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  1. Trinity's footsteps sung upon the cobble stoned textures surface roads, which echoed around the Finnish village of the 15th century. Her hair whispered against her high cheekbones which captured the reflection of white light from the moon. The night was cold, and the breeze was awfully chilly. A light spec of frozen water fell onto her face, and stayed in it's perfectly symmetrical state unable to melt on the freezing cold temperature of her skin. Her head spun around as she heard the footsteps of a nearby villager, a young boy. Her body recoiled around the side of the nearby ally way which held a most dismal aura about it, and she pressed her hand on the side of the cold brick wall and shading herself in the darkness of the parallel walls. It took her moments before she pounced out on the boy, and began to savage his neck in order for her teeth to sink into his warm scarlet vital fluid...
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    "A fox without a hole."

    The crimson blood of a fresh kill accessorized the scene; artistically improving the obtuse brown brick's which compassed the litter ridden alleyway. Within the mouth of the surrounding walls a man did stand. Though the terminology man failed to describe the abstruseness of said entity. With hands resting in pockets he would waltz through the swarthy archway of the alley. Fear was an emotion which seemed omitted in this one; as he watched the vampire feast on her prey. The arches of his natural lips widening as a smile now graced this one. His chest bare; swelling as he took in a lung of the stale night's air. An aura of mystery enveloped the man as he closed the distance among them.

    His blonde hair would be ruffled by the bitter wind; as his dominant right hand stroked the stubble of facial hair which embellished the refined bone structure of his face. The sense of pride which lingered in his stride could be deduced as arrogance. Though nothing further could be from the truth. For the Kitsune of frigid pale moon was not a being filled to the brim with egotistical thoughts of himself. He had outgrown such narcissistic opinions long ago. Still the Kitsune knew that this woman bore no real threat. For even if her fangs attempted to infiltrate his radiant skin. Her influence and even disease would simply phase through him.

    Devil deep blue sea eyes now galloped from the woman to the moon which hung astrologically in the heavens. The lesser celestial object of the evening providing lucidity for those who dare traverse these violent streets at night. Abruptly he would halt, standing in place as his cerulean eyes once more barreled down on the predator. dominant hand would drift from rugged face; stagnant at his side as he waved his hand toward this vampire. "The circle of life is an ethereally dark yet elegant poem, constantly being sang by those which inhabit our world." Poetic words and allegories spewed from his mouth; tainted with an insidious venom. One which though subtle; would prove quite persuasive if he desired it.

    "You can drop the carcass; and let the dead be just that. I am sure by now even the most gluttonous of vampires would of had their fill." His smile widening as he puts on display his pearl white teeth. His metaphysical nature now reverberating like the strings of a guitar. In an attempt to strike a passive chord with this woman. His song comprised of words not spoken; yet heard. A song not of war drums, rather similar to a serene harpist who attempted to woo the wenches of old with his limericks and rhymes. "The name is Kirk...Tell me creature of the night; daughter of blood and ash. Enlighten me and humor I with your name? Why not sing this eve for me my muse?"
  3. Trinity was gaining such pleasure, such a thrill from the squirming man which screamed and cried out for help in her tainted grasp. Her hands were locked around his head, and fingernails embedding their way through the pits of his eye sockets. Feral like nails were carving their way through muscle and retina, the blood spraying through the gaps either side of her nail through his eye. She tormented him first, by carving her canines over the skin of the human savagely, leaving parallel markings and tracks all along the sides of his neck and back to the front of his Adam's apple.

    Her body went into a frenzy, as the males stop shaking and she could feel his energies pulsating into her own. She absorbed his power, and consumed it to mix in with her own vitae. Growling in pleasure her head lifted from the corpse which she had eventually got so en-tranced into, had been torn limb from limb until he was a bloody facade. Stroking her hands over her face she began to laugh under her breathe, raspily her head spun around to the figure coming closer and she stepped back. Her instincts recognized that this was a man of experience of her kind. So she hid under the shadows, with her hands against the wall - not looking so much as frightened, but prepared.

