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  1. Westside School for Girls is everything you could imagine for a Girl's School. Posh, academic, and radiates with history. What is often not mentioned is the dark past involving multiple outbreaks of TB and the 1918 influenza epidemic, a series of unsolved murders, and even a cult that, according to gossip on campus, caused a mass suicide years ago, and the spirits that call the school home, wanting their story to be heard or seeking revenge for acts committed in life. As Julia Fields and other students discover, the faculty is hiding a dark secret.

    1. Keep it at least PG-13 (lower R rating will be accepted)
    2. Keep the characters 14-18 years old
    3. No Godmodding (Ghosts are exempt)
    4. No Mary Sues
    5. LGBT characters are permitted
    6. You must have my permission before you kill off a character (Ghosts are exempt from this rule because their dead, lol)
    7. Have Fun!


    Name: Julia Fields

    Age: 16
    Appearance: anime_girl_by_cherrypie111-d3dcqqx[1].jpg

    Personality: Kind, Wise, Spiritual Person

    Bio: She was born into a average family in a rural town. She lived in peace until she was ten years old, but at that point, her life began to change.

    She explored the world and was slowly improving on her psychic abilities. Along with friends, angels, and spirit guides, she reached for the stars in a fantastic world. But with her benevolence and wisdom, there's nothing that can stop her from climbing to the top. She could change the world quickly.

    But, who really knows what will happen; she is still finding her place in the world. She feels like there are more people in the world to meet. Luckily, she has plenty of resources to help her.

    Occupation: Unemployed

    Special Ability/Abilities: Can see and communicate with the dead and receive glimpses of the past and future in her dreams.
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  2. I have a question. What abilities are the characters allowed to have?
  3. You can have any skills desired, just make sure it pertains to your character in some way.
  4. Welp, I might be signing up for this soon xD the concept definitely sounds intriguing!
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  5. Name:

    Emma Weaver






    Calm, quiet, and sometimes a little troublesome without meaning to be. She's timid most of the time, but can be more playfull when she's comfortable with her surroundings.


    It was uncertain how Emma had come to pass, or how her spirit had ended up wandering the school grounds of the Westside School for girls, but she is a rather prominent sight, for those that have caught glimpses of her at the school grounds. Most of the time, she is seen in a certain classroom, and pokes at a flower vase on the desk... More often than not, the flower vase had been somewhere else in the room before she had moved it there. Other times, she could be seen staring out the school windows, or sitting on a bench on occasion. Typically, she tends to be a more timid spirit, often vanishing from the sight of most people entirely when she realizes she was spotted, but she can become more playfull once she is comfortable with her surroundings, and mostly those that were close enough to see her. Emma can sometimes cause more trouble than she intended when she moves objects from place to place in her daily activities, as it causes some commotion between students and teachers, believing someone to have misplaced it, or moved it as some prank at first glance.


    Local ghost(I guess :P).

    Special Ability/Abilities:

    - Ghost; Well, naturally being a ghost, she is for the most part, out of sight, and out of mind... Able to phase through objects and most matter like it wasn't even there, but there are times she is capable of showing herself to others, to a limited degree, however she has yet to be able to physically interact with most living people, as when someone tries to touch her, their hands tend to pass through, and all they feel is coldness around the area their hands hand passed through. However, she has been known to be able to lift and interact with inanimate objects such as desks, vases, and more.​
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  6. Planning to put a text widget up tomorrow, any ideas on what I should put on it?
  7. Hmm... Not sure, but I suppose having something to jumpstart the plot/setting helps >.< a little thing to set the tone, give people a general idea of what's going on, etc etc.
  8. I agree with this. The concept is quite interesting but sadly lacks precise information. I recommend you to include more information about the roleplay. For example, about the school, the reason of why ghosts and other paranormal entities lurk around and explain what abilities/powers the characters can have and the maximum amount.

