Folk Tale Hell

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  1. “When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking.”
    Albert Einstein

    The world of fairy tales is urged on by the writings of otherworldly authors, idiots, and often perfidious maestros of tragedy. For what is a world without conflict? A Utopia, or a robotic mess? So no life can be lived without trial, but why do the worlds held within the pages of the books contain so much mania and pandemonium? Sanguine stories seldom suffice for our children, but as we grow we crave it. Our authors rewrite the old stories to gory messes and the flux of their world is destroyed. Eventually, the author loses control, and the pen, the pages, the characters, they all rebel. So, banded together in Folk Tale Hell, we have various well-known entities and paragons of purity, now to be stained with the blood of evil and the maestros.


    Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm (Maestro: The Bleak Brothers)
    Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault (Maestro: Father Forest)
    Alice in Wonderland by Charles Lutwidge Dawson (Maestro: The Game Master)
    Snow White by the Brothers Grimm and The Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault
    Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm
    Cinderella by Charles Perrault
    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum (Maestro: The Black Ent)
    The Beauty and the Beast by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve (Maestro: The Governess)
    The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson (Maestro: Abysmal)
    Others can be proposed and may be accepted if they keep in line with the standards placed here

    Heroes and Heroines

    The witch blinded him, but he came back. Now Horus Bleak has decided to reign despair. My prince is gone. My children are dead. The Bleak Brothers are next.
    Age: Late 20's

    • Braided Flail - Basic attack, mace at the end of braid strikes the opponent
    • Entangle - Binds an opponent with her hair. She loses power when this happens, however, but she does gain access to other abilities
      • Asphyxiate - Choke the opponent to death. Expedient Kill.
      • Sacrificial Shield - Use the opponent as a shield. Full mobility, and attacking is still possible, but power is reduced, and not protected from the back, or if the shield dies
      • Bind - Seal opponent in a spherical braid. Reduces mobility, but increases power, unless the captive dies. Stackable.
    • Whiplash - Braid wraps around opponent and chains with others in range, then pulls to cause damage
    • Battledress - Bound Armor, flail is released and attached to the hand, increasing mobility and enhancing attack. Loses Whiplash.
    • Blazes - Fire spell strikes the opponent. At melee range, Rapunzel enchants her mace with fire to deal more damage. May deal further damage afterwards by scorching the opponent. Scorching does more damage than poisoning, and can't be cured, but isn't permanent.
    • Crystals - Ice spell strikes the opponent. At melee range, Rapunzel enchants her mace with ice to deal more damage. May immobilize the opponent by freezing them
    • Watts - Lightning spell strikes the opponent. At melee range, Rapunzel enchants her mace with electricity to deal more damage. May disable the opponents abilities besides basic attacks by shock-paralyzing them.
    • Venoms - Poison spell strikes the opponent. At melee range, Rapunzel enchants her mace with poison to deal more damage. May deal further damage afterwards by poisoning the opponent. Poisoning is permanent, but it does less damage than scorching, and can be cured.
    • Shadows - Darkness spell enshrouds Rapunzel and allies, but Rapunzel takes damage every opportunity
    • Herbs - Healing spell cast upon Rapunzel and allies
    The Bleak Brothers
    Snow White
    Rapunzel is by far the strongest of the Heroes, so she does not require a companion. She is highly proficient in magic.