    Her eyes were wide, and long ebony hair strung in front of her face to conceal her facial features in a contrasting shadow with her body. Only her eyes, which seemed to reflect off the little light in the area - the moon, sung scarlet songs to his own. Her hands dripped with blood and so did her chin, she wasn't wasteful - just messy, she would clean this up later. hearing the tone of his voice, her head lifted in recognition to him.

    At this point he would've been able to see her pupils were tiny pin-pricks in size, and the amount of blood scarlet red around them almost engulfed the black dot. Her skin was porcelain solid and soft, her appearance just as her family name upheld - was simply entrancing, even to those who would've had the power to deflect the persuasion of which her captivating figure conveyed. Her tone of voice was melodic, and almost overlapped with a deep demonic one in it's paths, which by the end of her sentence had disappeared. Her voice was one which birds would reply with their song, that harps would play without a musician, which roses would grow even in the winter time to.

    "To tell you my name - would be like feeding the mouse to a cat." She grinned past her words, and unusually each and every tooth was like a fang, all of them sharp to the point - unlike the two which naturally would just be different from the rest of the mundane straight looking ones. Trinity was a different kind of Vampire.
  4. Like the siren's of old her diction and voice were woven in perfect harmony. Attempting to sway the Kitsune from his current path. But she would fail to retard his train of thought or agenda. For though her words were like honey; they were also plagued with bitterness. This much even the blindest of men could see. Her porcelain skin was fair; almost flawless. Her orbs like mirrors basking and reflecting the touch of moonlight. Like that of the surface of a tranquil lake. Yet within her eyes he beheld a mysterious burning fire. This one was a predator, a damn good one at that. And Kirk would have to remain strong less he become a fly trapped within her woven web.

    Life was fleeting; even the mightiest of entities were but mosquitoes dangling above a roaring fire. Waiting for the hands of fate to let them slip through her finger tips. And no matter how hard they beat their wings; there was no escaping the touch of judgment. With this in mind Kirk would keep his own mortality in check as he played a dangerous game with this succubus. "Luckily for us; I am no mouse rather a cornered fox. And a cornered fox is far more dangerous then one may initially perceive." Kirk spoke out of wit. His words providing some light into his true being. Assuming of course this vixen cared to read into it.

    The Kitsune's cerulean eyes would dare drift from the woman's face. Discretely taking note of her...assets before galloping back to that baneful gaze of hers. It was almost as if they were attempting to penetrate his corporeal shell and gaze upon his true form. However such idle thoughts were conceived out of foolish poetic metaphors. For even if she attempted to do so; it would take her time to wander through the labyrinth that is his soul.

    "I would hate to refer to you as Kitty. But if you insist I will..." Kirk laughed; the imagery that brought to mind reminded him of an old if not special friend of his. Who gave up the ghost centuries ago. "Does the kitty wish to contest the cornered fox? I should warn you...I do bite. And a few have claimed I do so rather hard." Once more he'd reveal those pearl white teeth of his as his arches widen. Displaying a genuine broad smile.
  5. Her fist clenched into her palm, seemingly un-bothered by the fact her nails were penetrating her very own palm, and allowing the crimson liquid to drip rhythmically on the ground by her side, a snarl stepped up in her throat. "If you call me Kitty again - I will not hesitate to remove your windpipe from your throat." Her voice was threatening, and head began to drop down so her chin touched her chest whilst her snarl arose in her tone of voice. Bringing her head up from the threat, her persona instantly switched, as per usual and her head rigidly yet swiftly tilted to the side.

    From the aid of her energies she moved from one spot, far from the figure, directly next to him into his own very personal bubble. Her hands grazed over him, as if he were art-work that couldn't be touched, or it would be ruined and bruised for all the others who wished to observe it. Gliding around his body she watched him, her eyes observing him up and down. She moved in a pace which the naked eye would find, beyond a doubt, impossible to even keep a focus on, never mind make out a shape. Her experience reflected through her movements, which most likely gave away her age too.

    For Trinity was an Elder of her race, a respected title given to those of her kind in the world. She was one in five, and possibly only at her rank due to the simple fact that her opponents barely stood a chance against her bare hands. She was animalistic, and vicious, and had no intentions of letting those who fought her live. For those who did fight her, and failed to beat her, were unworthy. Her persona was known for, and strange, she was what most would say the most 'un-hesitant' of the five Elders. Some would even compare her to The Omega, the beast which lived inside all of vampires, which was only revealed due at a certain stage of their life time.

