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  1. So, today... Scott Cawthon just uploaded this little gift filled with what I believe is essentially nightmare fuel.

    At first, I was agitated when I saw the teasers on his website that he was making yet another installment in the already bloated Five Nights At Freddy's series, having felt that enough damage was being done with a fourth game which over-convoluted the already complicated plot and the absolutely ridiculous spin-off that was FNAF World... then this video was released, and I experienced a feeling of discomfort that was somewhat similar to when I was just learning of the first game's existence two years back (I know, right? It's been a long time already).

    Now, what I'd like to know is: what are the thoughts of you guys on this new entry in the series?
  2. Ahhh fuck! A creepy clown animatronic! Shit....

    Honestly though, my kids were huge into the games. My eleven year old still loves them, especially Bonnie. I don't think I'll get into them. I haven't really been into the games since the second one. If he is going to start another series, I hope he gives a bit more story to go along with it rather than everyone piecing things together.
  3. Yes... As if the very original animatronics from the first game weren't creepy enough, Scott had to go and make one of a clown. Fantastic. Excuse myself momentarily while I kiss and hug my sleep goodbye for the next couple of days.

    How funny... Bonnie is the one that scares the creator himself the most. XD Personally, I particularly like Foxy. He's always been a unique one for me.

    Understandable. While the first game felt claustrophobic and uncomfortably eerie and the second game promoted more attentiveness, the third game was rather boring and not fazing while the fourth game just felt... bland. It also twisted the story way too far beyond the shady details that people were already struggling to try and connect.

    Yeah, me too. Having to figure out the story of FNAF for ourselves has gotten quite irritating because it's starting to seem as though Scott is now making things up on the fly rather than actually making a coherent plot. Then again, he didn't even know that the first game would be such a hit, so there's that.
  4. I don't mind that there is more. It just means more games for me to watch/play. Scott is a very creative individual so I wish him and his projects well. Of course this is coming from the person that likes movie series with waaaay more than three installments.

    I really like the voice acting added to this. Its creepy in all the right ways. Just enough to get under your skin.

    Has there been any new word about that movie he talked about last year? I'm really excited to see how the animatronics translate to real life.
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  5. I still have no clue about half of the story. My kids were breaking it down for me, but after a while they got tired of trying to tell me.

    There definitely needs to be more story to go along with the game. They're good for a cheap thrill, but after a while even that wears off. Without more story, I'd lose interest fast.

    But still.....creepy animated clown. Tempting. Very, very tempting.
  6. I'm a bit skeptical, but at the same time I'm looking forward to it. I'm probably not going to play it myself, I've never been one for horror games, but I'm likely to watch Markiplier or someone else play through it. My only hope is that doesn't follow the same formula that the others did, as it's kinda starting to get old by this point.
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  7. BRING IT ON! I love FNAF and have all of the games although playing them is a huge struggle for me because of how scary they are. Jumpscares always scare me no matter how many times they happen :(

    I actually love the lore of FNAF and I think Scott Cawthon nailed it pretty well. He doesn't give us all the answers and lets us make up interesting theories or try to piece things together. I like mystery like that and if the story had been right in our faces, it wouldn't be interesting.

    I'm not sure about the movie deal though -_-
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  8. You are not alone on the jump scare thing. My friends and I get together to watch horror movies and I still jump at the ones I've seen before. x'D
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