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  1. Julia was overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of autumn filling the large campus of Westside School for Girls. The treetops had changed from a lively green, to fiery shades of red, orange, yellow, and even brown. The air was filled with animated banter from students new and old about the school year ahead. As much as she would enjoy partaking in the conversations, she couldn't shake off the nightmares about the place, mainly involving the brutal death of a girl. Julia could still remember the look of pain and anger in her eyes, like a fire burning within her soul. Julia felt uneasy, but she just shook it off as the stress of transferring schools.

    After gaining the approved uniform, her room key, and her student ID, she headed off to her dorm. The dorm rooms seemed like something out of a Charles Dickens novel, elegantly furnished, large windows that spill light, glorious chandeliers, and candles on the walls with glass bulbs. She was unpacking in her dorm when she saw another girl in uniform with pink pigtails on the bed. "I guess you're new like me?" She asked. Sign Ups
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    Charlie had arrived at Westside School for Girls at the earliest time possible. She wanted to avoid all of the other students. Not because she was anti-social and hated people, or anything, but because she knew that she wouldn't be able to get anything done with a bunch of people blocking her way while chatting with their friend, who they probably seen before school started, but act like they didn't. Her parents thought that she was super eager to go to school, and she didn't try to correct them. Whatever they thought was fine with her. As long as it got her to school as early as possible. Which it did.

    Upon her arrival, she immediately gathered the things that she needed, ignoring the receptionist look of surprise at seeing someone there so early. With a smile and a 'thank you', the pink-haired girl headed towards the dorms, following the arrows that were guiding her. It was probably something that was for all of the new kids, which she thought was nice. God knows that she has no sense of direction whatsoever. The walk wasn't a long one, and Charlie eyed her new school as she travelled to the dorms. When she reached it, she was in awe at how beautiful it was. Her eyes shone as she slowly came upon her own room, opening the door and observing it. It was better than any room she ever stayed in.

    She only let herself gawk for so long before she set to unpack all of the luggage that she brought with her, which was not that much. She figured that she could always just buy clothes if she wanted to. Most of the things that she brought was for entertainment. Books that she didn't started reading yet, posters to look at when she was bored, stuffed animals to cuddle and "talk" to. She hummed softly as she began to put clothes in the drawers on her side of the room, place stuffed animals on her bed, and stack her books on top of her drawers. It didn't take long to finish, surprising her. Now that she was free, Charlie chose one of her many books and let herself flop on her new bed, sighing at the comfy mattress. She cracked open her book and let herself become immersed.

    Charlie was so immersed that she completely lost track of time and her surroundings. It was only when she heard a voice that she blinked owlishly and glanced up from her book, which she was more than half way done with. Her gaze landed on the other girl in the room, who was unpacking just like she was earlier. When did she get here? God, did I zone out again? Shaking her head, a smile graced her features as she bookmarked her place and closed her book, getting into a sitting position.

    "That would be correct! I'm Charlotte, but I really prefer Charlie," she introduced herself cheerfully. "What's your name?" She asked as she watched her roommate unpack.

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  3. "Julia Fields" Julia greeted calmly. A strand of her blue hair fell into her face, in which she had brushed off. She was used to hair falling on her face. Julia noticed Charlie's luggage of posters displaying movie stars, bestsellers from Barnes and Nobles, and plushies of popular video game characters. Her baggage was less than normal for someone like Charile. Crystals, incense, blessed candles, and other materials to aid in her psychic abilities. She glanced at the poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the one decorated wall of the dorm. "Do you think the Force could actually exist?" Julia asked.

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  4. Emma Weaver

    Being one of the many wandering spirits around the Westside school for girls wasn't always the easiest thing to do, not the most entertaining roles either... Emma Weaver was quite understandably bored, like she usually was, wandering around, looking for an ideal opportunity to interact with the other students, maybe just a harmless prank? Or the simply trick of moving an object from one place to another, and hanging around to see just how others might react to it? Maybe she should venture into the student dorms, since there were quite a few new arrivals today? Yeah, that seemed like a good idea, but she figured she would wait until most of the students were asleep... It was better to do her thing and disappear before too much attention was drawn to her existence.

    For the time being though, she was content with prodding at a lone petal on a flower, sitting in a flowervase on an empty desk. Classes for the moment, were out over there, so she was able to do this just fine, without anyone noticing her, but it seemed that this particular desk had been un-occupied for quite some time. From what she could gather, the student that used to sit here had up and vanished one day, and there were even rumors about this very desk being haunted... She couldn't help but smile to herself a little; she might just be the only one who truly knew that these rumors were quite true, to say the least.​
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  5. "-A psychic, more then a few ghosts...Oh deary me. What an unusual class. Thank you Jasper. You may go."

    The rat twitched its whiskers and turned to head out, before pausing at the corner of the desk and looking hopeful. A squeak emerged from its mouth and a Raven perched on a candlewax dribbled skull perked up her head. In a coarse, cockney accent she spoke.