    For Trinity showed characteristics which those could reflect upon as 'The Beast's' characteristics, she was often compared to the descendant of him himself. Her hands hovered over his body, and she blurred back from him to look him up and down, bringing her nose upwards to her pick-up of scent from him. Her brain did not recognise him as food, but instantly as a threat.
  6. The vampire seemed to underestimate the cornered fox. Her very words reeked of arrogance; and though she was impressive...admittedly Kirk had seen far more splendorous beings in his brisk lifetime. With eye lids now shut, allowing a curtain of darkness to blot out his vision. His nostrils would expand as his stance loosened. Most would tense up or panic, however this one seemed unmoved by her words. Ever her speed by which she undoubtedly swore by was slow. For though physically she was but a blur; only a fool would rely on a single sense alone. Something Kirk had learned the hard way during his youth.

    "Such vibrant imagery you have there. I could cut diamond with that tongue of yours I wager." Kirk would keep his eyes shut as he exhaled heavily. "However I have no intent on dying this eve. Perhaps if you gave me a name I could refrain from making one up for you. However..." Kirk would grunt as his hair began to turn silver, the once short and styled hairstyle began to grow. Becoming long a radiant; yet wild. His human ears morphed to that of a fox as a bushy snow white tale jolted from his tailbone. There it would sway as even his facial hair seemed gripped by frost. With eyes renewed and fleshed awoken; the Kitsune would open his eyes. Which were now a feral silver; almost bone chillingly so.

    "This cornered fox finds your lack of social etiquette to be disturbing. Such poor mannerisms..." The Kitsune Jested. With uncanny speed he would grasp her wrist, pulling her body closer to his own. With a frigid tone of voice he would speak; his words far more harmonious then before. "Take it in; forget not this odor. Less next time you insult me it will be your last Vampire! I am only sparing you because of your picturesque face." Kirk scolded her bluntly, without clemency or even hesitation. Yet oddly enough he sincerely complimented her at the sometime. His dominant right hand would open up, as the air seemed to thicken and the wind ceased to blow.

    "Let me show you something..." From the humidity which once lingered in the air. Tiny sharp ice blossoms would simply form. Elegantly they would orbit them; as if the wind were dancing to the kitsune's tune. The frozen blossoms would reflect the moonlight ever so mystically; like frost stained glass does for a well lit lantern.

    "You are fast...and strong. But the one thing you lack is subtly. Your movements are forceful, so much so that I can feel you move against the wind or trace the threads of your energy back to you. As beautiful and deadly as it is also sloppy. You need to be more like the blossoms gripped by winds snare. Elegantly it dances; and with much speed. However it leaves no print, no real bread crumb trails. You're as pleasant to the eyes as a springs blossom. So I advise you incorporate it; less you end up facing someone like me...a tactician who knows you can kill a lion with a glass bottle. You need only need to wait for the right time and weakness. and I am a patient man."

    He spoke; not out of spite. This woman was only one out of 6 he had shown this form to in over 600 yrs. She should feel flattered; however even this form despite it's power was but a shadow of his true form. "So how about we continue this game of cat and mouse? I must admit you've aroused my curiosity and have enthralled me so."
  7. She felt the grip on her ice cold marble skin, just looking at him in the eyes with a bare of her fangs and a hiss to him. She reflected it with a grip on his wrist in return and looked to him as he spoke...

    "For me to kill you this eve would be a waste - your corpse wouldn't be eaten." Her words spoke from double toned melodic lips, which again sung harmonies. She listened to the insult of her 'sloppy' attitude, which was something that could not be helped, especially in her current state. She had not feasted for days, her mentality system was all over the place - although it usually was. She did not care for gracefulness at this hour of need and hunger, she was too frenzied to care.

    In glance of his blossoms which cannily took her by surprise she now knew that this man was not human, and she felt no need to address him if that was the case. She tugged her hand from his grasp and turned in her scarlet and black laced and layered ballgown on the musky streets of the day, and began to walk off. The sound of her heel's echoing behind her to the Kitsune's ears.