For a Beautiful Tomorrow

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  1. A loud crack of broke the otherwise serene silence of the plains as hand met brick, the former seamlessly cutting through the latter as if it was not even there, obliterating the resilient material in a split second. Flesh and bone sliced through much harder stuff without missing its mark by as much as a millimetre. If one observed the strike closely, they could note that the technique was absolutely perfect in its execution, but more experienced eyes could see the brute force behind it too. This was not a punch meant to shatter something as simple as a wall. No, it was meant to break through layer upon layer of reinforced steel or tear through even the most hardened of defenses.

    Another crack signalled four bricks yielding to the might of a single movement, but this time, the executioner flinched despite the fact that her hand cut through them as usual. This strike actually hurt, she noted in surprise as she looked at her dusty, sweat-covered palm. That was strange. It usually did not hurt when she destroyed things, so she noted that she must have went overboard, another reminder of her own physical limitations despite her inherently tough frame. It showed that she was just as vulnerable as her peers in some areas, which brought a small smile to her face, representing the tiny light at the end of that certain tunnel that all humanity focused on so desperately.

    The young woman patted her hands down then wiped them in her dirty, white trousers before she reached towards her shoulder-length, chestnut brown hair to clear it out of her shallow, yellow eyes that betrayed no emotion, then she took a deep breath to disippate the pain building in her hand. Her gaze surveyed the land as she calmed the reactions of her body, taking in the scenery that no one could see anymore: The high mountains in the distance, the large, green plain and the blue skies littered with clouds; all a reminder of the old humanity that had passed on a long time ago. It was always a breath-taking sight, no matter how many times she had seen it, because it contrasted so sharply against the world today.

    But before she could immerse herself in the sight, the image shattered, only to be replaced by harsh letters that she knew all too well.

    She could not even log out of the simulation herself, because the program had already torn apart her carefully constructed program and her vision was filled with a lifeless, metal plate that had sealed her dreamscape capsule. Irritated at the sudden interruption, the woman willed her cage to open, then she swung her fist at the air in an attempt to chase some unseen enemy away before she sighed and stepped out, wearing nothing but a nightgown that covered her strong, trained form. The cloth was quickly stripped away, then replaced with tough-looking, dark clothes composed of a long-sleeved shirt, a pair of trousers, gloves, comfortable walking shoes and a dog-tag that secured itself tight around her neck.

    The next moment, codename Kallistrate was out the door and walking at a brisk pace towards her destination. The built-in microcomputer of her dogtag chimed into her ear to ask her if she wanted directions, but she just dismissed it as she had already been at her destination dozens of times. Instead, she ordered the thing to get as much information about the enemy as possible before she and the rest of the soldiers had to actually engage them. Anything, even the most trivial piece of intelligence that she recieved could drastically change the course of the battle at some point. Her efforts were rewarded with a dreadful report that told her of an attack which swept away most of the early warning systems before it was even detected.

    This was going to be a tough one.

    Kallistrate sucked on her teeth in frustration as the door opened before her and she stepped into the centre of the spherical room, holding her arms to her sides so that the complicated machinery could do its work. The system immediately recognised her, which caused many mechanical arms to descend at once, then they started the assembly process in an impressive display of coordination. First, Kallistrate was covered by a thin wiremesh that would serve as the foundation of her armoured suit, then she was carefully lifted by her waist. Her legs were encased in armour plates, but instead of boots, her shins along with her feet were swallowed by two metal spikes laced with stange, circular indentures that housed a myriad of small devices.

    Small boxes were then attached to microhooks on the outside of the thighs, a small light that faced towards the woman coming online as their electricity supply connected. Next came a pair of gloves that reached up to Kallistrate's elbows with many tiny contact points woven into their fabric, which were only visible because of the way light played on them. After this came a long, segmented, skeletal attachment which hugged the spinal cord then spread out to both arms until they met the gloves and the armour plate which covered the woman's hips. This was followed by a metallic, high-collar jacket that covered only just as much area as the skeleton did. The edges of this jacket automatically attached themselves to the material nearby, forming a cohesive armour around the fragile human body to protect it from any harm.