    "'E says that while cheese is traditional, that 'e prefers fresh fruit an' maybe sometin' fer the teeth. Everyone's doing the bugger-all 'ealthy diet nowadays."

    There was a clink of a tea spoon stirring and then put to the side, the hot tea wafting from her mug with the caption 'You don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps!' emblazoned on it. At some point, she had used permanent marker to cross out 'don't' and 'but it helps'. Currently besides tea, there was also a slice of lemon in it as she sipped daintily and stared at the rat. An imposing figure at the best of times, there was a distinct Poppins-like air about her. Though she had sworn that the day she caught herself dancing on the rooftops with Chimney sweeps, she'd beat herself to death with her own umbrella. Her eyes were a startling blue, but seemed to change color with every shift of mood. Currently, they seemed pleasant enough though as she nodded to the rat.

    "Fair enough. I'll see about wrangling two apples for you and your family. My regards to them as well."

    The rat twitched his nose courteously and was gone. Down on the floor, the quiet snoozing of a black dog(for anyone who didn't know anything about Jackals) filled the combination office/quarters as the woman sipped her tea. She had finally gotten her office the way she wanted and it made her comfortable. Her desk was neat and held a tarnished silver nameplate proclaiming her name as 'Alanna Van Castle.' Books, without titles and thick crammed in the bookshelf behind her, but what was most strange....Well, besides the skull on her desk was the sheer number of artifacts in the room. Death masks from Africa, Houdoun dolls hanging by strings, fluttering papers with Chinese symbols on the walls and in place of honor, an entire wolf pelt on which was painted a story in the style of the Native Americans. A gift, at some point in her career. By her desk, an umbrella stand with a poker for her fireplace and her umbrella laid close at hand. Her hat, on a hook by the door.

    All in all, things were as well as could possibly be, now that she was set up.

    @Whoever wants to interact with a Post-Morten Communications Wizard.​
  6. After a lengthy debate on the existence of the Force and other topics related to the franchise, Julia figured that meeting some of her new teachers would be a good idea. After saying farewell to her new roommate, she headed once more to well groomed campus. She knew that one of the teachers could help her with the visions of the dead girl, but how?

    As she entered another elegantly fashioned room, she was overwhelmed with all the odd sights decorating the otherwise posh room. At the front desk stood a young woman who looked no older than 30. Nervously, she approached the young woman, she asked "I heard you specialize in post-mortem communications, right?"

  7. The Jackal pricked up its ears and the Raven on the skull looked up from preening. Over a mug of tea, Alanna stared at the girl before putting down her mug.

    "And much more beyond that. If you want lessons, I'm afraid I'm not taking any apprentices as of yet."

  8. Julia was stunned by the sudden alertness of the creatures, but she felt like this stranger she could rely on. "I'm not here for lessons, I'm already fairly developed." She could tell that the bizarre animals showed an intense curiosity for whatever needed to be said. Calming her tense nerves, she stated, "I need to know something about this girl I kept seeing in my dreams." Julia continued to describe how she can see the past and future in her dreams, and every gruesome detail of the girl from her dreams from her soul-piercing blue eyes to her blood-stained gown from the girl's painful demise. "Would you know anything about her?" Julia asked, trying to hide her anxiety. When asked about the girl's name, Julia whispered "Clara Ruthie". Even though she felt relieved, Julia couldn't shake off the bizarre feeling that her roommate was in danger.
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  9. Now, normally Angelica was quite good with directions and usually she was able to find anything without help. But as it seemed, she was lost. Finding what, she wasn't even sure. All she was given was a timetable, not even a map. And could she find a map? Of course not. With a sighed, she leant back against the wall and crossed her arms. She could ask someone to help, but then again she hadn't seen another being for a few minutes now. She could try to backtrack. Angelica looked around, then frowned, slowly sliding down the wall until she was sitting against it. Of course, she had already been trying that and had only managed to get herself more lost.

  10. I walked into the school and looked at my schedule. Lets go visit my classes. I thought to myself. I walked down a hallway and walked into a classroom while looking at my schedule and looked up to see a desk with a flowervase on it. I smiled and looked around the room spotting a ghost or spirit ,I could never tell the differences apart, playing with a petal on a flower.

    " Are you bored? You seem bored." I say in a quiet voice with a curious tone. I look at the female ghost after setting my schedule papers down on an empty desk and I set my bookbag on the ground near the desk.

