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  1. If I were to offer a roleplay based off of the anime Fooly Cooly, would anyone be interested? I was thinking it would be an OC roleplay, but we would go through the motions of what would happen. We would have characters that would play Haruko, Naota, Kanti, and the rest of the original cast.
  2. I would so be up for this! I too had an rp idea that kind of stemmed from the same atmosphere as FLCL so I'm totally on board. :3
  3. count me totally in! ^.^
  4. Great! I can make this a group rp. Just give me some time to make the thread! Character profiles are in order, and I would guess that you would have to base a character from it. Please tell me who that might be, and I don't think I'll put a limit to the characters one could have.

    First come first serve, so in that case, I CALL HARUKO'S CHARACTER DESIGN!!!
  5. Aww! Booo~! THEN I CALL NINAMORI'S!!
  6. For now, I would guess that the thread would be for Q and A's, along with picking characters and giving me an idea as to how big this might be. (( But the other one I'm making would be suited for the same purpose. Picking and making and whatnot. ))

    Now, I have a question. For my spin on Haruhara, what should I make his/her weapon? I was thinking an Electric Cello, or maybe an Electric Violin? I want to keep it in the string family, but I also don't want to use a Bass/Guitar again. Maybe something like this? I'm not sure.
  7. So there will be two threads for Q and A?? I'm a little confused >///<

    That looks epic~!! That's awesome!! I say go for it :D
  8. I didn't really think anyone would really send me a PM for this, so I just kept this as a " oh, pick me pick me! " type of thread. But for the one I'm working on, that might be for character profiles and/or picking characters. This one is, too, but the other one would just be for characters.

    If anything, this is basically just Q and A for the plot and character discussion.
  9. Oh, okay. Gotcha. I'm going to try to get something going character wise.
    Hopefully I can give some input for the plot as well.
  10. If you, or I, or anyone else can't really get an idea for the plot, we can simply look back to the episode and add our own little twist to it! No worries
  11. That would be sooo fun to do~! I'll try to brainstorm something to do as well, just in case.
  12. The thread is finished! Here it is!
  13. Is it possible for me to claim Naota? The main character? :3
  14. Totally! You can just go make your characters profile in the other thread, then!
  15. Yaay~!! We have Naota~ I want to claim Mamimi too, but I'll wait for anyone else who might want her :P
  16. I was thinking about claiming Kanti aswell, but I already got first picks so I'll wait to see if anyone wants him!
  17. Is anyone else going to join? If not, we could start soon!
  18. Is anyone else going to join? If not, we could start soon!
  19. I WILL!
    LOOOOOOOOVED The series to F***ing death...
    I could play Haruko... MWAHAHAHAHAHA~!
  20. I'm afraid Haruko has already been claimed. (u.u)