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  1. Hey guys I am currently looking for someone to play as Sonic The Hedgehog or Scrouge The Hedgehog for these current plots.

    Plot 1: Scrouge is now king but his girlfriend left him for Tails The Fox, which was okay since they were just a fling anyway...but then he senses someone new in his territory and goes out to investigate.
    As he finds the beautiful hedgehog before him he develops a crush on her and her hard-to-get additude.
    Never feeling a crush for anyone before, he captures her and imprisions her thinking that she did something to him (like poison him) and at first demands the antidote then realizes that he actually has a thing for they spend some time together his love for her grows stronger and he asks her to marry him but the hedgehog refuses and escapes....years later he destroys worlds finding her only to find that she has a child that was his!!

    Plot 2: Sonic had everything! Friends and the power of speed but then he meets a new citizen of Möbius, a gorgeous white hedgehog...he falls head over heels for her after seeing her maybe one time...but then she spins dissapears and he spends weeks finding her only to find out that she's a criminal! A thief!
    As he struggles to try and hold down these deep passionate feelings he has for her, he ends up not being able to sleep or eat unless he sees her one more time to confess his love to her and try to make her join the good side.

    Plot 3: King Sonic always had some sort of duty to fufill with no time to fight or excercise...but then a not so uncommon thief gets too close to his crown which no thief was ever able to do before!
    When the thief gets away, Sonic is angry that he couldn't figure out who he was and goes on an all out spree to find them!
    When the king does find him one night trying to steal the crown again he captures her and pulls his hood over his head only to reveal that she was a female hedgehog!! And a beautiful one at that! He quickly develops feelings for her and wants her to be his...but he's only allowed to marry royalty...

    Please message me if you want to do any of these plots thank you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.