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  1. I drink coffee because it helps with my moods and my anxiety. Except that the place I am temporarily staying at, has no coffee maker. And for that fact of the matter real coffee I can grind into a find dust and make delicious pots of coffee.

    So like the homeless I am, I have to stick with instant coffee.

    So I have to find some clever ways of making instant coffee taste at least drinkable. The trick is mixing it with any kind of chocolate.

    Hot chocolate + Instant Coffee

    Chocolate Milk + Instant Coffee

    It's workable and I can stand the flavor.

    But it got me thinking. What are some of Iwaku's food abominations you've created to drown out the flavor or taste of another less than pleasing flavor?
    *fyi, it doesn't have to do anything instant coffee. lol
  2. Oatmeal + anything I can find in my fridge
  3. I have instant coffee. I've been mixing it with brewed coffee. o_o It's kind of amazing.

    But! I really don't like quinoa. And so I've been hiding it in other foods. So far the best I've found is chicken-apple sausage and squash with the quinoa hidden in it.
  4. Cheetos and chocolate pudding.

    Toasted tuna fish sandwich with chicken teriyaki.

    Alligator tailed wrapped around lobster inside of prime rib drizzled with butter.
  5. None of those sound like anything anyone would eat
  6. Goldfish (the crackers by pepperidge farms) and cream cheese icing are probably my favorite weird combination.

    I had a friend who liked to mix mashed banana and Flamin Hot Cheetos. I was never willing to try it.

    I've seen someone put hot sauce in their coffee before...
  7. Peanut butter and Hot Fries. >_> It was a pregnancy combo that stuck. Don't ask...

    French Fries and Ice cream, especially if the fries are extra salty.

  8. I'll be honest that sounds delicious. I like chocolate with the peppers in it. And I like the honey sticks with habenero in them. So coffee and hot sauce doesn't sound too bad.
  9. It may be good, though I personally don't like coffee. If you ever try it, lemme know if it's good.
  10. I was eight years old.

    Then I worked at subway with free access to the entire bane. I made some terrifyingly awesome subs.

  11. @Myth; The only way I'd try it though is with real coffee. Like buying my whole beans and grinding them in my coffee grinder. So I'll have to wait on that, but I promise I will.

    @Windsong; Eight year old makes a bit of sense. I shouldn't judge because when I was a kid, I like the taste of bacon with vanilla frosting. Sooo yeah. Lol. Abomination Subway Sandwiches. Is it sad, I'd try a few of your creations? Not Tuna and Teriyaki chicken those flavors don't seem to mesh in my mind.
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  12. I'm not going to lie. That actually sounds kind of amazing....
  13. Bacon and Vanilla frosting. Yeah it was pretty good from what I remember. I also use to like to dip my bacon in BBQ sauce when I was a kid.

    It was always an English breakfast on Sunday with a dip of BBQ sauce.

  14. What's the best way to have an alcoholic drink taste better? Remove the alcohol! :3
    Otherwise I eat vegetables with dip.
  15. I like my alcohol with alcohol and more alcohol
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