For Antrho and normal drawers

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Ike Sapphire

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Hello Natani *St.Nataniolis for christmas and former Ike1694, really I try to stray from changing my name too much but I find better names every time.*

Well My thread deals with Anthro drawers and Normal Drawers and/or/also Mixed.

Let me begin with how this thread will work, well as you all know by now that I myself have become an Anthro Drawer a furry in other sorts yes *Anthro is shorten from the word Anthropomorphic drawer I will give you a link to the definition if you want to look at all*. Well if you have a drawing at all like example in the past I showed you some of my artwork that I drew well so that no one else is lonely you can show your drawings too in this thread.

If you would please use the spoiler form it makes less of a mess for a thread please. If you don't know how this is what you do.
and then spoiler in brackets like the begging but with this in front of the word spoiler a /. I'm pretty sure though that all of you know this because my brother showed me how to do it earlier I caught on quick too. Well anyway back to the subject heh.

Well that's all folks if you just want to read my summary go ahead it will be in a spoiler form though right here ---->
Summary post any of your pictures, scanned or photo shot I don't care but please if you want to use a photo make sure that it isn't blurry because no one will be able to see it. Also have fun and no going off the subject to much like I do, I know I do it anyway but please you should get it enough from me *woof*. Thank you very much people.

Well here is my Anthro drawing

and here is the link to the Anthropomorphic Definition

Well so that way I don't have to edit this the dictionary dot com didn't have the definiton but here is what it is

Anthropomorphic: Gives an animal human characteristics like emotions, to stand on two legs, talk like a human all of that. Also NO FLAMMING IN MY THREAD I WILL RIP YOUR LUNGS OUT AND FEED THEM TO YOU! *woof*
try and rip my lungs out.
i fuckin' dare you 8)

also, expect some sort of anti twilight image at somepoint in the future.

poss. anti twilight AND anti furry, praps just anti twitard, but you get the picture.
...But.... WMD.... Furries are so cuddly!
i rather awkwardly sit on the fence when it comes to furries, and let me tell you, the fencposts are sharp and sitting on em doesnt tickle.
I sit on a razorwired electric fence covered at regular intervals with Guard Towers containing a machine gun squad armed with an M-240G machine gun and a laser designator for Apache gunship airstrikes.

Did I mention the landmines on both sides?

You just can't let me win.

*Pushes him off his fence and onto the minefield and walks away to draw more sexy-time kitsune pictures*
*Natani walks over and hits both of them with a iron bar* *donk, donk*

You have better be working on your drawings you two!

Well if you aren't then atleast post them up when you're done!

If you are done then post them!

*walks away with a smile =)*

*Eats the bar*
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*turns back with a very nasty grin on my face*

That was poisoned just try to get it out that poison will instantly kill you it even got into your wounds.

*Runs off into the shadows*


...Therfore, your attack was useless.
So uh... Can we only post animal-human hybrid pictures? Because I don't draw that kinda stuff :P
Well my title says Anthro and Normal so yeah you can post any pictures that you drew.
hawt punk chick.....awesome.

perhaps i shall psot some of the oldies.
That's a Japanese guy. Damn Face always draw girly looking Japanese guys. SHE WANTS TO CONFUSE US DAMNIT!
How did you mistake my drawing for a girl?! xD Miyavi doesn't look -that- girly (in that picture).

I could see if you mistook this one for a girl though:


THAT'S RIGHT JINX. My links are usually a trap. One day I'll get Jinx to say 'that chick is hot' and it will be a man. *cackles*
Well here is another on of my Twokinds picture and it is of a human. Well I didn't say that I would draw all Furry pictures now did I, but it is from twokinds.

Personaly don't like this Grand Templar Trace because this is when he still has his bad memories and he is mean to all them Kiedran that probaby didn't do it in the first place

*I think it was one of the other Templars the may have killed his wife*