Food you HATE

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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
My family was eating the other night and my grandmother offered me squash, now for as long as I've been alive I've HATED squash!

What kinds of food do you absolutely despise/refuse to eat/nearly vomit at the smell of?

I personally hate squash, it smells gross to me, I've always hated the flavor (unless it's cooking INTO something) and I find the texture absolutely horrific!
Eggplant. More it's texture than it's taste.

As well... mushrooms. More the fact that I'm putting fungus in my mouth than anything else.
Peaches. They taste terrible and I'm allergic to them.

Fish. All kinds of fish, shrimp, octopus, basically any seafood... Just can't do it. x__x; Again, I'm allergic to most of that.

Pickles. They not only look nasty but I throw up like, the moment I swallow a bite. XD I can't keep cucumbers down either.

Hot dogs, sausage and any other food that's shaped like a penis. >>; I won't even eat it all cut up.

Soup! Something about a bunch of meat and veggies floating around in some water just doesn't work for me. X__x;

Tomatoes. I've tried so long to like those but it's not working out. They're tolerable in a very small amount in my spaghetti sauce but that is it!

Creamed vegetables, especially spinach! SO NASTY. DX

Squash, eggplant and mushrooms... I am in agreement with those. I cannot and will not eat those. There are other foods I hate but those are the ones that come to mind right now.
Durian smells like crap, literally. Doesn't taste much better than its stench as well. I hate mushrooms in general too.
Salt and vinegar chips . . . I have no idea how my older sister can eat those.
I don't think I could ever have Fluffy as a house guest!

Olives. I HATE! olives with a passion. I have never liked olives. I think it has to do with the brining process. I'm not fond of some things pickled/salty so that's the only thing I can figure.

There are other things I dislike, but nothing like olives.
I have an intense aversion to cabbage, I never eat them and go hungry living off on snacks if my mom prepares them.
Ocha and I are inreconsilable.

As for hates, onion. I hate them fuckers. The smell makes me puke, the taste turns me off of food and they make my stomach crawl up and bitchslap me in the face and my intestines follow to strangle me.
You food haters! D:<

...okay... I have to admit that I hate Papaya. Fresh papaya. It smells AWFUL and tastes BLECH. I won't let Isaboo bring papaya in the house anymore. >>
Damn Fluffy, and I thought I was picky. Also, I love salt and vinegar chips.

Off the top of my head, the one food I have hated and probably will always hate is strawberries. Can't stand the little bastards...

There's tons more, but I'm tired atm.
Fish, liver & mushrooms. Other food I can usually tolerate/enjoy.
Ice Cream. It tastes like crap.

Milk, tastes like crap.

99% of alfredo.

99% of tomato sauces, makes me nauseous

Any mushrooms, at all, in any form. No.

BBQ. That's disgusting.

Rolled up sushi. (I will happily eat the sushi with meat on top of rice, just not rolled up, it's unpleasant.)

80% of pizza, it's nasty

Any burger ever. Makes me nauseous.

Any hot dog ever. Makes me nauseous.

Cashews, Peanuts, all nuts excepting Pistachios and Sunflower Seeds.

All dried fruit.

Orange juice.

Gummi anything, makes me nauseous.

Chocolate, makes me nauseous.

Steak, makes me nauseous.

Kraft Mac n' Cheese, YUCK.

Any mircowave foods. NO NO NO NOT EVER.

Chicken Nuggets, any breaded meat. Yuck.

Raw salmon. I had it every day for a year. I'm never eating it again.

Baked Beans. Especially canned.

Tomato soup.

Tomatoes in general.


Tempura. Tempura ANYTHING.




Uhm... can't think of more. I'll add when I think of more.
This thread makes me sick. >:|
I can dislike something, but never hate food. If it's there on the table, I'll get it in somehow.

I don't like white bread. Like, the sliced kind in the bag. Seriously man, that bread has no taste. No texture. NO SOUL.

I'll still eat it though.

...and that's pretty much it.
I must be crazy cause I don't think there is food I hate.
greeen peas. And if I dont like the texture of a food I have a hard time eating it...but I'll still pick around it and eat it most the time.

Cooking for Fluffy's going to be a real challenge...


I hate mushrooms and onions. I like onion flavour, but... the texture drives me up the wall. If I know I'm eating an onion, I just yack. I got some kind of strange mental block to them, which sucks and is unfortunate, 'cause all of the best foods have onions.

I also don't like squid/octopus. I can't stand that chewy, cartilage texture.
Only things I won't eat are eggs (unless disguised so I cannot taste them), and olives. They smell as bad as they taste.