    I take my necklace out of my bookbag and puts it on as I sit in the desk next to the one with the flowervase. I study the room from my chosen seat carefully.
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  11. Move-in day...again. Clara hadn't realized how quickly the summer had passed by. Another unsuccessful three months of wandering the grounds and trying to find out why she was passed. She had checked the philosophy, post-mortem, and even supernatural fiction library books so many times now she could probably recite them all by heart, including the new shipment from the end of last year. It was nothing but a bunch of hooey and mind-numbing musings about an afterlife that no one was ever sure of. She had even tried using the computer lab, but the internet was a lot harder to navigate and she was still confused on how to use it all that well, still half-amazed at the progress of this country on the technology front. She did get something out of staring over faculty shoulders at the right times though. There was a curious new teacher to be working this year: Alanna Van Castle. Her resume was impressive and a bit...out of the ordinary. However, Clara had yet to decide whether to pay her a visit or ignore her. She's learned over her years here that there are those who can perceive her, and they're usually a bit on the strange side. They're very rare though and based on previous encounters, she doesn't like to be found. There are too many variables and risks that come with Seers, so she prefers anonymity and invisibility. Funny how she'd have done anything to be seen in a good light when she was alive...and now she's as transparent as ever.and prefers it that way.
    Especially while all the students were milling around Westside, bringing in their things and meeting up with old friends. Clara watched from the edge of the forest, eyes half-closed and near-empty. She used to grow sad and lonely when the students returned or arrived from summer break, but she rarely had room for sadness anymore. Just silent fury. Now she has more to do around campus and she'd feel less drained, since it seems ghosts get a lot of their energy from proximity to the living. Clara wasn't expecting much from this year; she'd sort of given up on hoping for anything new. But the prospect of eternity within the gates of this infernal academy still terrified her more than anything.​
  12. Emma Weaver

    Emma looked up, a bit puzzled to hear someone talking with her... Carefully, she looked up from the vase, turning around a little before she noticed someone next to her... A girl, who could see her? She was puzzled, but, at the same time, intrigued... After a moment, she tilted her head, deciding to break the momentary silence.

    "... How can you see me?" She asked, sounding a little confused.

    Naturally, those who are not sensitive to ghosts or whatnot would not be able to hear her speak, so well, her newfound acquaintance of sorts might run the risk of looking a bit crazy right about now if the conversation were to continue.
  13. As Julia thought over the ordeal with the girl from her dreams, she spotted a girl. She had the default uniform required, glasses that made her eyes seem larger, and raven hair that was as long as hers. Noticing her dilemma, she asked "Are you lost?"
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  14. Upon hearing another Angelica blinked and looked up from the floor she had been staring at. "Oh, uh... Yeah, I guess I am," she muttered, rubbing the back of her head. Absently she wondered why the girl had blue hair but the thought was quickly dismissed. She had the right to do what she wished with it. "You wouldn't happen to know where.... Anything is?"
  15. Julia seemed delighted to help a fellow student and stated "Better yet, I have managed to snag a copy of a campus map for you!". Out of a small pocket came a crumpled paper with various locations drawn on it. As Julia's eyes met the other girl's once again, she couldn't help introducing herself, despite differences she felt would eventually interfere with her talents. "Name's Julia Fields, but most people call me Julie.", she stated in a friendly manner. As Julia gave her introduction, she immediately noticed a detail about the lost girl that was as conspicuous as a zit, the girl's skepticism in Julia's bizarre yet amazing abilities. "Your a person who likes to solve problems with logic and science, aren't you?" Julia asked.
  16. Angelica grinned at the girl's words and stood up quickly. "You do?" She asked, almost completely missing the girl's introduction. "Oh, my name is Angelica. A pleasure to meet you." as she said this she held her hand out for a handshake, though, the question she heard next made her pause in her actions. "I... Hunh?"
  17. "Just some intuition, nothing too serious." Julia replied. Not only could she see that she was a scientific type, but she also knew that she had some hidden talents within her that were underdeveloped. After all, she had learned that everyone at birth had talents beyond humanity, but she realized that the girl had chosen not to develop her abilities. But Julia thought that now was not the time to discuss psychic abilities and moved on to a much suitbale topic, classes. "What classes do you have?" Julia asked, trying to create stable ground in the discussion.
  18. Angelica raised an eyebrow. Nothing too serious? Why would she mention it being serious. Perhaps she was just crazy. "Umm, classes? Well, I picked Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, History and pretty much anything else they would let me."
  19. Quiet footsteps sounded as one of the returning students wandered the school. She was curious about the new teacher she had been hearing whispers about. What was her name... ? Noelle can't remember what it was. But she does remember where the quarters should be. An idea, anyway. Noelle had no intention of talking to her, since she was not the type to approach. But maybe if she got a glimpse, she could find something out about it. Or what if there is something creepy about her like some of the other girls suggested... she was curious. Noelle had Libby trailing behind her. Libby was unable to be seen by the majority of the students. Both of the girls were walking quietly toward that area where the teacher's room should be.

    "What are we doing?" The ghost behind her asked curiously. "I told you before." The girl returned with a whisper. She doesn't have much to say since she already told the spirit of her plans earlier. Now the question is... had the teacher actually heard them coming or not. If not, Noelle creak the door open to take a peek in. Hopefully no sound was made by that.
  20. "I have Spirituality, World History, Foreign Cooking, Math, Law and Politics and whatever I could pick." Julia replied. Even though she couldn't do much of anything from college with a class on spirituality, but Julia believed that she could strengthen her abilities that way. After discussing whether science and magic could ever work out together, Julia said farewell to her new friend saying "If anything out of the normal happens, let me know.".. As Julia walked away, she couldn't help but think that Angelina could be in some danger thanks to the restless spirits.
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