    Little Red
    I spent a lot of time with Gramma. The wolf wasn't such a bad guy, well, actually, I figured that out when Father came. The wolf hated Father, and I hated him, too. Now my Gramma's lying in the ground, mauled by bears. Mister Perrault treated us better.
    Age: Teens
    • Shoot - Basic attack, shoots the opponent with Papa's Rifle
    • Charlie Fang - Basic attack, the wolf bites the opponent
    • Charlie - The wolf, named Charlie, pins the opponent to the ground and unlocks other abilities
      • Charlie Horse - The wolf rips out the opponent's heart. Expedient Kill. Restores the wolf's health
      • Charlie Paw - The wolf frightens nearby opponents and blinds the immediate opponent by gouging out their eyes.
      • Charlie Charge - The wolf tackles the opponent, sending them back. If they hit another opponent, they will also take damage.
      • Charlie Pounce - Can be used after using Charlie Horse or Charlie Paw. The wolf pins another opponent to the ground.
      • Charlie Gun - The wolf bites the opponent's shoulder, spins the opponent on top, as Little Red shoots them, and then the wolf kicks them off.
    • Caliber Shell - Attacks in a cone, power depends on how much of the cone touches the opponent. At melee range, does 2x damage
    • Kibbles and Bits - Little Red throws a grenade. If any kills result, the wolf regains health
    • "Go, Boy!" - The wolf and Little Red become separate entities, moving independently, but Bound to Each Other is still in effect.
      • "Woof!" - The wolf barks at the foe, casting fear
      • "Grrr!" - Basic attack, the wolf bites the opponent
      • "Raagh!" - The wolf pounces the opponent, biting their shoulder
      • "Grrararrgh!" - The wolf rips out the opponent's heart. Expedient Kill. Restores the wolf's health.
      • "Aroo!" - The wolf howls, increasing all allies' mobility
      • Potshot - Basic attack, Little Red shoots the opponent with Papa's Rifle
      • "What Big Teeth You Have" - Little Red smiles innocently at the opponent, casting confusion
      • Kick - Basic attack, Little Red kicks the opponent. Male opponents may receive 3x damage and lose their next opportunity.
      • Lock and Load - Little Red cocks her gun, casting fear, then pulls the trigger as fast as she can to mow down enemies until she has to change her clip. Any surviving opponents are afflicted with fear.
    Special Attributes:
    • Bound to Each Other - Little Red and Charlie are one entity with two life forces. If one dies or is knocked unconscious, the other will be incapacitated with grief
    • Glut - The wolf can overheal using restorative moves
    • Cannibalism? - If Little Red is corrupted to serve Father Forest, she gains the ability to partake in Charlie's restoration, but Charlie will turn on her later on
    Father Forest
    Little Red has the strongest companion, who uses prowess in melee, while Little Red is also the best ranged fighter. She can be corrupted by her Maestro.

    My dearest Hatter, I will either avenge you, or I will follow you. Lend me your friends. Cheshire. Haigha. Away with your riddles, you two, tell me what I need to know.
    Age: Late teens, early twenties
    • Two of Spades - Basic attack, cuts opponent with a sword, can dismember. Dismembering an opponent causes them to lose the ability to attack or move, defending on which limb was hit, and can only be cured by field surgery.
    • Two of Hearts - Basic attack, stabs opponent with a sword, can hit vitals
    • "Off with your Head!" - Decapitates opponent. Expedient Kill. Fuels bloodlust.
    • Ace of Spades - Throws opponent in a chosen direction, dealing basic damage
    • Ace of Hearts - A flurry of light stabs to the opponents heart. Fuels bloodlust.
    • Knight to Queen - Deals damage in a mobility chain. Stronger opponents take exponentially more damage. Fuels bloodlust.
    • Bloodbath - Unleashes bloodlust. All attacks do 2x damage, and mobility is unrestricted, only stopping to attack.
      • Joker - Dices opponent. Expedient Kill. Sustains Bloodbath. Replaces "Off with your Head!"
      • Queen of Diamonds - A flurry of light slashes using all swords at Alice's disposal, aimed at the opponent's torso. Sustains Bloodbath. Replaces Ace of Hearts.
      • Queen to Rook, Check - Deals damage in a mobility chain. Stronger opponents take exponentially more damage. Any allies passed within range are healed. Does a minimum amount of damage, proportionate to Alice's level of progress. Sustains Bloodbath. Replaces Knight to Queen.
    • Cheshire - Cheshire Cat performs a random negative effect on the opponent. May include fear, confusion, suicide, etc.
    • Haigha - Haigha the Mad Rabbit shuffles a deck of cards. The card he draws defines what Alice does as a response. If he draws one of the cards with a move already available, Bloodbath or not, she will perform it. (Example; Alice is not in Bloodbath, but Haigha draws a Joker. Alice dices the opponent with her Joker move, and she will not lose Bloodlust. Alice is in Bloodbath, but Haigha draws an Ace of Hearts. Alice stabs at the opponent and restores Bloodbath, instead of sustaining it.)
    • Euchre - Alice chains five moves based on randomly drawn cards from Haigha's deck. No card drawn will be of a two through eight, which means no basic attacks. Alice performs this move on the next attack opportunity after it is activated.
    • Hold 'Em - Alice is dealt two cards, and so is the opponent. Five more cards are laid neutrally. If Alice wins the hand, she performs an Expedient Kill, regardless of the type of opponent. If Alice loses, the opponent is strengthened in some random way. If the hand is a draw, Alice has wasted her attack opportunity, but the opponent will be unable to use their next attack opportunity, and on Alice's next opportunity, she is forced to use Hold 'Em again. If Alice wins during Bloodbath, she performs an Expedient Kill on all opponents within a certain radius, regardless of the type of opponent. If she loses during Bloodbath, she ends Bloodbath. If there is a draw during Bloodbath, Alice sustains Bloodbath, and the opponent loses their next opportunity, but Alice is forced to use Hold 'Em again.
    Special Attributes:
    • Bloodlust - All successful moves which fuel bloodlust receive bonuses at maximum bloodlust, and can unleash Bloodbath at maximum bloodlust. During Bloodbath, all attacks that fuel bloodlust are replaced with a different attack which prolongs Bloodbath. If corrupted to serve The Game Master, Bloodbath gains a 5x damage bonus instead of 2x, but she will take damage during Bloodbath.
    • Twin Blades - No grab moves available (throw moves are still available), but gets two basic attacks or Expedient Kills per attack chance.
    • Beauty and the Blade - Alice has spare swords, and thus, cannot be disarmed.
    • Madness? - If corrupted to serve The Game Master, Bloodbath is enhanced, and even lasts twice as long, but she can no longer use Cheshire and Haigha.
    The Game Master
    Alice is the fastest Hero, and also has the most powerful Maestro, and also the most powerful transformation. She can be corrupted by her Maestro.

