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  1. Snowy, forever-sleeping towns have long since been a fascination to the human mind.
    But what is it that captivates us so?

    It's a desire to know the history, the woeful past which led to the loneliness that now creeps on spindly fingers from every crack and seam.

    It's an inexplicable need to stand at the epicenter of abandonment and feel something otherworldly lurking behind the veil.

    We as humans are curious by nature.
    We always seek an answer.

    Hypnotized by this desire, we often miss what's happening around us.

    We miss the warning signs.

    follow me lamb3.png


    Have you ever considered that bed time stories were based on truth? They say stories like the Brothers Grimm tales are not all just lessons to keep children from misbehaving, that some were inspired by bizarre and terrifying happenings. Nursery rhymes are a perfect example of this.

    So what if you were to unintentionally uncover one of these truths? What if you suddenly found yourself as one of the cast?

    Follow Me, Lamb is a Survival-Horror roleplay with more than just a basic plot. I'll say right now that the horror with which we will be dealing can be classified as "paranormal" and "psychological", so please do not expect vampires and werewolves or anything that falls more under the supernatural category.

    There is very little you need to know about this plot beforehand, other than what I've hinted at already. What you DO need to know is that you will be playing an adult (18 years of age or older) who is going on a trip to a tiny (made-up) European town.
    Most of you will be either paranormal investigators or studying in the fields of Anthropology or History. If you are neither, you need to contact me via PM about your reason for being there.

    This town has been abandoned since the 1950s, although it holds a record of being populated and abandoned more than once. There is little known about the town, as it has been closed off from the public for more than half a century and has only just been deemed somewhat safe to explore.


    1. No pestering for posts. I don't want to see it. I hate it. It makes posting a chore instead of fun. I will not tolerate it.
    2. No godmodding/hijacking. This includes other characters. If you want someone's character to do something, talk it out with the player. I also don't want to see any one-post solutions to the problems I throw at you guys. Share the victory (or defeat). Be reasonable. You're an ordinary human, not Inu-Yasha.
    3. Communicate with the other players and ME. Want something to happen for/to your character? Come talk to me about it. Character interaction is important to me, so I'd love to see that happening. Talk to your fellow players and scheme.
    4. No drama. Disagreement? Didn't like how someone's post involved your character? Be mature about it. Talk to me. Bickering will get you kicked out.
    5. No man left behind! Pace yourselves. I know you're enthusiastic or a fast poster or whatever, but let's give us slowpokes a chance to reply.
    6. Your character's life is in my hands. Do you understand this? Do you reeeeeally understand this? This means you have no say over how injured your character ends up. They might even die. Still okay with that? Alright.
    7. And then he put his XXX in her XXX. Whoa. Whoaaaa there. Keep the sexy time stuff away. Yes, this roleplay might be a tad macabre but it's no Libertine RP! To be honest, there won't be much chance for more than a few "Kiss me, I'm scared!" situations. I want to scare the shit out of you. (Or at least try T__T )

    Character Sheet Template

    [b]Name:[/b] Obvious.
    [b]Age:[/b] 18+ please
    [b]Gender:[/b] Again, obvious.
    [b]Reason for Attendance:[/b] Student? Full-fledged Historian/Anthropologist/Something-else-ogist? Hunting ghosts? Just looking for the bathroom?
    [b]Appearance:[/b] I would prefer images with a little written blurb. I'm gonna ask that you try to avoid anime images, however. If you're not sure about yours, just ask.
    [b]Personality:[/b] Add as much or as little as you like for this part.
    [b]Talent:[/b] Everyone is good at something. If you want to survive what's to come, you should probably have a special talent. Something like "stamina, can run long distances" or "advanced first aid knowledge". Remember, keep it HUMAN though. :)

