For Crown and Glory



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It is 1043 and the seeds for war have unintentionally been sown.

In Sundaril, the King has been killed in a jousting accident. The matter surrounding his succession is uncertain and has caused the kingdom to fall into turmoil. A nation is torn in two; some support the child from his earlier marriage, a girl declared illegitimate from his first marriage to a Princess of Liston. Other members of the court favor the son and daughter conceived from his second marriage to a Princess of Anhuinox. As three candidates fight a battle for the throne, their country may very well be left to pick up the pieces.

Meanwhile, in Liston, Queen Alys Greystone-Howard rules through her husband while raising her firstborn son to succeed her throne. However, the boy is half Sundrili—a product of her first marriage to the now deceased King of Sundaril; the Queen’s husband believes they may have little choice but to cast the boy aside. However, obstinate is the Howard nature and the Queen will not give in easily. The question remains: will she have her way, or will a secret heir claim the crown that was stolen from him so cruelly in infancy?