    My point is, if you want more people to join this, you need to include as much information of the roleplay you can. I assure you that this place will be filled with more people eventually.
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  9. Added more info, hope this helps.
  10. Still running?
  11. I think so >.< but Iunno. I don't think it's started just yet.
  12. Do the ghosts have to be girls as well?
  13. It's still running and I prefer the ghosts to be female, but transgender and other gender minorities idenitifing as female are permitted.
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  14. [​IMG]

    "This is a weird position to take a picture in, you know? You're not secretly a pervert, are you?"

    ♥ Name ♥
    "Most just call me Charlie, but, if you insist on a full name, it's Charlotte!"
    Charles/Charlotte "Charlie" Rice

    ♥ Age ♥
    "I'm a freshman. I'll let you figure it out from there."

    ♥ Appearance ♥
    "Cute, obviously!"
    Things that are left unsaid from the picture up above is that Charlie is the height of 5'0" and weighs below 90 lbs. She has scars that litter her chest, stomach, back, and butt. Other than those things, everything else is presented in the picture up above.

    ♥ Personality ♥
    "I'm not going to just tell you!"
    Charlie pretty much has the personality of a Queen B without the bullying factor. She's stubborn, bossy, teasing, narcissistic, and mischievous. She's a grade A troublemaker, and doesn't try to hide it. Sarcasm runs through her veins, not blood. Despite her sweet appearance and how friendly she seems during different encounters, she has the apathy to tear someone down until they were near tears or fuming. Of course, it's never for no reason at all, or her personal entertainment. The person usually did something to truly piss her off. Like most teenage girls her age, Charlie happens to be quite moody. It doesn't help that she was also short-tempered. The young girl is very protective and possessive of those she holds dear to her. She is also very intelligent.

    ♥ Bio ♥
    "What's in the past stays in the past."
    Charlie was born to a wealthy family in the suburbs. She had quite the normal childhood. Like most children her age, she did "strange" things such as try on girl clothing, wear makeup, and play girly games. Being that she was young, people found her actions cute and passed it off at her being curious. But why would she be curious about her own gender? Why would her actions be considered strange?

    Well, Charlie wasn't always a girl.

    In fact, Charlie, biologically known as Charles, was born male. He was male through and through. There was no way to mistaken it. And, if there was, his parents made sure to make it that much more clearer. Even with his feminine appearance, everyone knew that he was a boy. So when he began to indulge in things targeted towards girls, people gave weird looks, but mostly brushed it off. It wasn't until he hit the age of ten, that his parents became concerned. He was a young boy nearing puberty, yet here he was wearing frilly skirts and bows in his hair. It was in that moment that they knew something was wrong.

    Charlie went to therapy for a whole year. His parents hoped that it would "cure" him of his "problem". It turned out that the year was a waste of both time and money. During said time period, they also tried to pry him away from his usual activities and his choice of clothing. They made him try out different sports, and began to shop for him. It also proved to be a waste of time and money. Finally, they sat down and had a long, serious talk with their only son. It opened their eyes, minds, and hearts as they listened to Charlie's words. After that talk, they didn't question his ways, and accepted his requests—to refer to him as Charlotte, or Charlie, or use female pronouns, and to let him be.

    They lost a son that day, but they gained a daughter, who they loved unconditionally.

    Once Charlie hit fourteen, she was enrolled into Westside. Her parents had to pull a couple of strings and pay more than the usual applicant, but they got her accepted in the end. Now, this is where she'll spend the next four years.

    ♥ Occupation ♥
    "Being the cutest girl in Westside!"

    ♥ Special Ability/Abilities ♥
    "I'm special in more than one way!"
    → Is an amazing liar. Can lie without hesitation or feeling any guilt.
    → Is really good at keeping secrets.
    → Can usually fix anything technology related.