    Snow White AKA Beauty
    The forest has been severed from the world as if it never existed. I found my way back, but the Father's Realm is not the same as the Brothers Grimm's. I have the Heineki Bleak to blame for that.
    Age: Early 20's
    • Dopey's Daggers - Dopey strikes the opponent twice. On the next movement opportunity, Snow White has higher mobility than usual.
    • Doc's Pickax - Doc impales the opponents skull with his pickax. Expedient Kill. On the next attack opportunity, Snow White has higher power than usual.
    • Grumpy's Hoe - Grumpy plunges his hoe into the opponent, reducing mobility, but enhancing power while this occurs, and unlocking additional moves. After the grab is released, on the next attack opportunity, Snow White will cause the opponent to knock back.
      • Grumpy and Dopey - Dopey slits the opponent's throat. Expedient Kill.
      • Grumpy and Sneezy - Sneezy sneezes, throwing the opponent. If the opponent hits other opponents, they will also take damage.
      • Grumpy and Sleepy - Sleepy strikes the opponent's torso multiple times, causing the opponent to take poison damage.
    • Sleepy's Claws - Sleepy scratches the opponent with his poisoned claws, dealing poison damage. Poison damage sustains, dealing consistent damage to the opponent, with every movement or attack opportunity afforded to the opponent or Snow White. on the next attack opportunity, Snow White will do poison damage.
    • Sneezy - Sneezy sneezes, knocking opponents back in a cone. If an opponent hits another opponent, they also take damage.
    • Bashful's Knuckles - Bashful strikes the opponent, doing exponentially more damage to stronger opponents. The next time Snow White is attacked, she will dodge a Physical attack.
    • Happy's Sword - Happy strikes the opponent once, doing 2x damage to beast opponents. The next time Snow White is attacked, she will dodge a Ranged or Magical attack.
    • The Apple Attack - Snow White throws poison apples at the opponent from afar. Has a fair chance of the opponent accidentally eating it. If the opponent accidentally eats it, Expedient Kill. If the opponent does not eat it, damages stronger opponents exponentially.
    Special Attributes:
    • Coward - Snow White is very stiff against stronger opponents. Attacks which aren't stronger as the opponent grows in strength are disabled if the opponent has achieved higher potential than her.
    • Undying - If Snow White dies, she is picked up by Doc, Grumpy, and Bashful, rendering their attacks disabled. They must carry Snow White to either a male friend, or a secluded area to revive her. If she is killed again, she is gone for good.
    • An Apple a Day - Snow White is immune to attacks from plant-creatures, or attacks involving fruit, including if her Apple Attack is reflected back at her.
    The Bleak Brothers
    Father Forest
    Little Red
    Snow White is the most frail Hero, but also has the most abilities which deal support effects to herself. She is also somewhat centric in the story, having two Maestros (The Bleak Brothers count as one). Also, her attribute "Undying" acts as a sort of Deathward for her.