    *You may notice that there is no "History" portion and there is good reason for this. I'm the kind of person who enjoys learning about a character's past as the RP progresses and I feel like this will be best for the kind of roleplay we'll be doing.*
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  2. Cast List
    Denver Liu - Your tour guide. (played by Dawn)
    Scott Richter - Studying European History and Psychology. (played by WarriorHeart)
    Annabeth Rosevelt - A knowledgeable paranormal investigator. (played by Angel_Cake)
    Aurora Adolfi - A Paranormal Psychology and History student. (played by Ana)
    James Sherman - An American Historian seeking the truth. (played by Conrad Norwood)
    Maya Vasquez - An Obeah practioner sent from Central America. (played by Levusti)
    Beckett Freeling - Paranormal debunking show host. (played by spacecougar)
    Gwendolyn Phan - Photography student with a love for the Occult. (played by Shiny)
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  3. Name: Denver "Den" Liu
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Reason for Attendance: Tour guide.
    Appearance: Five feet, eleven inches in height with an athletic build. Almost always wearing a warm smile.
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Although he talks for a living, on his off hours, Den is actually a quiet guy. He's the type to silently observe a situation rather than jumping right in. Friends describe him as warm and calm and bit mysterious since he'd rather talk about anything other than himself, but really it's just because he doesn't find himself all that fascinating. And even if he's a man with a lot of curiosity, he knows when to leave something alone. He takes his work seriously, especially the welfare of his "tourists".
    Talent: Near-photographic memory, which means the chances of getting lost are slim. It also means he knows the layout of the town like the back of his hand.
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  4. Name: Gwendolyn Phan
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Reason for Attendance: Photography student/ Occult blogger.
    5'1", with a slightly chubby build. She has a variety of non-prescription contacts of various colors, so she can change up her eye color every now and then.
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Gwen is friendly and confident. She's never nervous about talking to anyone she deems interesting, or uninteresting, doesn't matter to her. She also doesn't care what people think of her, so she's comfortable being as weird as she wants to be. As long as she's having a good time, or focusing on taking the perfect picture, or an un-perfect picture, it's all good to her. She runs a blog for photography and occult images and stories. She really hopes to capture a picture of something spooky one day.
    Talent: Gwen is observant about the little things, it's part of her artistic nature. So she might just notice things that others miss.
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  5. Name: Scott William Richter
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Reason for Attendance: 4th year Grad Student attending College of William & Mary [Go Tribe!] He is pursuing a Dual Masters’ in European History and the Evolution of Psychology. He was selected through an essay contest to participate in this endeavor.
    Appearance: 6’2”; 216 lbs.;
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Generally all business but enjoys nature and is more laid back when outside. He takes his studies seriously and any task assigned will be completed to near perfection. When it is time to unwind, he is more playful and very competitive. His likes include music, literature, nature and history.
    Talent: His hobbies all fall into the same type of category; fitness. He actively trains in many different forms of exercise to improve strength, agility and endurance. He takes part in Tough Mudder, Iron Man, Savage Race and has tried out for American Ninja Warrior competitions. All in all, he is an extremely fine physical specimen.
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  6. Name:
    Annabeth 'Beth' Rosevelt



    Reason for Attendance:
    When Annabeth heard about all the mysterious happenings in the area, she knew she had to see it for herself. She's excited and intrigued about the paranormal and after years of trying to convince everyone of it's existence, she refused to pass up the opportunity to prove her stubborn beliefs.


    5'7 || Ash-Blonde Hair || Grey Eyes ||

    Photo Album (open)


    Beth is a sprite-like young woman who absolutely loves all things paranormal. Her ideal weekend is a tub of popcorn; her duvet and a collection of classic horror movies. She's studying at college at the moment, finishing up a degree in theatre studies while holding a low paying job at a diner which she actually enjoys. There's something about the constant interaction with people at all hours that appeals to her social nature.


    Annabeth isn't just a trainee actress; before deciding to become a stage performer, she spent hours in the library studying folklore about the paranormal. There are few things she doesn't know about Casper and his not so friendly friends.
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  7. Name:
    Aurora Adolfi

    20 years old


    Reason for Attendance:
    Student studying paranormal psychology and history at the University of Bucharest in Romania



    Appearance (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hobbies: photography, reading, writing, running
    Likes: discussions, debates, historical fiction novels, classic literature, alternative music, fashion, ghost stories
    Dislikes: close-minded people, shy personalities, math, fake people, 12 year olds
    Inabilities: trigonometry, geometry, lying
    Fears: silence and water
    General Personality: vivacious, emotional, romantic, expressive, seductive, bipolar

    Four year cross country runner, so she can run quickly for a long period of time.
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  8. @Ana I need to know what Aurora is studying :)
  9. Just edited it:)
  10. Thanks! She's approved now. ^_^
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  11. Name: James Sherman
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Reason for Attendance: Historian from America who wished to learn the reason for the town's abandonment
    Appearance: 5'9 inches, 175 lbs.
    Wears a white button-up shirt with a pair of tennis shoes and cargo pants, the pockets of which he keep spare flashlights and batteries.
    Personality: Warm and kind to those around him, James tries to help all around him. However, when the going gets tough, he becomes serious and humorless as he tries to solve his problems.
    Talent: Due to wanting to become an Eagle Scout, James trained himself in applying first aid.​
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  12. Just edited Annabeth's talent as it seemed like we had an awful lot of epic runners.
    Let me know if there's anything else you guys think I should add to improve her.
  13. @Conrad Norwood I need you to choose only one talent so that we leave choices for other players. :)

    @Angel_Cake Sounds good. Having an investigator with an in-depth knowledge of the paranormal was something I was really hoping for.
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  14. Guess I'll be the medic.
  15. Alrighty! If your character sheet has received a "like" from me, that means you're in. >:D

    I'm going to allow a few more players and then, should everything go well, the IC will be up in a few days.
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  16. Spectacular, this ought to be fun.

    Pretty Prease? :D
  19. Name: Maya Vasquez
    Age: 30 yrs.
    Gender: Female
    Reason for Attendance: Many years ago a Belizean national offended a young woman in this area who locals had deemed a "witch." She was said to have cursed his mother with a painful death. In his old age, the man sent Maya to exterminate that which "cursed his mother," though there is little evidence to show that the curse or the woman even existed, especially now that this small town has been long abandoned.
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: An eccentric woman with a strange command of the English language, often speaking in mysterious riddles--if she's not speaking to you in English, she's most likely swearing at you in another language.
    Talent: Obeah Practitioner--otherwise, swearing in Spanish or Belizean Kriol.

    Does this look alright? :/
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  20. Got room for one more player! Sorry to those who don't make it in time!
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