    Finally, a pair of huge, mechanical fists descended from above. Black, bulky, brutal and not looking the slightiest bit delicate with their thick, even-length fingers, they were almost as large as Kallistrate herself. It was clear that they weighed dozens of kilograms at least and that not even the well-built, powerful woman could lift them easily, but she accepted them without complaint as they attached to her forearms, then locked their connections with her gloves with a quiet click, thus marking the death of the individual and the birth of a weapon. From now on, until she was back from the battlefield, she was nothing more than a combat unit who would do her best to gain back the advantage they had lost.

    A massive amount of electricity suddenly flowed into the suit of Kallistrate, which prompted the mechanical arms to release her lest the rest of the machines get damaged, but instead of plummeting down, the woman continued to float in one place with a small smirk on her face. She always liked this small, momentary feeling of freedom as she tapped into her magic to supply her combat suit directly, then it started to float at her command. It made her feel powerful. It made her feel in control of her own situation, but the feeling did not last for long as the spherical chamber sensed her readiness and lit up with massive amounts of quantum power for a split second.

    The next second, Kallistrate was gone, travelling at a speed that would land her on the battlefield the fraction of an eye-blink. Or so she thought.

    * * * *
    As soon as her sight returned, Kallistrate found herself facing a room filled with surprised people, some of whom were armed and some of whom were sitting behind what she vaguely recognised as computers. Blinking at the surprise that she had been teleported here instead of the wasteland she expected, it only took so much for the soldier to immediately level her gauntlets at the people in front of her, the barrel of a machinegun revealing itself from between two fingers of her enormous gauntlets.

    "Don't you dare to move!" she shouted, her voice clear and authorative as she surveyed her surroundings. Where the hell was she? How did the coordinates go wrong? The technology used to teleport her had been invented and tested thoroughly years ago, so it could not have malfunctioned like this! In the face of such a surprise, it was hard not to show any emotions, but Kallistrate tried to keep her face as harsh as possible while aiming her weapons at the armed guards as she did not recognise the rifles in their hands. She had many questions that she wished to be answered, but those could wait until she got rid of those unknown weapons.​
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  2. The battle field was covered in blood, fire, flesh. Luna had been fighting for four hours straight, even her body needed a rest. She found herself sitting, her sword laying across her lap, her chest breathing deeply to take in as much oxygen as possible. She looked up, night would be coming soon, she knew she had to win the battle before then. Thus there wasn't much time for rest, she had to get up. She had to keep fighting. She gripped the handle of her sword in her right hand as she turned herself over, laying flat in the dirt as she crawled up the trench, her eyes scanning to see anyone that was nearby.

    She noticed a mage, a powerful one at that who was sending spell after spell of destruction magic, killing clusters of her troops at once. He was the one who had to be slain, he had to perish in order for their victory to happen. However, she was going to have to put everything she had into running at him, at cutting him down. If she didn't do it swiftly, it was clear to her that she would perish. She conjured her lightning within, her body starting to glow with her intense energy. I am lightning. I am one with the storm. I will strike true and swift to destroy my foe. I am lightning. She thought to her self as her body was now surging with electricity, arcs of lightning trailing around her as she pushed herself out of the trench.

    She dashed out of the hole towards the mage, her sword in both hands at her side as she sprinted, running at incredible speed, a trail of her energy flowing behind her. The mage however noticed her, sending a blot of flame at her. Luna was able to dodge out of the way, closing the distance between her and the mage. Two more steps, then he's within striking distance. I will end him now!!! It was then however that the mage cast a different spell, a massive portal opening up. She tried to stop herself, skidding in the dirt as she pressed all her weight into stopping, but the portal was also pulling her in, and within moments, she was consumed. The mage called out and said, "Be gone, leader of Edith! Your people will perish now with your absence!!!" Luna couldn't help but cry out, but her scream could not be heard as the portal took her to another time, another place.

    * * * *
    Luna rose up from the floor, the white marble (Or so she thought even though it was tile) flooring cold on her body. She looked around, everything around her was white, and it was making her head ache. A woman in white was holding some sort of paper, it looked strange, alien, but she could identify the woman looked human. She noticed Luna however, and her eyes went wide and called, "Guards!! She is awake!! Guards!!" It was then that three men rushed into the room, holding metal objects that Luna couldn't even begin to describe, but they were pointed at her, and that was enough to put her on edge.

