For All You Wonderful Kitsune Out There...

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  1. Yep yep, here!
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  2. Foxes.

    Like dogs, but not nearly as cool or reliable.
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  3. Pretty sure Foxxie is a cat person.
  4. Or like ferrets, but not nearly as sociable and adorable. I say this without any bias, of course. :ferret:
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  5. Whoa whoa! No need to go putting down Kitsune! We are keen and intelligent creatures thank you very much. Dogs, especially domestic dogs, are loyal servants in need of masters to obey. We are independent and proud. ^_^
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  6. Aw, you're right.

    Fox pelts make way nicer coats than dogs too.

    How could I forget!?
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  7. So, uh, if you don't mind me asking...

    What is a Kitsune? I mean, I know of the Japanese mythological creature, but why do you identify yourselves as Kitsune?
  8. The neko invasion has arrived
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  9. Well, truly Kitsune are creatures that have always captured my attention.

    "Kitsune is an animal supposed to be mysterious, fascinating, and mischevious. And he is believed to be very grateful for the kindness done to him, as seen in many tales, and is also affectionate as revealed in some dramas. He is enshrined as a god because of his supernatural power. He is endowed with the subtle art of metamorphosis, and he is able to bewitch men in the guise of a charming girl. An exceedingly interesting and entertaining beast Kitsune is."

    Kitsune are mischievous shapeshifters who enjoy capturing the desires of mortals of mortals. Thus, I identify as one, for that is what I see myself as. I enjoy being flirtatious and I have always been fond of Foxes. If I could ever change my physical body in any way, to appear as a Kitsune with a long fluffy tail and large fox ears would be amazing in my eyes. I identify with them not only because I feel I have a lot in common with the mythological creatures, but because I'd love to be one myself.
  10. @Kitsune Should be here, unless I missed a post from them <.< I mean, they fit the bill!
  11. Agree!! Thanks for mentioning them! That is why I made the thread! :)
  12. Oh god, I remember going through this huge neko phase a few years ago, mostly because of a friend. Eventually I kinda just stopped, though, not entirely sure why. I would still sort of consider myself a neko, but I don't really express it any.
  13. Foxes pretty much take the best from Canines and add in some Feline elements. Pretty much the greatest species ever cause they are portrayed as cunning and creative rather than strong or heroic.

    Although really, I'm biased. The person is history who I am obsessed with is known as "The Desert Fox."

    Now, I happen to really dislike the whole neko thing, but I must say that foxes are like, awesome.
  14. Awesome to see so many people- but please note something, guys. There is no Debate note by the title. Please don't cause a ruckus. No need to mention pelts or say what's better. Make a thread of your own if you need to.
  15. Thanks Hydronine. Just wanted to see how many Kitsune members were here on Iwaku. Not trying to say we're the best or worst or should be killed or idolized. Just, wanting to meet one another is all.
  16. Oh! You mean bear food.
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  17. Hey, at least it hasn't turned into a foxes pooping thing yet.

    That is a thing. I've seen the galleries. Thousands upon thousands of images..

    Never again.

    Also, relevance.
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  18. Oh, you mean those lazy animals that genreally do nothing but eat bugs and plants all day because most prey is too quick for them to even chase after? Most bears eat salmon and such from rivers. Why? Because they can stand still and catch fish. Yes, they are big and powerful, but their diet doesn't consist much meat outside of that. If they say a fox, they generally wouldn't chase after it.

    Good try though!

  19. So

    Guess that's what the fox says
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