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    A staple of survival, sustenance. We need it, we crave it.
    We all know there are plenty of foods that are bad for our bodies.
    There are even conditions where people deny themselves food in order to meet goals for their body.
    Crazy diets and plain old over-eating.


    Personally, I love food. I don't care how terrible it is for you as long as it's delicious.
    Because I don't want to live in a world where there are no cupcakes, cheesecake, ice cream, pizza, or any other amazing thing.
    I don't care if this means I'm pudgy, so what?
    This doesn't mean that I don't enjoy anything other than sweets.
    I love salads, berries, fish, mushrooms, vegetables, and eggs.
    Not to mention a good old fashion burger.
    What I believe in is a bit of portion control, and being active.
    Active for me doesn't mean getting up and working out, active for me means just doing something, anything.
    Cleaning, cooking, taking a walk.
    BUT. That doesn't mean I don't stuff my fat face every now and then.
    I will always be a big fan of having a fat day, a day where you push your plans aside and just chill out and eat til your heart is content.
  2. i wholeheartedly agree with you. I live with one other woman, her husband, and my fiancee. We are all really great friends, but the best thing we have in common is food. We LOVE food. Okay, so, somedays portion control is thrown into the wind, but for the most part its there. We do alot of the cooking ourselves, and "experiment" with what we have in the kitchen. So, it's a good time for all. But all food is great, and yes, I believe that 'fat' days are required. Especially if we all have a day off together which is rare, we sit around mostly, finish tidying everything up and then watch movies and have snacks, or whatever all day. Its generally a good time. And in my experience even with other people. Food brings people closer together, no matter what they do or where they are.
  3. I'm a foodie! I like real food, not scary synthetic stuff with ingredients that come from a lab! I'd rather be cooking!
  4. I am in love with food. IN LOOOOVE. I love eating, I love cooking. I love looking at it and smell it and tasting it. 8D I am also a slow eater so I get to really enjoy it.

    I'd rather eat everything I want than have a crazy diet. >> But I am trying to temper myself with some self control and not go OVER board with crazy food gluttony. I want to live long enough to enjoy all my food. ><;
  5. Ah food...FOOD! Glorious food! ^_^

    I, like Diana, am also a very slow eater..Not by choice that's just how I am. But I really get to enjoy every bite.

    Just the thought of food makes me happy. I get to hang around with my family and enjoy their company while stuffing my face.

    Think my favorite food nights are Tacos and Pastichio, which is a Greek dish my grandma prepares.
  6. I think a lot of my love for food comes from my mother's side of the family.
    A huge Filipino family, when we are all together we have at least 40 people and that's not even obscure relatives.
    My grandmother is the greatest damn cook ever, and there is no such thing as cooking small for her!
    Whenever we visit there are always a few things guaranteed: love, laughs, good times, and all the food you could eat!~

    I also LOVE cooking and baking! I love being able to make absolutely anything as long as I have the recipe and ingredients.
    I love being able to make something successfully and enjoy it, and I fucking love sharing food I've made.
    Some of the reasons why I want to own a bakery! xD

    But food it's just about filling your gut, it's about culture, and bringing people together. <3
  7. I love food. I'm actually pretty neutral in regards to eating and I forget to eat all the time but cooking... I love to cook. I love to look at new recipes and imagine how they will turn out or how I can tweak them to make them better (in my opinion).
    I love to share food, share recipes, and convince people to try new things.
    I like cooking new things and learning how to make stuff that I think is super elegant and wouldn't have imagined I could make myself, like the fancy dishes you see in restaurants or those super expensive bonbons.