    The lady walked in between the guards and said, "Hello, you're Luna, yes? We have much to discuss my dear. You see, using a bit of our technology, we were actually able to snag you from whatever worm hole you were in, and bring you to our time. We actually need you Luna, there is a lot going on, and we need someone like you to help us. However, lets not get to far into that. I-" Luna cut her off and said, "You MUST send me back!! I need to help my people! There is a war raging right now and they are being slain!! I must go back and try to save them!!" The other woman shook her head and said, "At this time, we cannot. However, we are trying to develop a way to do just that, but we need time. We can send you back before the battle even starts if my theory is correct. Wouldn't you want a chance to alter the history of the battle? Do things that were never done before it even happens? Isn't that appealing?" Luna was silent for a long time, barely able to even think how that was possible. They must have had magic that she couldn't really understand. She then nodded and said, "Yes, alright, you have my allegiance, how can I help, miss?" The lady said, "Call me Dr. Moore. Come, there is someone I need you to meet."

    With that, Dr. Moore took Luna to a meeting area that had quite a few guard. She looked down on the computer monitor, seeing Kallistrate holding up her weapons clearly a bit panicked. She pressed a button on the desk and spoke into a microphone, "Kallistrate, can you hear me? I need you to put your weapons down. I have the answers that you need, but I need you to calm down and take a deep breath. No one here wants to hurt you, those people pointing guns at you, they are only doing so out of self protection. Please, lower your weapons and head to your right through a pair of doors. There, a pair of armed guards will escort you to me. They are armed for their own safety, as much as to protect you." Dr. Moore watched the screen, then turned and asked Luna, "Do you like tea?" Luna nodded and said, "Yes Ma'am, I do." Dr. Moore smiled and said, "Good. Then lets get some tea for our guest, shall we?" She turned to the guard, and he quickly vanished to fetch some team. Luna couldn't help but think, How did she know I enjoyed tea? I need to be on my guard.. She put her hand on the hilt of her sheathed sword, waiting to see what was to happen next. ​
  3. Put her weapons down? But of course. That was naturally the first thing that she was going to do when she was faced with people unknown to her, when she had been suddenly yanked right from the middle of the battle she was supposed to be supporting her team-mates in against their enemies. These people clearly had ill intent towards her because they had timed their intervention precisely when the base was in danger from falling to an unexpected attack. What was more, they were expecting her to stay calm when they had guns pointed at her! No, Kallistrate was not going to have any one that, so she took in her surroundings to analyse her situation and find a way to contact headquarters again, then tell them that there was yet another party out for their lives.

    The guards, as advanced as their weapons might be, did not have any form of protection that Kallistrate recognised, so they might not fall to a salvo of her machine-guns or rapid-fire lasers, however, why did they look so nervous if that was the case? Not wanting to waste too much of her time dealing with the men, she swept her gaze across the countless computers along with what looked like incredibly delicate equipment, the sight of which made her smile. Clearly, the people running this operation did not know much about her capabilities or they chose to ignore it for some reason. Perhaps they thought that she would be obedient to them and believe their nonsense, but Kallistrate knew better than to trust some strange faction that seemed to be working against her.

    "I've got another offer for you!" Kallistrate looked up at the source of the voice, but she still kept her weapons trained on the guards. Half her attention was still on them of course, not that it showed. She wanted to lure her enemies into a false sense of superiority, then take them by surprise when she smashed them in the face with her gauntlets.
    "How about you let me go and I'll not cook everyone and everything in this room?" Kallistrate was smiling wide as if she knew that she had absolute superiority over her opponents while she was already forming escape plans and other ways to deal with the problem at hand. "I'm not sure what sort of trick you pulled, but you aren't going to get my cooperation easily. So just give it up or I'll destroy everything that you see, maybe blowing up your entire facility in the process."

    Her body tensed for action, Kallistrate wondered what the next step of these people would be. Will they try to talk her down, or just rush her in hopes of overwhelming her? Well, the latter was out of question. Even if they did manage to somehow capture her, she knew a surefire way to get herself out of the claws of any enemy, no matter how persistent they might be. Though the thought was grim, the possibility was most certainly there and for a soldier like herself, it was something that always hovered over her like the sword of Damocles.
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