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    True Name: Her Royal Highness Evelynne Natalia Ambrose, Princess of Thiandra
    Nickname: Eve
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Profession: Princess of Thiandra
    Hometown: St. Augustine, Capital City of Thiandra
    Marital Status: Betrothed
    Sexual Orientation: Straight


    Voice: Smooth, Musical
    Eyes: Sapphire Blue
    Complexion: Fair
    Height: 5'2"
    Build: Petite, Fit
    Hair: Brunette
    Scars: None
    Tattoos: None


    Demeanor: Regal, Elegant, Compassionate
    Hopes: To best serve her people and kingdom, To find love
    Fears: Failing her people and kingdom, Water
    Likes: Books, Being amongst the people, Mountains
    Dislikes: Politics, Arrogant Males, Being trapped




    Evelynne was born to Queen Ana and King Roderick of Thiandra who already had a boy, Isaiah, who was two at the time of her birth. It had been a time of war. A long going feud war with the dragon kingdom. Two years later, a restless peace treaty was formed. Part of this treaty? As a show of good faith and peace amongst the two kingdoms, Evelynne was to marry one of the two dragon princes when she became of age. It was now a little over sixteen years later, and Evelynne was to be sent to the dragon's kingdom to ultimately marry the younger of the two brothers.
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    Name: Prince Arikizo (Ari) Zalian Riyuga
    Age: Looks 20, actually around 200
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dragon
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    About: Arikizo was born to the dragon king and queen during the early years of the war against humankind. From a young age, he had interacted with several humans, servants taken as slaves from the conquests of the feud. His familiarity toward mortals was seriously frowned upon by his parents. He learned the hard way of the brevity and frailty of human lives when he fell for a young maiden who worked for the royalty, and she was subsequently killed off per his parents wishes. From then on, he'd cut himself off from all humans, hoping to prove himself to his parents that he is worthy of being called a prince. When the war ended, his efforts were rewarded instead by an engagement to the human princess.
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