FNAF: The Final Party

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I love everything, but right now want Sci-Fi and/or Horror.
So, I wanted to do an FNAF roleplay that was a bit of an au from the main stuff. I've grown to love the games and the intricacy of them and their stories. Basically this was a random idea while watching Markiplier play the games on Youtube.

The main thing is, there is the potential for a larger building, with more night guards than just one. This would be a kind of nightly type story that would progress with different nights. There would also be a chance to find out about the animatronics and the history of the Fazbear restaurants. Of course, not all of the information would be from the creator and actual games.

As far as animatronics go, there will be all of the ones from the games, but also a few others that will be thought up by myself and you who join in this. All of them will have their own respective areas, just like in the games. Seeing as the restaurant will be larger than any of the ones in the games, I will be making a map and having everything planned out as soon as I see some interest.

I was thinking of no more than maybe 5 or 6 night guards. I'm still debating on if I'm going to play a night guard or just control the story and animatronics. Either way I would love some input in this to help get things move further along. I also really hope there's some interest in this.
Not open for further replies.