    After we killed that witch, we became sort of sugar-addicted bad guy hunters or whatever. We figured it was a good idea. Pastries'll do that to you. Yeah, then mister Heineki decided it would be ever so frikkin' nice to make sugar literally addictive. We did some low stuff, man. Now we want payback.
    Age: Early teens
    • Sugarblood - Gretel swipes her opponent with her candy scythe, Sugarblood. 3x attack bonus if high on sugar.
    • Morticose - Gretel reaps her opponent. Expedient Kill. Does splash damage equal to Sugarblood without sugar high, if high on sugar.
    • Candyjack - Hansel uses his axe, Candyjack, to disemember the opponent. If he strikes a leg, they can no longer receive movement opportunities. If he strikes the arm, they can no longer receive attack opportunities. Dismembering an opponent can only be cured through field surgery. Expedient Kill, if high on sugar
    • Bread Crumbs - Hansel throws breadcrumbs at the opponent. Flying beasts will stop attacking to eat, and will restore health. Other opponents are blinded and cannot attack for one turn. Can be used on a friendly flying beast to heal them, at the cost of them losing a turn. Duration increases to three turns against enemies and only heals friendly flying beasts if high on sugar.
    • Sugar and Spice - Gretel takes a wide sweep with her scythe, while Hansel does a strong swing down. Hits opponents in a cone. Does more damage towards the center, and may dismember opponents. Damages stronger opponents exponentially if high on sugar.
    • Lollipop - Hansel and Gretel get Sugar High, giving different effects to their abilities. Sustains sugar high, but reduces health, if high on sugar.
    • Poignee de Sucre - Gretel impales the opponent through the chest. Gretel loses mobility, but gains power during the grapple. Can hold multiple enemies of high on sugar
      • Destructeur de Sucre - Gretel throws the opponent from her scythe, splitting them in two. Expedient Kill. If the pieces hit other opponents, the will also take damage. If Little Red is on the field, the wolf will restore health. Expedient Kill on all opponents hit by the pieces if high on sugar
      • Dash de Sucre - Gretel dashes towards another opponent to grab them. Only available if high on sugar.
      • Execution de Sucre - Gretel throws the held opponent(s) toward the ground and leaves them with a mortal wound. Expedient Kill. Causes shockwaves, which immobilize all opponents for one move. Shockwaves cause damage equal to Sugarblood without sugar high, if high on sugar
      • Coupe du Sucre - Hansel chops the opponent(s) with Candyjack. Will either dismember, or result in an Expedient Kill. Hansel will go crazy and Expedient Kill all opponents within a certain radius if high on sugar.
    Special Attributes:
    • Chocolate Orange - Gretel can't take damage for the first five times she is attacked
    • Idiot Brother - Hansel can separate from Gretel when high on sugar
    • Sweet Reaper - All of Gretel's attacks are Expedient Kills on undead opponents
    • "A Little of the Old Chop-Chop" - All of Hansel's attacks are Expedient Kills on plantaean opponents
    • Chucklenuts - Gretel can turn any sort of wild food into a restorative food, including poisonous mushrooms, poisonous berries, raw wheat, etc
    • Everything Nice? - If Gretel is corrupted by the Bleak Brothers to serve them, she gains 3x attack, but Hansel will turn on her immediately.
    The Bleak Brothers
    Snow White
    Gretel is the most specialized of the Heroes, able to Expedient Kill the Undead and Plantaeans with any attack. This, of course, discludes Maestros and extremely powerful opponents. She has many Expedient Kill moves, and most of her other moves cause dismemberment.

    "If the shoe fits" But what if the shoe is broken? Who shall wear it then, the little glass slipper? I have one left now and my Prince is long dead. I will show them the wrath of fairy magic. They will see my displeasure.

