Food is a drug.

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  1. My mother recently decided to help herself to some of my brother and my prescripton medication. She's been clean for less than a week.
    My mom was obese. Morbidly. She had a surgery to have her stomach stapled shut. Which made her physically unable to eat. Well, she got skinny. And she's pretty skinny now. But you take away a fat person's food, and what do they have left? Mom became an alcoholic. It was pretty awful, but the addiction to our meds has been far worse.
    A doctor told my mom it's very common that gastric bypass patients to develope drug and alcohol addictions. Do you think food is as much of a drug as any other illegal/addicting substances?
  2. Sugar and refined carbohydrates definitely are. We are talking both a physical/chemical addiction as well as an emotional addiction. Without actually tackling those twin problems most people that go in for surgery for their weight do not keep it off for long.
  3. ... I honestly think surgery for obesity shouldn't be used. Sure you get rid of your stomach or your fat, but you haven't gotten rid of the psychological problems. My nutrition professor told me that she had a student who got a bypass, and despite only able to eat a few bites, the student not only managed to gain back the 100 lbs she lost, but an additional 50 pounds. Getting surgery doesn't cure obesity, you have to make a life style change.

    That being said, I do think food can be an addiction. Hell I'm one of those people who will eat if they're bored so I have to keep my mind busy.
  4. Food does seem as bad as drugs sometimes. Additives, sugars, salt--all that crap gets you hooked. Caffeine, too. Most beverages with caffeine in them are just terrible for you. Even with this knowledge, I eat and drink things that I shouldn't. >< Ugh.

    Good luck to your family. Those are difficult challenges to overcome. I admire those who are willing to try and conquer them, especially by diet and exercise.