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  1. He smiled and patted her head. "Go cozy up with mommy."
  2. ...and I realized I forgot to bring my breakfast with me to work.

    Next to forgetting my phone, that's the worst thing I could forget to bring.
  3. And Minerva/Paladin/whatever, did you have a change of clothes after sitting on that guy/gal's lunch? I also suffer from food accidents, though they're always self inflicted on my part (coffee is always suspect).
  4. Unfortunately for some... if they don't think about negative things, they wouldn't think of anything at all?
  5. You did fine! :)
  6. "It's nothing."
  7. "Not really but sometimes having company is better than none." Kunari said with a lonely smile, "Besides, I can see the world with his eyes."
  8. This pretty much sums up how i feel living in North Central Minnesota right now

  9. "And other?"
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  10. "What about them?"
  11. i fucking hate you
  12. Man I need to get into rp.....
  13. All I can really recommend at this time that's not the hotel is The Day of Sagittarius.

    We have some planned events but not for a few weeks.
  14. "I doubt anyone would want to keep his body if they saw what is in his labs."
  15. [​IMG]
    When the humans were driven from Sol'davur, there was an unintentional split as a band of survivors had been separated from Thallas. They were forced into the harsh Northern Mountains as they were tracked by orcs to eventually be slaughtered. It was there they encountered human natives, much to their confusion. They had been living in the Northern Mountain for centuries and taught the survivors of Sol'davur how to thrive in the colder climate and higher altitude. No one knows how those humans ended up in the Northern Mountains, but without them the others would have surely died. They were able to push back the orcs well enough for them to retreat.

    For the most part, the natives kept to themselves offering aid only if necessary. Baladur was eventually established as a kingdom with Northal as its capital. Most of the First Era was spent in civil conflicts or even wars in attempts to force the natives under their power. Slavery became common, often comprising of both natives and Baladuri. Slaves were made to work in many of the mines to provide the primary source of trade. Thallas attempted to force the King to abolish slavery or be forced out of the Allied Kingdoms, but due to threats of war it was never acted upon. It wasn't until the Second Era under a new king that Baladur left the natives alone.

    Further into the Second Era, most of the Baladuri and natives were pushed out of the lands by the mechanical army. There were some who managed to stay behind, but due to the hostilities they remained hidden within the mountains to eventually dwindle in numbers and die out.
  16. Hey guys! How are things going? I feel sorry, because from my point of view I kinda abandoned you. I've just had a lot of business going on, and I've not had much time for Iwaku. Forgive me, guys?
  17. i'm killed
  18. It depends on how lazy I feel when I start watching an anime. XD If I know it's not going to be one I'm going to pay attention to 100% (like I may draw while listening) then I'll watch dubbed. But if it's one I'm genuinely interested in I'll watch subbed.

    And if i start it out as subbed/dubbed I CANNOT switch between the two. I have to have consistent voices because otherwise I'm here like, "THAT'S AN IMPOSTOR! THEY'RE NOT THE REAL *insert character name here*!"