    Age: Late teens, early twenties
    • Samba - Basic attack. Cinderella cuts the opponent three times with her butterfly knife.
    • Fire - Cinderella casts a spell which spontaneously combusts the opponent for a small instance. Used in succession, it may catch and cause the opponent to be scorched.
    • Frost - Cinderella casts a spell which snap-freezes the opponent for a small instance. Used in succession, it may catch and cause the opponent to be frozen.
    • Shock - Cinderella casts a spell which strikes the opponent with a weak lightning strike. Used in succession, it may catch and cause the opponent to be shock-paralyzed.
    • Flame - Cinderella casts a spell which creates a fiery tendril to strike opponents in a chain. May scorch the opponent.
    • Cryo - Cinderella casts a spell which creates a chilling tendril to strike opponents in a chain. May freeze the opponent.
    • Blitz - Cinderella casts a spell which creates a crackling tendril to strike opponents in a chain. May shock-paralyze the opponent.
    • Blazes - Like Rapunzel's own technique of the same name, Cinderella casts a spell which launches a fireball at the opponent. If within melee range, Cinderella will enchant her butterfly knife with fire and cut them three times. May scorch the opponent, especially at melee range.
    • Crystals - Like Rapunzel's own technique of the same name, Cinderella casts a spell which launches a ball of frost at the opponent. If within melee range, Cinderella will enchant her butterfly knife with frost and cut them three times. May freeze the opponent, especially at melee range.
    • Watts - Like Rapunzel's own technique of the same name, Cinderella casts a spell which launches a sparking electrical sphere at the opponent. If within melee range, Cinderella will enchant her butterfly knife with electricity and cut them three times. May shock-paralyze the opponent, especially at melee range.
    • Ebony - Cinderella casts a spell which envelopes the opponent in darkness, causing them pain and rendering them blind. If used on certain opponents (and, on Maestros, upon certain parts of their bodies), causes the darkness to drain from their being, inflicting umbrapura, which bars them from performing darkness attacks and magic.
    • Ivory - Cinderella casts a spell which envelopes the opponent in gleam, causing them incredible amounts of pain. Expedient Kill on normal opponents, and can be cast on Maestros to dispel all buffs and cause a large amount of damage.
    • Conjure - Cinderella uses Creation magic to create a pumpkin bomb, with a fuse defined by her - any time between immediately and three opportunities.
    • Ravage - Cinderella uses Destruction magic to create barriers on the field - fallen logs, landslides, and other small scale disasters. She can also catch an opponent in these disasters for either a high damage output, or possibly, an Expedient Kill.
    • Pacing - Cinderella can improve an ally's mobility, and if cast three times on the same ally, gives them two opportunities of each type for every one they receive.
    • Congeal - Cinderella reduces an opponent's mobility.
    • Enblaze - Cinderella enchants an ally's weapon with fire.
    • Enfrost - Cinderella enchants an ally's weapon with frost.
    • Enshock - Cinderella enchants an ally's weapon with shock.
    • Enmaestrate - Cinderella enchants an ally's weapon with the ally's choice of Creation or Destruction.
    • Enshroud - Cinderella renders an ally hard to hit, and enchants their weapon with darkness
    • Enlighten - Cinderella renders an ally hard to hit and enchants their weapon with light.
    • Elemental Menagerie - Cinderella uses the seven elements - Fire, Frost, Shock, Darkness, Light, Creation, and Destruction - to create a magic grey beam which causes great damage to any opponent. Against Maestros, this is replaced by "Maestro's Bane".
      • Maestro's Bane - Against a Maestro, Cinderellauses the seven elements to create a magical storm which strikes the Maestro in a pillar of magical weather - firestorms coalesce with blizzards, while lightning strikes. The sun shines harshly on the maestro, while the clouds enshroud their being and disable their dark magics. The wind takes leaves of the trees to slice the enemy, while general widespread destruction immobilizes them. Dispels all buffs on the maestro, while inflicting scorch and freeze. When freeze wears off, shock-paralysis is inflicted on the opponent. When that wears off or is cured, umbrapura and power drain is inflicted on the opponent, causing them to lose their Maestro powers. Umbrapura and power drain will only wear off when the Maestro is whittled down to a certain threshold.
    Special Attributes:
    • Magical Crux - Cinderella can cast a weak version of any elemental spell to forgo the dealing of damage entirely in favor of ensuring the infliction of the associated status. All techniques in this manner are considered "Crux Abilities" and are named as such (IE, Crux Cryo will not damage any opponents, but will freeze every opponent it chains with.)
    • Sniper - Cinderella has infinite range on her magic sphere attacks like Flame, Cryo, and Blitz.
    • Elemental Prowess - Cinderella's versions of "Blazes", "Crystals", and "Watts" is considerably stronger than Rapunzel's. This is because Cinderella uses boosted magic.
    • Magistrate? - Cinderella can be corrupted to serve Father Forest in exchange for more Creation and Destruction techniques.

