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  1. Basically, Blog's already work as a great place to post a variety of personal content.
    However, it all get's mashed up into one feed.

    So if you want to make one Blog for random/silly stuff, one for RP stuff and another for something more serious then people are going to get all of it.

    And as much as the person might like one, they might unfollow because you add to many RP stuff, or your serious Blogs bring down the mood.

    But if we had a follow per 'show' function, where a person has the option of that or simply following the channel as a whole? That could let people be more expressive with the blogs without people being flooded with content they don't want.
  2. You could always link to your three tumblrs, GwaziForPresident, Gwazi-Senpai, and GwaziGripes.

    You can categorize your blogs, I believe, and although I'm not aware of any blacklisting feature for your followers, it should give a quick "Do I care about this post?" label. Is that sufficient?
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  3. Not the same to link off site. :P

    (Plus I'm not a big fan of tumblr's UI... or their North Tumblr).
    I've played around with that before, and it's the closest to it we have right now.
    But it will still spam people's alerts if I start going crazy on a variety of topics.

    Like, this idea isn't one I'm strongly/madly pushing for or anything. There are other stuff I'd say takes priority.
    I just figured I should pitch the idea when it was still in my head.
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  4. Blogs are an old, ollllllld feature that first got instituted when we were a lot smaller. They first got implemented in 2010, I think, when Tumblr was still just starting to kick off (and Tumblr really didn't reach mainstream until about 2012). We had maybe a few hundred users at the time (when I joined in 2011, I recall that there were something like 300-400 members. That's members total, as opposed to our current 2500+ daily visiting members). People pretty much only followed your Blog if they were your friend. Mostly Blogs were used for personal rants, character bios, or RP plot ideas.

    They definitely weren't designed with a large community or organized blogging in mind. And that shows. o___o

    If organized blogging is something that enough people are interested in, @Diana might be able to look into a better blogging add-on. Just keep in mind that such a thing would cost money and isn't really key to the RP focus of the site, so it's not likely to be given high priority.
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