    Food, in my family, is one of those things that just belongs to everyone by default. If you go to my house, whether you were invited or not, and there is food... you can bet that they won't even hesitate to offer some to you. My family makes too much food and stashes it in the fridge, and everyone brings food to all our gatherings so we have plates and plates of different things. My grandmother used to bake cakes and decorate them for extra money while I was growing up and my mother is an eclectic and fun cook, so I assume that's where I get my adoration for it.
  8. I love food. I really really love food. I love everything about food. The aroma of spices, the wonderful tastes (y'know, when its done right :P), and the presentation of all this wonderfulness. I enjoy cooking and baking, and preparing food. Sometimes for other people.

    But I've kinda got a social stigma of eating with others. If it's just family, its fine. I'll stuff my face and be me. My family eats super fast, because one: If you don't eat it now, it ain't gonna be there later. And two: We're really awkward and don't talk much when we eat. So we also tend to eat a lot.

    Throw in anyone else into the mix, and my anxiety levels go through the roof and I just... can't eat. I feel sick if I try to force myself to eat around other people. Which sucks, cause I enjoy cooking for others.
  9. As much as I LOVE food I have a difficult relationship with it. My weight does a terrible yo-yo effect and so I'm constantly restricting certain food.

    It's so sad because I still prepare it for my fiance and it's hard to resist when it's staring at me in the face!

    I grew up in a Korean family and food is the center of our lives. When we have family time it's around a meal and not a television. When we celebrate we celebrate with a feast. When we are sad we drown our sorrow in food. There's something incredible about the salty, greasy greatness of a meal. I hate sweets. But anything Fried and Salty I'm in.
  10. Because I've been eating low carb recently, I've started to look at food differently. I still love it, but it's like a fun puzzle now. Can I make something just as good, just without all those crazy sugars? The answer is typically yes.
    I've made a low carb pizza crust that is delicious, able to be held in your hand, and actually has reduced portion size where pizza is involved because it is extremely filling; none of those silly, thin, cardboard tasting wraps for me. I've got substitutes for pasta, low carb versions of chili, cheesecake, and even peanut butter cookies. I just made pancakes with no flour!
    I can make rice and potato dishes with cauliflower, and you probably couldn't tell the difference.

    This experimenting with recipes is probably the only thing keeping Seiji sane, that and bacon. Considering that rice was for every meal with his family, and the only bacon they had was turkey. (It doesn't hurt that he's dropped fifteen(?) pounds without any effort)

    The point is, you can change your way of eating without ever giving up your favorite foods; all you have to do is put a little creative power into it. If you can't do that, then there's always Google.
  11. I will be honest:

    When I'm at home, I eat more like a normal person.
    The doctor told me last check up I need to try to at least get 500 cals a day in. She would like if I could get 800 or 1000, but that's a lot for me. Today I had thus far 200, without subtracting what water takes away, and the workout session I'm about to get into.
    On a daily routine while at home, I can usually get at least 500 in. Hopefully.

    At school, I become more restrictive for some reason, and move around like crazy during busy times. I have a bad habit of constricting the food I eat, and I always drink alot of water. However, I am healthy still, which is what matters to me.

    Water is number one on my list, because it keeps me from fainting, since I dehydrate quickly and easily. I also have low iron and blood pressure, naturally. So, sometimes I get super tired, fatigued, or have a headache.
    As for my thoughts on these kinds of diets and such, I don't mean to do it on purpose. It's how I live. So, if I see someone else doing this, I don't judge or anything. As long as they know what they are doing, know the consequences and are aware of all of this, then I believe it is not my place to have a thought on the matter. People do what they wanna do whether they mean to do it or not. So...

    I look at it this way:
    As long as a person is healthy, then that is what matters.
  12. Random fun fact: I will never get sick of pizza. Never.
  13. I have to love food. It soothes me down and is a stress reliever? Feeling mad? I nom on the heads of gummi bears.

    Favorite food though? POTATOES. ANY KIND OF POTATO. JUST. POTATO.

    But my favorite potato? SWEET POTATO.

  14. My favorite food is


  15. Babies. Nuff said.
  16. I looooove pasta, I'm willing to try just about any pasta dish and Italian is one of my favorite styles of food. X3