    Father Forest
    Little Red
    Cinderella has the strongest attack magic available, and she is able to cast many buff and debuff spells, making her the greatest magic user. She is the only Hero able to use Creation or Destruction magic, a staple of the Maestros. This may become a plot point. She has no real use for grappling her enemies, able to snap freeze them for a retreat. She can be corrupted by her Maestro.


    Images are needed for:
    Dorothy (Be sure to include the Lion, the Tinman, and the Scarecrow)
    Belle (Be sure to include the Beast or the Prince)
    Ariel (Be sure to include Sebastian)
    Submit images to me by PM, please.
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  2. Whoa! Can I get in on this?! O__O Looks epic! Also, how soon do you need the images? I'd love to produce them for you! O= Not sure if you like my style of art, but here's my dA: (the illustrations would be on the house, of course XD )
  3. I don't really have a deadline set. I don't even know when this is going to start. My stories always grow slowly, but surely, I find, so whenever you can whip them out, be my guest. No need to rush a brilliant artist. Keep in mind, they'll need to use a special weapon, and/or have a companion or two with a special weapon. I have Cinderella lined up and ready to go (if you're reading this after I have her up, I didn't have her up at the time), and she's going to be magic exclusive, unless she throws an enchanted pumpkin at someone. Because this is about the writings of all, go ahead and include any recent movie/tv show lore (If Sherlock was involved, he'd be a time traveller) if you want (I inserted a reference to the movie in Gretel's quotation, about them being bad-guy hunters)

    Holy crap, this story uses the obliteration of the fourth wall as a plot device

    While you're at drawing characters, feel free (no pressure) to draw the Bleak Brothers being incestuous and flamboyant. They're perhaps the most fabulous Maestro. Just no porn.
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  4. This RP sounds really interesting, but how will the system work? It reminds me of tabletop gaming, though nothing I'm familiar with.
  5. I'm thinking it'll involve encounters like a tabletop game, with a combat system, but will otherwise be story-centric.
  6. Hmm, interesting! I've never done tabletop gaming, even on a forum, so this'll be new for me. Hope this garners some more interest!
  7. Sounds awesome fun! =D I really like the Sherlock concept! And aww, here I really wanted to draw some incestuous porn. Jk Jk! XD
  8. I said, if, dear, keep that in mind. I don't intend to include him, I just used him as an example.

    To keep things from sounding like a typical tabletop fighting game, I chose certain terms which are synonymous with common game vocabulary.

    So let me explain some mechanics I have decided upon

    Potential = Level
    Potential works like a levelling system, making characters stronger as they reach their potential. Potential in enemies is a base for picking your fights. If you're at Potential 7, you're not going to fight an enemy at Potential 32, are you? Gaining potential improves Mobility, Strength, Endurance, and grants passive effects, such as Little Red having two movement opportunities and one attack opportunity every opportunity, so she can move in, attack, and retreat, at a certain high level of potential.

    Opportunity = Turn
    One movement opportunity and one attack opportunity per opportunity, and they can be taken in any order. (However, you may not split your movement opportunity. You move and attack, or attack then move, unless you use a mobility chain)

    Mobility = Speed
    Higher mobility lets faster characters move more per movement opportunity.

    Mobility Chain
    A mobility chain is a physical chain attack. A mobility chain starts by initiating the move on an adjacent opponent, then the attacker can move to another opponent within a certain radius, but you cannot hit chain with the last person you chained off last time (that would mean Alice could use her mobility chain move to instakill the Bleak Brothers), or in the last three hits. If you have a circle of four opponents and use a mobility chain on them, you can effectively kill them.