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  15. Posting In Character Thread tomorrow, but sign-ups will still be active.
  16. [​IMG]
    Clara Ruthe


    When she was alive, Clara was a beautiful young lady with midnight black hair and ocean blue eyes along with porcelain white skin. She stood at 5ft 3", but her weight was a bit lower than it should have been; so she was skinny, but not so underweight that anyone thought it strange or undesirable (quite the opposite in fact). She has a gorgeous smile (however rare it is to see her wear it) and a birthmark in the shape of a diamond star right behind her left ear. However, now that she's dead, her doll-like appearance is marred by seemingly permanent blood stains all over her body and her eyes are dull and listless most of the time, those of a tortured soul.

    In life, Clara never thought she'd amount to much. Sure, she was pretty, but that only ever seemed to get her enemies that tore at her already fragile self-esteem. She was shy and tried to stay out of the way. She always had few friends and none she could truly depend on, so she was often lonely and worried about why she never seemed to fit in. Now that she's beyond the realm of the living and actually has powers she can use against them, she's become vengeful and bold. Clara is fearful but bitter and always finds a way to rattle any bullies at Westside, for there are always bullies regardless of time period.

    Clara Ruthe grew up in a mansion, the likes of which all her classmates were jealous or envious. They thought she had a perfect life, but her parents were rarely around and hardly ever paid her much attention. Her nanny was nice but frequently left her to her own devices in the library to read stories in which the characters were her friends because any friends she made in real life only wanted to be close to her so they could benefit from her family's wealth. When Clara was finishing up 10th grade, her parents had to move and made the decision that Clara would be better off going to a boarding school than going with them. Getting her out of the way was easy and convenient for them, so they used their money to send her off to Westside School for Girls for her last couple years of high school. But they never saw her again. The pretty little pamphlet about the school never mentioned the dangerous cult striking out in messages and violent pranks...the one that ended up killing her.
    She was never liked at Westside, having started at the school out of nowhere when most girls already had cliques and friend groups. Though she was cute, she was also strange and she was victimized for it. So much so that one of the most popular girls in her class convinced Clara's roommate to steal her diary, inside which resided her deepest the fact that she was mostly sure she was a lesbian. And once that was spread around the school, she was a total pariah, which of course built upon her already terrible mental state to the point that she started cutting herself.

    It wasn't long before they figured that out did the cult. The one that kidnapped her from her bed one night during a lunar eclipse, claiming to need a virgin to complete some ritual. She was chained up and murdered that night, slowly, because her killers decided she shouldn't be the only one who gets to cut her. Clara died of blood loss from multiple cuts, none of which near her neck because they wanted it to be torturous for her. Until her very last breath.
    Now it's her breath they fear, cold along the backs of their necks as the newest bullies of every generation in Westside feel Clara's revenge in one way or another.

    Former Student/None

    Special Ability/Abilities:

    Natural ghostly abilites: She is normally invisible to the human eye and passing through solid objects and constructs is simple. None of these things require effort to her anymore and since she's been a ghost for at least 50 years now, she is capable of teleporting to different places around the grounds and showing herself to others without trying so hard, though it only lasts so long and she is generally weaker in anything she does while visible to the living. That includes moving all sorts of objects and sometimes even certain people's limbs either with her hands or her mind. However, moving things telekinetically is harder when she does it and she can rarely move very large objects without having to lift them herself. Though sometimes, things move near her according to her mood. For example, if she becomes very angry, the air in the room will start to swirl around her and things like paper and other light objects will get caught in her 'storms'. This is especially visible in the winter, when the snow may give hints as to her whereabouts on the grounds of the prestigious campus.
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  17. Just wanna make sure: Are we all accepted? Anything that needs to be tweaked in the CSs?
  18. Yes, you are accepted, but Kitsune, maybe tweak your character's abilities (they seemed a bit unrealistic). To clarify, since my character's a psychic, the abilities make sense, but your character can have certain talents that could be useful (great gossiper, athletic, CPR certified, stuff like that.)
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  19. Okie dokie! ^^ I didn't know that they could be regular things, too. I'll tweak that riiiiight now.
  20. Roleplay thread is up. Post when you're ready! :bsmile:
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