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  1. The breeder was running very very low on his mares, they only tended to be able to birth three children before he had to put them down, useless for him after that. He just killed one of his girls so he needed to replace her. He was a strong man with a good eye, he needed a girl who could last him a few foals. He needed her today
  2. She'd been abandoned, thrown out for being too small. She was a runt, but she knew how to pull her weight. She'd started out as a breeding mare, but none of the males would take to her, so the Master had thrown her out, leaving her in the middle of nowhere to fend for herself. She'd found a barn and taken up for the night, curling up in the hay.
  3. He had bought two mares, and he stopped at a barn with them that night, they went to the stalls and thats when he saw her, curled in the corner. Small, petite, and beautiful
  4. She was deeply asleep, cold and shivering but she knew there was nothing to do about it. She felt so alone in the dark, not knowing where she would go. There were few who accepted her kind freely. She was in danger as long as she was alone. Juliet was her name, as far as she was concerned although Master only called her the Little One. She hated being called that because it picked out her flaws instead of giving her a chance.
  5. He goes over to her and runs a hand down her small rump, " hey little filly, did you get out of your stables?" He assumes she is still a child do to her small stature. " Come on it is cold over here... lets get you in the straw"
  6. When she felt the hand she bolted awake, her wide eyes blinking as the strange man called her a filly, his large hand on her rump. It was warm and she was shaking a bit, but she shook her head gently and muttered, her voice soft.

    "Not a filly."
  7. He sighs and goes and finds a blanket putting it around her human half, " alright. But tomorrow I am taking you back to your stable mare"
  8. She touched the blanket, holding it around her and she shook her head, her voice coming out broken, hurt and soft. It did hurt that she wasn't wanted, especially when it was her job to be wanted.

    "He's the one that left me here... None of his males would mate with me so he brought me here and left me to die."
  9. He looks at the shivering things and sighs, " you are handsome for sch a little thing.... you will come home with me tomorrow then. I will give you to my worker. He always wanted his own horse. He can decide what to do with you"
  10. She blushes her eyes wide and she refrains from acting too excited, knowing that some breeders dislike mares that are too rowdy. She utters a gracious 'thank you' then curls up on the hay furthest from the males. She didn't want to intrude.
  11. He nods and goes to rest. In the morning he wakes up and rounds everyone up hooking her with the other mares, they would arrive at his stable in a few short hours. " Gavin come down her I have a present for you" A young man with sand y blonde hair in wavy curls comes down the stairs, " what is it" he takes her out by a chain and smiles, " little mare for you"
  12. She obeyed and acted as good as she could, scared of being left again. When she was led to the stables, she shifted her weight on her hooves, looking around with bright blue eyes and smiling a bit. She was excited, obviously, but she had no idea what was in store for her. When the young man came down the stairs she looked to him and smiled, looking extra pretty for him. He was a handsome young man and apparently her new master, so she made a silent vow that she would obey every word he said.
  13. He look at her and smiles, she was so pretty. " Aw! Thankyou master... come here little filly, do you have a name darling?" he is excited, he always wanted one of his own
  14. She trotted over to him, bowing in respect before answering his question.

    "My name is Juliet, Master."

    She was raised to call all of her owners Master, it showed the upmost respect.
  15. He smiles and nods, he gently scratches behind her ears... " well you are a pretty thing. How old are you Juliet?" He takes her rope and leads her to a small one stall stable
  16. Juliet blushed and smiled warmly as he stroked her behind her ears. He was so kind to her.

    "In human years, I am 19, Master."
  17. He nods, " a lot older then you look filly. This is your home now. I will get you anything you require. What do you want to do with yourself? Breeder? Runner? Child's ride?"
  18. Juliet blushed as he asked if she wanted to be a child's ride and she winced a bit. She knew a man who'd been a child's ride. He'd gotten an ear bitten off. She shook her head, eyes wide at that and bit her lip for a moment.

    "I was a breeder. I'd like to be a breeder."
  19. He nods and kisses her cheek, " I will see what I can find for you then. You are only ever allowed to bring three babes into this life... after that you will become lame and no one wants that"
  20. Juliet nodded, her eyes falling to lock on the earth beneath her hooves and she felt the heartache again. She'd never know love, she'd never die of old age, she'd be shot- murdered because she was useless. Such was the life of an animal. She was property, not her own.
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