and the second half after I present you the final preview. Then I will give you the hi-resolution PNG copy. PSD is available upon request.
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  2. Updated Commission slots.
    Finished Silvir's lineart commmission:

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