    Splash = AoE
    Splash damage is gathered in radius and rate of loss of power. Little Red's grenade can hit opponents within a certain radius, but at the very edge, the damage dealt is trivial. However, at the epicenter of the explosion, it is full power. Splash damage attacks are often rather powerful compared to basic attacks, and this is because of distance degradation

    Corruption can be enacted on some Heroes by a certain Maestro. One can trade the privilege of killing said Maestro as well as something close to themselves for great power. Little Red restores health with Charlie when they use restorative moves, but Charlie eventually turns on Little Red (companions cannot be corrupted), for example. A corrupted Hero does not mean they become evil, but their lust for power has kept a Maestro alive, allowing him to escape from the world, and resulting in the death of that Maestro's other Heroes, however, they will still partake in the elimination of other Maestros. Of course, a corrupted character is doomed later on, as their Maestro writes them off to death, meaning that they have won. Really open ended here, if one of you wants to create tension and drama, you can become Corrupted when you have that opportunity.

    Physical, Ranged, Magic
    Physical damage is from a blunt, sharp, or piercing weapon held in one or both hands, often requiring a whack or thrust to do damage. While a long enough pike will have ranged physical attacks, a guy with a shortsword will be susceptible to retaliation. Ranged damage comes from bows, crossbows, guns, etc. Guns do more damage up close, bows do more damage from afar, and crossbows do more damage overall (but require the loss of every other attack opportunity). Magical damage is more or less either a damage augment for other damage types, or a rangeless spell. Magic also gives afflictions and benefactors, depending on the nature of the spell

    Afflictions = Status Ailments
    Benefactors = Status Enhancements
    Scorched, poison, etc are Afflictions
    Bloodbath, magical augmentation, dodging, etc are Benefactors.

    Types of enemies
    Settled on so far (may request a drawing, or simply find one)
    Gremlins - Basic demons, humanoids using swords
    Gremlin Sharpshooters - Basic demons, humanoids using bows
    Asura - Flying demon, multi-armed humanoids using fists
    Amon - Flying demon, dragons using fire-based breath
    Thor - Flying demon, humanoids using hammers
    Feathered Serpent - Flying demon, dragons using shock-based breath
    Odun - Flying demon, humanoid using spears
    Fafnir - Flying demon, dragons using ice-based breath
    Sleipnir - Demonic stead, horse with multi-elemental spells
    Juno - Basic demons, gorgons using swords
    Avaro - Basic demons, gorgons using debuff spells
    Leviathan - Flying demon, dragons using multi-elemental breath and magically enhanced claws
    Horus Bleak - Maestro, human using a magic pen to attack. The pen turns his strokes into black spikes from the ground and walls
    Heineki Bleak - Maestro, human using buff and debuff magic. Uses diction to strengthen himself and his brother while weakening the Heroes
    Father Forest Hood - Maestro, human using nature-based spells such as poison, thorns, and rosebush.
    Ace the Game Master - Maestro, human using luck-based attacks and cards for melee and short range. While other Maestros are alive, he can use all of their abilities, and even conjure their weapons. If a Maestro escapes, he can still use their abilities, including an enhanced version of "Corleone".
    The Ashen Black Ent of the West - Maestro, once-human treant using nature- and darkness-based spells such as enfig, bushwhack, and bloodrosebush.
    Her Great and Imperious Governess - Maestro, human using darkness-based magic and a darkness-enhanced sword
    Atlantis Abysmal - Maestro, once-human abomination using his ability to freely change his form to attack foes within range, and multi-elemental and darkness-based spells, as well as the special move "Corleone" - turns all Corruptible Heroes into Corrupted Heroes for a short time. During this time, companions will not turn on their Heroes. Atlantis Abysmal is the strongest Maestro on his own, but pales in comparison to the Game Master when as many Maestros as possible are alive.
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  9. Hehe, I know, but if he does get thrown in, I will be ready! *w* And awesome system! This is gonna be cool!
  10. I haven't finalized the system yet, but by the time we get enough people, I'll have it sorted out in my head, and probably have an easy explanation of it on Wordpad.
    Also, new siggy, whatchu guys think?
  11. Love it! Where did you find it? :3
  12. Some random ass place on the internet, as usual.

  13. I'd like to point out that if your were trying to say authors that Alice's Adventures was totally was written by Lewis Carroll.......
  14. From Wikipedia...

    I'm never wrong. I research.
  15. 1 L1K3 GR3T3L 4ND 4LIC3.
  16. Oh wow I forgot I did this. I still want to - thank you for reminding me.

    Updated some definitions in the system, as well as added Cinderella.
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