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  1. so what's everyone's opinion here? Personally I like the games. It's a story that's different to me what do we think about the confirmation that four will be released on Halloween?
  2. There's....a fourth one coming?



    I think three is enough. Won't be getting four. Three ended nicely.
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  3. Could be someone hacked but Scott's page has this teaser up. image.jpg
  4. Enhanced it says nightmare in red.

  5. i personally think eveyone will WANT to drop out of the fandom... but because its the final chapter they HAVE to stick to the ending... i personally like FNAFlumptys (ill link later).
    But yea, itll be nice to check out, but im sure everyone will be so damn glad to see it go. because we all know its only getting dragged out now for money reasons... first one was fun, second one was acceptable, third was giving grief, what will make of the fourth? reassuring?

  6. Never played and never will because I'm easily scared, but 4 games of the same franchise so fast is bound to result in disappointment games... I think they just got far too absorbed is success and the money it was generating so they turned into a game busting factory. Of course, that speed and haste will result in a sharp drop of quality when done like this.
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  8. I was just replying without reading through, goodness.
  9. I just wish they'd actually give the entire story instead of everyone having to theorize about it. X_x
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  10. Eh, I'm kinda tired of the FNAF craze. The games are fun for a little bit - but then they get rather tedious and luck-based pretty fast. And there's no point in getting started on the jumpscares... Though, I did like the story, and the way it was presented.

    That's kinda what kept the story interesting to me.
  11. I had a sneaking suspicion that Scott was working on a fourth one, but I was kinda hoping not. Now that it's been confirmed, though, I can't help but be slightly curious as to what he has in store for the finale. Still a little disappointed that the 3rd one was the last one, but I'm keeping an open mind about it. A lot of people give the 3rd one a lot of flack, and I can see why, but it's actually my favorite of the entire series; least favorite being the 2nd one.
  12. But it's that vagueness that lead Five Nights at Freddy's to become such a huge success, after all what's a good horror game without a little bit (or a lot) of mystery?
  13. I wasn't saying the games were brilliance guys for the game play and such. The story is what interests me
  14. Every time I hear somebody say this, it reminds me of when people say, "I read Playboy for the articles."

    But yeah, everyone raves about how great the story is (and I suspect that's entirely because of Game Theory on YouTube) while never saying anything great about the game play. Wouldn't you get the same experience watching somebody on YouTube play it?

    But yeah, the news of a 4th game doesn't surprise me. The fact it's all the way in October, however, is. I guess you can't always shit out a game in 3 months. Activision must be jealous.
  15. I don't much have an opinion on gameplay there's stuff that could use improvement. As far as unique playability the third was the best in my opinion with how meticulously he paid attention to small details such as how the trip from the cameras to the reboot system was torture because of scares lol and I liked how springtraps ai was set up. But really w good story makes a game or breaks it to me
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  16. I don't mind a bit of vagueness, but when the entire game is built up on it, I kind of get bored. There are far too many theories out there that make sense, but I'd like to know the whole story behind it. I'm kind of hoping that the fourth game will tie everything up.
  17. That's what I'm hoping for
  18. I found the first one okay-ish, the mix of difficulty with the scare factor was really bad game design choice, stopped caring about it after the first one.
  19. Actually you've got it all backwards, Game Theory made their videos entirely because everyone raves about how great the story is (which is pretty damn good, might I add). There are entire YouTube channels dedicated to figuring out the details of the story, some of them with over a million of subscribers, if that tells you anything. And they started up long before Game Theory even considered doing a Five Nights at Freddy's video. Also, yeah, I'm willing to bet that a good portion of the fan base has never even played any of the games and has only ever watched videos of it, although I wouldn't say it's the majority.

    In regards to the release date, though, keep in mind that the second game was suppose to come out early 2015 and instead it came out waaay before that. I have a feeling it'll be different this time since he set the date for Halloween and it'd be kinda weird to go back on that, but you never know what might happen.
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  20. I seriously don't understand why everyone hates on the story so much. I didn't care a great deal for the specific gameplay but it was clever I think and different. But the story was excellent and never done before that I could find. So I don't understand why everyone hates on it unless they don't like having to think and try to find a conclusion for themselves lol. So thank you for vouching for it.
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