FML: Full Contact Free For All Martial Arts League

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  1. "Women. Weaken. Legs."
    -Mickey, Rocky

    FML is an up and coming mixed martial arts league seeking to expand the world of competition fighting best it can. It has big plans for its first big televised 'mini-tournament' that will last several hours, all the matches occurring in the one long feature program merely to give people an idea of the FML. To gain fans, invite all kinds of martial arts masters into the tournaments, and over all, regular feature bouts between opponents who aren't in separate leagues due to set rules, but rather skill, and other factors...

    One of its matches features a male vs female match which has been stirring up interest and former controversy. It was between an up and coming practitioner of both Jeet Kune Do and Kyokushin Karate, ZhaoZhao, and a well known female fighter that was known for taking men down both in and out of the ring.

    ZhaoZhao who was previously about to get into another more established MMA league, having fought one match and then being signed off to the FML at the request of a fellow who was friends with a big wig in ZhaoZhao's former league, being paid less, and forced to join another group entirely. Needless to say, he's a bit angry that he's not in the well known companies, and he was unable to get more money to provide for his ill mother.

    Of course, that female fighter on the other hand, Mary Felicity, also known as 'Bloody Mary,' or 'Mary Murder,' or…well, one of many other nicknames, is a women's league pro who loves the idea of the FML. She doesn't care for the money, already being a very wealthy young woman from her family fortune. She's incredibly skilled in the ring, having gone to a couple top level gyms and taken out all the local martial artists, even humiliating them in the process, even making some fear her for her martial arts skills.

    That is, until she see's ZhaoZhao in action. Mary finds him to be a very dangerous opponent, from his strange style that deviates from standard kickboxing. So what does she do?

    She plays to his inner pervert, and starts acting slutty towards him.

    I'm not joking: She does everything she can think of to arouse him, and weaken him. To make him putty in her hands. To win the upcoming match and claim superiority. But just how far will she go before he decides to call what he feels 'love' instead of 'lust?…"