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  1. Before I start, let me show what I'm talking about before I start wading through a swamp of confusion:

    And so on.

    As you can see, the styling (and selection of icons) is fairly limited.

    For those of you who don't know, these icons are actually part of a CSS project called Font Awesome which includes hundreds of web-friendly iconoglyphs (kind of like Wingdings).

    @Diana's implementation of these gives us access to a few of these with bbCode, but [font="FontAwesome"] and [div="font-family: 'FontAwesome';"] do not work for reasons which essentially boil down to it doesn't work that way (as it is now).

    I'm curious if there's an option that would allow us to use the full list of these icons in ways not currently accessible. I think the most user-friendly feature would look like [icon]exclamation-triangle[/icon]. The idea is that an author would write this as inline bbCode, and that the ensuing warning.png would simply inherit the style of the content it's sitting with. The bbCode end of this would look like your typical [class] tag, except that since those are usually disabled for security reasons, this new tag would only accept content from a pre-specified list (namely the Font Awesome classes).

    A solution that I think would be easier to implement would look like [icon]f071[/icon], which essentially does the same thing but without potential security issues should the option of allowing a pre-specified list of content only be impossible. The idea here is that the bbParser treats this basically the same as [font="FontAwesome"]uf071[/font].

    So, how's this look?
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  2. I only need these now after seeing them. I approve.
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  3. I can't edit the current ones to have optional glyphs. (Mostly because I don't wanna have to recode the damn things)

    But I can see about making a fontawesome glyph code. O_O
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  4. I think it would be better in that way anyhow; these iconoglyphs can be used for a lot more than just what the current styling allows as it is. I think making the iconoglyph code as simple as the glyph with no special formatting would give users ultimate control over how they use it.
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