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How many of you have songs for certain characters? Songs that, when they play, you're like "Hey! That's ____!" and then it's stuck like that. Usually forever. >_> ;; Even after you stop playing that character. And what are those songs? Post the character name, if they're active, something short about them, and the song with artist!

Or maybe you have songs that remind you of a game in particular? Or even other people characters? Let's see them! I can't be the only one!
I haven't really brought my role-play characters over to Iwaku yet, but I'm one of those who finds the songs. This'll be amusing.

Ara'vaelyn :: An elven priestess with a maternal spirit and gentle nature. She's a calming influence to those who know her, though she has a martyr complex that drives her human master/husband up the wall. Her song is - Tibet (A Passage To).

Temis :: An elven huntress. The older of the set of triplets which also includes Ara'vaelyn and Limai. Temis' heart is a wounded thing that has turned her against the world, making her care for little more than herself, her companions, and her daughter. She is xenophobic to an extreme, though her heart has been caught by an outsider. Her instability and inner torment is best captured in Grendel - One Eight Zero (Life Cried Remix)

Ry'lien :: Ara's eldest daughter, a corrupt elven druid slowly losing herself to the Nightmare within her. She's wild and free, and loyal to those she loves. Eluveitie - Brictom works for her, though I can't explain why.

Kas'viri :: Ara's youngest daughter. Her father is human, and she has been made to adapt in her own way to the prejudices that her heritage has brought down on her by being mixed blood. She is quite spoiled, highly intelligent, and incredibly beautiful, but the beauty is tainted by the cold heart that she shows to all those who anger her. An incredibly sadistic and dominant woman, there's nothing she won't do to get what she wants. Most see her as chaotic evil; she's actually neutral good. Within Temptation - Faster fits her.

Sonnet Howard :: A young woman with a double life. She's quiet and reserved at school and among others, but once she puts the mask of her band on and is around her close friends, she turns into a completely separate person. Enter Delain - Go Away

Sonnet Halford :: Not wanting to live a life as just a breeder for some man her mother happened to find, this independant young woman takes her deceased father's weapons and runs, ending up amidst a war. She has unanswered questions about her past and small resentment towards the mother who would never just let her live the way she wanted. Crossfade - So Far Away

I'm stopping before I flood this. Ahem. >.>
Jeez, just wait until Diana sees this. She has playlists for characters.
*Has more character playlists than she would like to admit.* >_>

Prestadeth: This One Realm. Slightly disgruntled, very racist Forest Elf.

Silversun Pickups- Panic Switch

Metric-Monster Hospital

Feral: Iwaku: Dark Reign. Unhinged catgirl who means well. Technically Asmo’s character, but he’s not getting her back.

Miike Snow- Animal

Bjork- Venus as a Boy

Sting and The Police- So Lonely

Tegan: Iwaku: Dark Reign. She’s not evil, just chaotic neutral.

Stars- Take me to the riot

Elbow- Audience with the Pope

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads Will Roll

Metris LaCroix: Pilgrim’s Reach. A map disguised as a girl.

Matt and Kim- Daylight

Patrick Wolf- Magic Position

Ginger Ninja- Sunshine

Arcadia: Hesperos. Quirky bioengineered pilot.

Ramona Falls-I Say Fever

Erykah Badu- Healer

Nneka- Heartbeat
Oh dear god, this is going to take me a while.