For all you lost souls...

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  1. Hey people!
    I'm Shallora (aka Shell) lovely to met you all. I've done role playing just about as many times as I've been to Mars. (Which is never, I don't leave for Mars till next week ;D ) Any who, I do love writing and have a whole folder of characters I've come up with but haven't put in a story yet. But as I understand it RP will give me a chance to let my characters do something other than sit and cry for a story of their own :P. Sooo I'm up for any RP you guys wanna do just know I'm a noob but I'm sure with a good teacher this lowly apprentice will go far! :) *sob* Thank you so much! *sniffle*

    Ta Ta,
    Shell :P

    BTW if you haven't already noticed the thread name means nothing at all :P hehe
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum. I hope to see your creativity flourish here.
  3. Funny, cause I totally AM a lost soul!

    Welcome, Shell. I'm October nice to meet you.
  4. Welcome shell. I hope you have fun here and maybe I'll see you on the threads as you progress from "newbie" to an ardent roleplayer.

    Have Fun!
  5. Heyo! Welcome! Hope to see you around!